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Sisley Eau de Campagne (EDT)

Notes: top notes, bergamot, galbanum, lemon, basil; heart notes, tomato leaves, plum, jasmine, geranium, lily-of-the-valley; base notes, oak moss, patchouli, vetiver, white musk (from OsMoz)

I must start this review with a disclaimer: Eau de Campagne smells very different on my skin than it does on paper. On paper, I smell mostly what other reviewers have smelled--lush green opening of galbanum and other bitter plant stems followed by a lovely lemon-based citrus melange, cradled by a herbal accord. The effect is intoxicating, evocative of all the scents you might experience in a well-tended herb, vegetable and citrus-tree garden. Florals are listed in the notes, but scent-wise, these components collectively play a supporting role to the more prominent green and herbal notes. Later, a soft white soap note comes forth giving a very clean finish to the entire experience.

On skin--what a difference. The galbanum and other green notes begin to fade almost immediately, forcefully pushing the lemon out front. The effect is of a greenish or unripe fruit at first, due to the lingering bitter plant notes. Soon, the lemon becomes as sweet as an edible lemon candy, and is quickly joined by the white soap note. For a while, the combination of lemon and soap give the impression of fine bath or shaving products. Unfortunately, as the lemon fades into a kind of sulfuric funk that most citruses suffer from, the soapy note becomes sour and harsh. It has been quite a ride in under one hour.
03rd May, 2009
Somewhere in between the fresh leafy green scents I love and the aromatic green scents I have a problem with. Not as musty and sharp as a hardcore old style herbal, but rather sour (which is not necessarily a bad thing) and, at least on my skin, somewhat stale green notes like fresh cut grass, tomato leaves and similar things you'd find in a garden. It's quite "true" to green growing living things, especially tomatoes, but while I love to smell real tomato plants I've realised it's not something I particularly like to smell like. I don't find this genre of green aromas especially "fresh" just because they remind you of nature. Rather the other way around actually - smell them for too long and you get a little queasy, the odour is just too pungent and, well, "aromatic"... That said, Eau de Campagne is light enough to be quite passable as a refreshing cologne for hot summer days nonetheless, at least on someone else's skin than mine, which tends to turn herbal and aromatic scents extra sour and stale.
23rd May, 2008
A very unimmaginative of a herbsl scent- tough it's neither green nor herbal, just grassy, moist and almost odourlesss grass and a herd of grazing cows. Offensive, much too pungent, much too direct, brutal burst of green.
03rd December, 2006
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