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Negative Reviews of Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

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Complete waste of money

This smells like a glorified bodyspray. You might as well save your cash and buy some Axe. Extremely irritating to smell after a while, it's far too strong. If anyone in close vicinity has oversprayed (basically anything more than one spray from a distance is overspraying with this), you can practically taste it in the air it's so strong.

The same type of girls who like this? Will like Axe. So, do yourself a favor and either buy a can of Axe for next to nothing, or look around for a better scent.
12th August, 2013 (last edited: 22nd May, 2014)
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United States
One of my worst

I blind bought this because I LOVED how it smelled on one of my students - it is horrid on me - this was several years ago and before I started coming here, and before I had really started getting into buying more scents - anyway - the stuff is simply harsh and wretched to my nose. It has many of the characteristics/notes that I usually like, but it fails, at least on me - to be truthful, the BOD "Really Ripped Abs" rip-off of it is slightly better and has more longevity, and that's pretty sad, I don't like Really Ripped Abs either, and would never wear it but it could be a dirt cheap alternative for someone if you like this stuff that comes in the rather gross male torso bottle - Add in the less than stellar attitude of the company itself and this stuff falls to the very bottom of my list - I would wear Brut or Old Spice everyday before I wore this - I am giving the bottle that has been basically forgotten for years to the student who for some unexplained miracle of nature it smells delightful on - I gave it 2 stars because on a FEW people this stuff does smell pretty good - but do NOT blind buy this of course it's nearly impossible to have not smelled it on someone somewhere or at least sampled the vile concoction out of curiosity. Women are supposed to like this - THIS one does NOT

05th July, 2013
Absolutely vile, disgusting, and reminds me of a fabulous blend of tar, motor oil, and antifreeze. I bet my personal vehicle would DROOL to have this sprayed all over it, but for a human being, not so much.

You know the smell you get when you drive slowly past an adjacent lane that's being repaved? Yep, that's this odor, but with a little lemon squeezed onto the tarmac for good measure.
21st December, 2011
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Highly synthetic but not necessarily a bad smell. However there's a "chemical spill" note buried somewhere within the composition that rubs me the wrong way. Just can't handle it.

I'd like to give this one a Neutral rating, but it smells like the mall. I don't want to smell like the mall.
03rd June, 2011
To be honest this sh*t makes me want to die every time I have to pass through the noxious clouds of it reeking from A&F stores.
21st July, 2010
ewwhhh.... sorry... just the smell and the name... it's like high school jock boys, just use axe or lynx deodorant instead
06th March, 2010
I never knew if it was the blasting music at all A&F stores, or Fierce that gave me headaches after about 10 minutes. I think it was Fierce, after having experienced it over the course of a whole evening on someone at a party last year. Too bad, because the intentions are good with this woody-spicy but yet sharp scent. In the end, it must be cheap ingredients used that induce headaches, something I've experienced before when non-essential oils are used in diffusers, and not high-quality oils. Anyway, good intentions here with this scent, but as one other critic here has posted, it does smell cheap.
15th August, 2009
Opening notes are very boring, smells extremely clinic fake fresh type, definitely a mistake from Abercrombie, the bottle is very boring and does not have any style so far, one word B O R I N G!!!!
10th October, 2008
This is the scent they spray all over the A&F stores, everyday & all the day. It is the scent that hits you in the face, even when you just pass by one of the stores.

There is only one way to describe this scent: it smells cheap.

30th August, 2008
if you want to smell cheap and like a poser... then buy this
smells like something you can get at walmart...
don't waste your money here or at their store...use it wisely for quality scents
02nd January, 2007
Used to love it a bought the 1.0OZ bottle like 3 times.

Now it just gives me headaches and is really stinky. I have something agenist Hollister and A&F colognes/perfumes now. They seem cheap

If you looking for something like this try Heir - Paris Hilton
25th October, 2006
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United States
Smells cheap and the packaging is tacky.
20th January, 2006