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Neutral Reviews of Eau de Campagne by Sisley

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Opens with a sharp-but-pleasant citrus intro, then quickly evolves into a vetiver-dominated and to me, quite humdrum event. There are grassy fragrances out there that are much longer lasting (expect about 2-3 hours from Eau de Campagne, ridiculously brief). Some of those same grassy fragrances cost a fraction of EdC, so why waste your money? Azzaro's Pure Vetiver has a near-identical drydown, can be purchased dirt cheap, and lasts far longer than this one. I usually enjoy Ellena's green twist on his creations, but this is not one of his best. Maybe he was tired that day, and produced a resultantly tired cologne. This is not a cheap fragrance and given it's slam-bam-thank-you-maam lifespan, I'm being generous with a neutral rating.
02nd June, 2010
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Russian Federation
Great green country field! BUT veeeeeeery short lasting!
12th October, 2009