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Neutral Reviews of Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

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I think it's OK. Every teenager smells like this but it's not offensive in small doses.
18th September, 2015
If there is one word to define this scent is "Puerile": It makes me to think of self-centered, immature, childish individuals that are too rich to care with a hollow mind bent in satisfying their own urges without respect for society's rules.
Probably this is due to the image of A&F catering for the rich, immature youth and nothing to do with the perfume itself which actually is pleasant and very masculine.
It would not suit me, an old fart, but I can see why is so popular.
Another thing I dislike about this perfume, and has nothing to do with the scent proper, is its bottle, it is disgusting.
In summary, all the negative that I find on this perfume has nothing to do with the actual scent, therefore I can not rate it with a thumbs down, so it gets a neutral from me.
19th January, 2014
It opens with a synthetic citrus and then gets woodier and muskier in the basenotes.

It smells like a cheap drug store fragrance that would appeal to teenagers. Longevity and projection though are good but I'm not impressed by the cheap smell.
07th December, 2013
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A wonderful scent for beefcake's everywhere.

And children.

It's a great smell, that immediately associates with a negative stigma of fraternities and high schoolers. I wouldn't use this anytime soon, but it is a good scent.
02nd November, 2013
A great fragrance, with a fierce history

First cologne that I entirely went through. For good reason, but also for bad.

+ Very well blended base woodsy tones. These tones are excellently blended. Most men like woody scents, and this is not short in that department.

+ The top is citrussy and spicy, which definitely is an attention getter. These notes compliment the "woods" appropriately.

+ This is a compliment getter from only women...which is something that most dudes would also like. It pushes men away, and brings the ladies in. Every time I have worn it, I have gotten attention from it. It is just one of those fragrances. It lives up to the hype, at least it does on my skin.

+ This is the stuff that sells AandF clothing. This is what lures teenagers and tweens alike. This is the stuff that will make venus purr.

+ Great silage, longevity, and projection.

But, it has its drawbacks.

- This is not unique. Because of the success of the cologne and some fabulous marketing, it is popular, and well known to the population's nose. Anyone under 30 is familiar with it. Possibly older populations know of it as well. This is one scent I guarantee you HAVE SMELT BEFORE at some place in your life. And will to for years to come.

- Thanks to a series of fraternity rapes, where this actually has been mentioned, it has a stigma as a rapist cologne. And rightly so in my opinion. It happened at my college, as I hear many others. The image and narcissistic individuals who wear/buy into AandF also wear this doesn't help this fragrance's cause.

- Meatheads and 40 year old stalkers wear this a lot. I dont need to say more, because this is true.

- The picture. For the record, if you do actually peel off the picture of abs, you just might have issues. I personally hate the picture, because it is just sleazy marketing and an easy cash-cow. Consumers should demand more of any fragrance, no matter the age. Additionally, it comes off as...well...soft.

- The CEO of AandF is an asshole and you are an asshole if you buy this product for any reason. You know it, I know it, and your dog knows it. You are buying into the "We don't like fat people working in our stores or wearing our clothes" mentality because you are funding that frequently mentioned quote.

- Because of these factors, only the unexperienced will be diving into it. Ie. You are a teen. If you are over 22 you should not be wearing this fragrance. You are only as mature as the bottle. If you are swooned by this image and what I have mentioned before, then go for it. You would actually be a perfect fit and it would be a fit for you.

= Whenever you are putting this on, people think of all the things I just listed. But oh, those woody tones smell so, so very good. Which is a shame, because this is, overall, a great fragrance. I will admit it. I hate to write a review that is inherently biased. I wanted to like this. I really did. But socially, everything I listed is in the background, because that is what I hear when that guy who is over loaded on "Fierce" walks into the room.

Fierce is impossible to wear because of the history of the scent and of AandF. Unless you are a rapist.

Pros: Compliment getter, Great Woodsy Tones
Cons: Likely reformulated, Bottle Image, Stigma, Almost everyone has knows scent"

03rd October, 2013
It smells great, but the downside is definitely that you will 'smell like the mall'. If they didn't pump this through the stores, this would get a thumbs up.
07th April, 2013
I don't think the smell is bad, but the reputation it has and the memories that are brought about from the smell are negative.
It smells like every mall in North America. If you walk anywhere within a 1-mile radius of an Abercrombie store, you will smell this fragrance.
It is worn by the very young (like teens, pre-teens) and is often worn in too high of a dosage.

It is VERY strong, and really I think 1/2 of a spray is plenty. And it should absolutely never be worn to class or work or a movie theater or anywhere that would require you to be in close quarters with people for a long period of time. It can get annoying when it is forced upon your nostrils constantly.

The smell is nice from a distance, though. When someone walks by, you want to turn and walk in their direction to keep smelling it!
20th January, 2013
Fierce for men by abercrombie is a great complement puller for night occasions. Longevity is disappointing, and especially struggles in warmer weather. That said, this is a great scent for high schoolers.
09th August, 2012
It is easy to dismiss this one because the bottle design (which is a picture of a muscular man's torso), but I'm purely judging by the juice. This one is certainly a citrus scent (with a tiny bit of woodsiness in the background). It's certainly something I think I've smelled before, at a mall where young people hang around. With the citrus notes, I think they are a little more pungent and sour than sweet and fresh. I

t is a bit masculine but it has a lightness about it though. In the end, I think this wouldn't be bad for a younger audience (under 25, and for those in high school), however at the priceline of $75 for a 3.4 oz, I really think it's a bit pricey for what you are getting and you can certainly do better. I don't think I'll be buying this one, but it's not bad. It's still a good scent overall. It just didn't impress me a lot.

Strength: Medium
Season: Spring
Age: Under 25
Rating: 6 out of 10
Verdict: I'm not particularly urging you to sample this, but if you are curious about this one go for it.
29th June, 2012
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United Kingdom
Masculine? Yes. Girls love it? Yes.

So why a neutral rating? This fragrance has a sharp, chemical tone to it that puts me off. The rest of the fragrance is fine. It's warm yet fresh, though it may be this inner struggle that is putting me off it.

I wear it for the girls not for me. Like girls wear high heels to look good but at the cost of their own comfort.

Try first. If you like it. You're one lucky son of a gun.
06th January, 2012
Fierce is in the middle ground between Allure Homme Sport and Platinum Egoiste. At first, there are some citrus notes like in Allure homme sport. Over time Fierce starts to become much like a teenager version of Platinum Egoiste, but with a heavier dose of musk.

Certainly, in my eyes, it was a fragrance made aiming the younger crowd, especially teenagers. The sort of fragrance that will make the young girls of today get all bristly hahahahaha. I felt inside a store shopping, using this perfume.

oh, and longevity was about eight hours.
21st August, 2011
A particular woody-aromatic concoction with a prickly virile, orangy, salty and rosey sexy vibe. The elements are well balanced and the formula skilful. The opening is powerhouse with a citrus strong presence and the spicy wet support by cardamom. The heart of the fragrance is the Fierce's proper soul with its neroli-rose-jasmine-rosemary main accord settled over a rooty-musky and woody base. The heart is resinous and aromatic because of the nice rosemary, with a sufficient level of captivating almost edible kind of pungent sweetness. The Fierce's roar performed by pepper and spices is detectable throughout till the end of the development. Yes, appealing to younger crowds. Not bad.
01st June, 2011 (last edited: 26th September, 2015)
Big 'meh' after finally trying this one out. Not that it's a bad fragrance for teenagers or young adults, it's just that this theme, a woody aquatic, has been done before.

I can imagine a lot of teenage girls swooning for this one.
09th June, 2010
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Eh, my second and last teenage department store fragrance. It was a gift! -phew-, but least it doesn't smell repulsive, but instead of attracting women, it seems to attract young girls and therefor, if followed up on, the police..if you get my drift! This scent is definitely made for the high school crowd!
17th November, 2009
Wow! "Fierce" is definately a fitting name to describe this fragrance. I'll admit I haven't had the chance (and am slightly afraid) of applying this directly to my skin out of fear I will smell exactly like a walking A&F store, which btw is not that bad. I had a friend who doused his entire apartment with the stuff so, atm, I am a bit turned off by it. Would like to try again though.
04th September, 2009
A lot of people seem to like this in the summer but for whatever reason I feel it's more of a wintry scent. To me it smells fresh and is more akin to a colder icy surrounding than anything else. I really like this scent but as it's AF's flagship cologne and smell, it ruins my appeal to it, hence my neutral rating.
13th July, 2009
Very synthetic smelling, not a big fan but ladies seem to love it. Not a bad scent but smells cheap.
10th July, 2009
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United States
The stores reek of it and the bottle is one reason your girlfriend might suspect you're gay, not a bad smell just put out into the market rather poorly.Hopefully Hollister and all the like stores will learn that cologne is not made to douse the racks with
12th June, 2009
Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce

Anybody who has shopped in a mall in the US that contains an Abercrombie & Fitch has smelled Fierce. Some stores pump it through their ventilation and others have SA's who have the job of spraying the mannequins every 20-30 minutes. As a red-blooded shopper I knew what I was going to get. As far as mass-acceptance scents go I think this is pretty good. Cristophe Laudamiel will always be better known for Burberry London, Theo Fennell Scent or S-ex here on Basenotes, but Fierce is far from an embarassment and in its ability to connect with a wider audience might be a more difficult task. That is for the philosophers to decide. For me, Fierce starts out with an agressive mix of citrus and spice. When it comes to the ubiquitous fresh top that seems to be desired these days this is a nice variation on that theme. Fierce then transitions into a pretty generic woody heart this is the least interesting phase of the development. The base is the best part as a combination of musk and amber weave together quite nicely. This is very much a young man's scent, appropriate to where it is being sold. I can't see going through this bottle very quickly but I also don't see getting rid of it as I have had far worse scents on my skin.
28th February, 2009
Girls are absolutely in love with this scent, but almost EVERY guy has this, and the scent unmistakeably reminds you of the store, which leads to comments like this:

"Oh my God you smell like Abercrombie!"

Now I know I don't want people telling me I smell like their favorite store, but for some people that don't live by an Abercrombie store and this scent is uncommon, this would work very well. This smell is good, and the sillage and longetivity is amazing, but it is just too common for me.
30th January, 2009
A very clean scent, very masculine. Sort of a watery / woody smell, with some spicy top notes. It's pretty expensive though, but the price has come down since it first came out. Still not worth $70 for 3.4oz for me, but that's up for you to decide.
07th January, 2009
Well, I happened to be in a mall where an A&F store was located so I ducked on in to smell this stuff. I really wasn't impressed but I wasn't expecting much. It's definitely fresh, has a watery-woody base and is slightly musky/amber(?) sweet. I will give this points for longevity, the card I sprayed it on still held its fragrance after 24 hours. Not terrible but not worth $1/ml
02nd August, 2008
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United Kingdom
Well I got my first bottle of this today and I'm amazed that no one seems to mention how much this smells like a Claiborne!? This smells like a softer Curve to my nose. Very pleasent but CERTAINLY not worth the $100 price tag. I have studied the bottle to make sure its not a fake (would they bother faking this?) and it looks far too exact to be a copy. Hmmm
15th July, 2008
Yet another monotonously "fresh" fragrance that is more about marketing hype than quality or talent. Not bad as these sorts of scents go, I suppose, but by no means an outstanding frag, either. (Faint praise is the most damning.)
21st November, 2007
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United States
This is a nice scent simple not out of this world but nice longevity is horrible only good for a few hrs if your lucky but the women do like it and that’s always nice I would use this for dinner and a movie with my lady
16th October, 2007 (last edited: 06th November, 2007)
Smells to me like the cheaper "knock off" version of Terre d'Hermes, though it is a lot cleaner. I don't get the comparo to D&G/Realities though, and I do think it lasts. Someone in my workplace wears this and you can tell when he walks into the room, which means sillage is great or that it just works very well with his chemistry, since he only uses 2 sprays.
Either way the scent is too immature for me and it induces a headache after a while. Might work best as a blender with something with more depth and sour/bitter notes. (you might just end up with Terre d'Hermes)
16th July, 2007 (last edited: 05th November, 2009)
Smell gets tiring very quickly. Bought it because I liked it while walking by the store, now gathering dust in my cologne cabinet. Smells cheap and watery and has ZERO lasting power. Hardly worth it in the long run but its nice to pull out once in a while.
18th May, 2007
I am almost ashamed to say that I bought this frag. I realize now that my attraction to it was in its similarity to D and G for men, although it is probably more similar in quality to Realities for men. If you do buy this, please, please salvage some pride and rip the sticker of Fabio off the back. Seriously.
05th May, 2007
i bout this today because in the store i smelt it and it smelt very sexy....something i thought a woman would like. but then after i tried it on me, it smelt ok but like something i've had before....does bora bora ring a bell? i used to love bora bora but now my preferences have changed.
17th February, 2007
if you want to smell like an A&F store
get it.should be worn on weekends casual.
16th October, 2006