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Smells very young and fresh with some refined woody spices. Fierce is still very modern and casual without becoming one of those sweet, “blue” scents that half of all new releases or flankers seem to end up smelling like. It does remind me of being in the mall 10-15 years ago but I still have some appreciation for this once obnoxious menace to retail spaces.

I have a newer sample so performance doesn’t seem to be what it used to be but it still projects and lasts 10+ hours.
23rd June, 2019
I approached this review with much caution because I know the cultural impact this fragrance has had for better or worse and it is difficult to parse that from the quality and style of the smell itself. Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne (2002) became the literal smell of the American mall and subsequently the mall-going teen to early-20's male for the remainder of the 2000's. Fierce replaced Abercrombie & Fitch Woods (1997) as the main male perfume offering, since Woods was a very conservative masculine affair that didn't click with the new 2000's "Mooks and Midriffs" marketing strategy of obnoxiously crass males in tanks and cargo shorts alongside vapid, over-sexualized females in crop tops and daisy dukes, meaning the olfactive experience had to match the visual one. Designers and boutique brands had been experimenting with bombastic youth-oriented masculine perfumes since the onset of the millennium to capitalize on "Y2K youth culture", a fabricated aesthetic by corporate interests to funnel the kinetics of ever-changing tastes from an emerging generation of guys spoon-fed instant gratification from internet-connected devices like laptops and early smartphones into scent form. These were the ozonics of the 90's retrofitted with additional sweet fruity tones and sharp woody musks into an almost neon glow to grab one's attention, and Fierce became arguably the flagship fragrance of that early 2000's ilk. It was a briefly-lived genre of "radioactive grapefruit" as I like to describe it, but despite the profusion of scent that once greeted the A&F shopper at the door, Fierce is actually one of the gentler examples of the style when worn on skin, although that isn't to say this is overall a gentle fragrance.

The bracing smell of Fierce is one instantly recognizable to anyone who walked past an Abercrombie & Fitch store in the 2000's, as the stuff was literally pumped through the damned airducts by employeed until enough complaints made them cease the practice in the 2010's. Vibrant and sweet citrus notes combined with airy florals and a marine note to announce the rest of the composition, which was essentially a hybrid dandy fougère and aquatic freshie infused with enough Iso E Super to kill a horse by accident. Petitgrain, lemon, orange, and grapefruit are all married to dihydromyrcenol and jasmine hedione in the solar flare top, with a bouquet of dry rose, muguet, cardamom, and clary sage in the heart to give Fierce the airy feel it has once the nuclear sweet tarts and citrus dies down. Soft and powdery cashmeran with vetiver, oakmoss, white laundry musk, and rosewood ride on that backbone of potentially nose-blinding Iso E Super, which attributes to the vibrance from afar, but can make Fierce feel deceptively quiet on the wearer. The overall aura of Fierce is really anything but once it settles down, as the citrus and aromachemicals are what makes this scream, but once they get tuned out, there is a rather unisex dandy floral under it all, sandwiched between the blaring top and sharp synthetic woods base. Final skin scent for Fierce is admittedly sexy and inviting, once you get past all the sexually ambiguous chest pounding in the transitional phase. Longevity is a bit questionable at 6 hours but A&F makes this up to 200ml so reapplication shouldn't be a problem. We won't go there so far as sillage is concerned. If you wear this, any time of year will do, but no proper context can be recommended for something this recognizably notorious.

Wearing Fierce is something difficult to do and be taken seriously so long after it's gaudy smell fumigated malls, high school hallways, skate rinks, arcades, fast food joints, night clubs, and movie theaters all throughout suburban America in the 2000's, and most guys who wore it then are only potentially rocking years later for nostalgia due to the associated memories but are somewhat embarrassed to admit they like it, while Abercrombie & Fitch still ostensibly pitches Fierce to the youth culture but with a wholesome unisex self-empowerment marketing approach, having long since scrapped the Mtv-inspired "Mooks and Midriffs" garbage and even covered up the ripped abs and exposed groin on the ridiculous bottles a bit more with a higher belt line. Stuff in this segment like Givenchy Green Energy (2000), Dior Higher (2001), Victoria Secret Very Sexy for Him (2001), Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss (2002), Calvin Klein Crave (2002), and Kenneth Cole New York Men (2002) have all but been forgotten (and discontinued in some cases), yet Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne soldiers on, such is the unlikely success it has had. The handmade cosmetic chain "Lush" seems to have taken a page from the retired A&F strategy and performs the same trick of annoucing their presence in a mall with a scent envelope, but I'm not sure it can be helped in their case. Give Fierce a shot next time you cruise into an A&F store if just for laughs, since a new generation of the same self-conscious trend-oriented teens will be glad to show you the way, and although my personal love/hate relationship with Fierce will continue on, I can't help but commend perfumers Christoph Laudamiel and Bruno Jovanovic from an artistic viewpoint for creating such an iconic aroma you love to sniff but hate to admit you like. Thumbs up.
06th June, 2019 (last edited: 07th June, 2019)
The only problem about this cologne is all the ideas around it... Mall, preppy 20 year olds, the fact that A&F sprayed it all over their stores...

But the cologne itself is great, I have received many compliments while using it...

I really enjoy it but as a 30 year old male I don't think I should use it anymore..
10th April, 2019
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Ah, Fierce. How amazing you are yet how bad you are at the same time.

Ever go to a mall? You're bound to smell it. A Frekin' concussion grenade shining through the vents of Abercrombie & Fitch. A scent that every popular teenager has or did have, and linked to many terrible crimes on the campus of many colleges. But that does not matter.

Many confuse politics with sports, or in this case, crimes with scents. But A&F Fierce, you hate to love it, but you do. You know its amazing, and you know it smells like something cheap you can pick up at your Walgreens or CVS. But again, that does not matter.

It's iconic, it brought a new wave of musky, woody scents to a younger crowd, that rebooted the current generation from wanting Axe, Old Spice, and BodMan, to going with Dolce & Gabanna, A&F, Dior Sauvage, and the list goes on.

Beware, my only complaint. Hold onto this scent for a while, and it will begin to wear off and not smell like you first bought it. I'm currently on the same 6.7oz bottle i bought a year and change ago, and it doesn't smell much like how we know it to be, has little to no sillage or longevity. My review is purely based on that initial spray, and first time you ever wear it.

This is must-try, but certainly not a must-have for anybody's collection.

Scent- 9/10
Longevity- 7.5/10
Sillage - 8/10
05th September, 2018
You cannot unsmell
This charcoal gray three-piece suit
Mall-rat stud T-shirt.
12th June, 2018
Definitely a great scent if you're a teenager, but once you reach a certain age you SHOULD really not wear it... I've bumped into a lot of men in their late 40s who wear this... This is really not for you, I believe the age limit for this is under 22. I have gotten plenty of compliments when wearing this even though it reminds me a lot to "Legend" by Mont Blanc.
19th June, 2014
This is very spicy and fresh! Its a very masculine scent that will easily draw people in, it may be overly used but its used a lot for a reason...this smells very sexy! A man of confident's, a man that knows you only live once, a man that is..Fierce!!!
08th February, 2014 (last edited: 19th February, 2014)
Spray it in your hair, spray it on your junk, brush your teeth with it.

This fragrance has literally became my favorite scent on the market. I have many niche fragrances but I keep coming back to FIERCE. FIERCE only gets a bad rep because it is associated with AandF which is targeted toward vapid, narcissistic teens. A timeless scent doesn't have an age group on it, this fragrance can be worn by any man, at any age. Personally, this absolutely DESTROYS ANY Creed or any other over-rated OVER HYPED niche cologne out there!!! TRUST ME! Want to attract the girls? Skip the over-hyped niche colognes and get FIERCE. It has so much potential, but instead people wear it like Axe, spray a ton on in the morning before school, then overwhelm everyone while you think you smell amazing. But all is not lost, because if you wear this around a more mature crowd - the sort of crowd where you'll actually find real, quality women, then it can be the truly amazing scent that it is.

FIERCE has set a new standard of excellence in the world of fragrance that few colognes can match.

Cons: None"

17th October, 2013
I Don't Get Fierce

I don't get the hype about Fierce. The other day I travelled 100 miles round trip to the nearest A&F store just to try it. What a disappointment! It may be my chemistry, but to me it smells a bit like a very weak, synthetic, sour version of GIT. Could it have been the tester?

What am I missing?

Pros: Reputation
Cons: Doesn't Smell Good

05th July, 2013
I love this one and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. If you take away the connection to the store, I don't see how the reviewers claim this is for the under 25 crowd. This is the only fragrance that I have that has drawn a compliment from another man at work. Longevity has been very good on my skin and much better than Mont Blanc Legend, which I feel is a very similar scent.
29th November, 2012
I Love this fragrance. It's citrusy yet woodsy and fresh. Smells like an antique store or walking through a woods full of pine trees. Used to wear it every day until I discovered Zara 9.71
05th July, 2012
well, for all those still in high school up until the age of twenty five or so, if you're looking for a fragrance that will allure the ladies..look no further

a beautifully well crafted citrus,woods and spice fragrance. it was my signature scent for five years
28th February, 2012
Although this one is very popular, it does the trick and does it well. It is a mixture, it is right on the line of young and classy. However, I feel this may be more suitable for those under 25, not neccesarily because it has a young smell but because it seems very trendy with them and many know it as that.

My Rating (1-5):
Longetivity: 3.5
Projection: 3
Scent: 4

Overall: 3.5
26th January, 2012
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This is actually a very nice scent, despite A&F blasting it through their stores, and just might be one of my favorites right now. I find that it's similiar to the original Curve for men, but with more class and sophistication. Longevity and sillage is pretty good on this as well which gives it a thumbs up in my book.
31st December, 2011
smells young, atheletic, musculine and sexy to me (perhaps of its association with all the A&F ads). would consider it the same genre as tommy. personally, i love it!
23rd December, 2011
One of the best fragrances iv ever had... Smells very masculine and unique in a lemon and citrusy way... Cant get better than this... was quite expensive when I bought it but worth every penny.. Not easy to find in the UK, I think it's only available online from here.. If u haven't tried this then definitely go get it!!
20th October, 2011 (last edited: 28th August, 2019)
Fresh and lemony, to my nose its a very pleasant fragrance. It seems to be quite clear to most here that it is more of a younger persons scent.
First when had a whiff of it, it reminded of some other scent that ive smelled years ago in
90`s. Like to hear comments, if there might be a cousin for this?
I live in Finland "cold north", and regarding to other reviews consider my self a lucky person at least till now. If or when it gets here, I quess its a bomb specially for the younger crowd.
12th September, 2011
This fragrance is great for a mall cologne, and for being a cologne not an eau de tiollete it lasts long. It is strong though so i would recommend 2 sprays. It last 8 plus hours. The top lasts for like1-2 hours. I don't like the top that much, but when it drys down and it's a little lighter it smells much better IMO. I'd give it a 9/10.
25th March, 2011

I didn’t expect Fierce to be bad, nor did I expect to love it – it met my expectations, but I like it better than I thought I would. With the first spray, I recognized it immediately from smelling it in shopping malls. It’s a nice fragrance for a young man in that, although it is typical of several of the more modern offerings, it is done a bit better than most. It’s opening is a competent citrus accord with a bit of warming spice – cardamom. Its textured floral middle level is masculine enough and the touch of rosemary adds considerably to the depth of the fragrance by cooling the warm florals. I really enjoy the base and make special note of the rosewood and oakmoss… it’s a pleasure to find those two modernly unpopular notes used so well in this kind of fragrance. I like this Fierce and, as others have said, I think the bottle is a bit much.

20th July, 2010
A great teenage and college/university fragrance. It gets the girls, trust me. They will follow you in a pack. However, I have found that after about 2 hours it stays extremely close to the skin, but longevity is awesome on this one. I'm getting 8+ hours on my skin, so you go out to the club, find a girl because everyone in the room can smell you, you take her back to your place and as she's nuzzled in your arms she can smell you, but she's not dying from the fumes. This is probably the best "clothing store fragrance" I have ever smelled.

17th July, 2010
This is without a doubt so good it makes me ANGRY ! What angers me about this will anger others from America that love this fragrance like I do. Well, for those that don't live in America I will tell you if you own this fragrance you will be a lucky guy that has a one of kind fragrance as I gather this isn't sold in other countries. So you don't get the back lash we do of it being from a Teenie-bopper store that is fad oriented, and anything that is known as a fad becomes played out before long. It sucks when a fragrance is known as a fad because even if the fragrance is the best in the world sooner or later there will be a back lash against it. This happened in the 80's with Polo (green bottle), and Drakkar. I remember one day it was ..."WOW you smell so good", and 6 months later in a nasty snear the same person smelling the same scent would say ... "ewwww are you wearing Polo". Fierce has been somewhat lumped into this category. However, since Polo wasn't linked to a specific store for Teenie-boppers it was aloud to resurface and now can be worn now and then without negative comments, but with getting compliments as many don't know this fragrance anymore. Will Fierce be able to do the same ?

This is a bright-sillage bomb that fades after the first application only to reappear with a VENGENCE and stay all day long ! Longevity on this stuff is great ! This is a sexy, woman attracting cologne, that's addictive to smell, and if this was made by a more well known and respected house I'm sure it still would have been over used. It smells that good ! However, at least you could be okay with the store you were buying it from haha. This isn't just a young guy fragrance. It's just a good fragrance period ! Old and young can get a kick out of this one. I would say that many go on a quest to find the best cologne out there or at least close to the best. However, unfortunately when they find it it's a over used fad cologne from a store people can't stand ! So now the same people are secretly in a search for a cologne that smells like Fierce, but that comes from a better store ! A store they can live with shopping at !

Buy it, wear it, and enjoy it ! Just make sure you only wear a little because a little goes along way. Also make sure you wear it only to certin places if you're in American with a AF store down the street. Just judge the situation for yourself and you should be fine. If you're not from America you just foud the BOMBDIGADEE of Frangraces, so wear it any time you want ! THIS STUFF IT GREAT !
14th May, 2010
I love this fragrance. For me it smells like the bottle shows (enen though I found the bottle a bit strange): sporty and sexy. And the reaction of the opposite sex confirm this.

Also I found it wrong to say it's only for younger people. I would say it suits well to sporty people with a fresh expression, no matter what age.

So in my opinion, great fragrance!

29th April, 2010
I dont' care what anyone hating on A&F Fierce says! I absolutely love this cologne! Imagine what a cologne would smell like if Curve by Liz Claiborne and Chanel's Platinum Egoiste had a baby. That's A&F Fierce! Yes it's youthful, yes it's common, yes it's banal, yes it's a "mall scent" but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a modern day classic, at least for me.
The opening has a citrusy mossy accord that remains throughout the fragrance life, however, you don't actually smell any heavy citrus as say the scent of a lemon or an orange. It's not sweet nor tart by any means but rather just bares those tendencies of citrus without actually smelling as though. It's hard to explain. The heart notes, well, to be honest, I don't get much of the heart notes on my skin. On me, it just transitions from the top to the base. As the drydown becomes more prominent, the light musk and hint of amber remain under the dominant/heavy woody notes along with the untart/unsweetened citrus moss. It's quite beautiful and by far the woodiest fragrance I've ever smelled and also the sharpest wood fragrance I've ever smelled.
As far as projection and longevity go, both are way above average and the compliments speak for itself and though it doesn't cost cheap, you're definitely paying for quality, trust me. If I had a dime for the many compliments I've received from this, well, I'd be a millionaire! Anyone from an adolescent to an adult up to the age of 35 can pull this off, even though I don't think anyone over 25 would try this out and it's a darn shame! Maybe the fact that all the teens wearing this do not understand the concept of over applying cologne that has ruined this scent for you, or maybe it's the fact that whenever you pass by an A&F store, the scent of this cologne is blaring out of the entrance way. Whatever your reason, if not admissibly justified, it's at least worth the try. Spritz your hand, walk around, and see what you might think of it then. You might be surprised! Overall rating from me, A- Buy it, you won't be disappointed!
08th April, 2010 (last edited: 25th May, 2011)
Being from the UK, i've never seen an A&C store, or cologne.

This stuff isn't cheap, but it doesn't smell cheap either. I really really like this stuff, fresh yet musky, i get how girls really like this, which is definately a brucey bonus!

Very likeable, i'd give it 8.5 out of 10
19th February, 2010
Very nice take on 'fresh'. Generic yet unique.. hard to describe. Smells like an Abercrombie store so it is quite common but it receives some nice compliments and smells very lively.
05th February, 2010
Well here goes my first of many reviews.

Fierce is a great smelling cologne that every woman under the age of 25 loves and can actually probably say, "hey you smell like abercrombie."

For some people that would be a good thing...and some would hate it.

This cologne starts of interesting and doesn't change all that much as it settles out. It starts sorta synthetic orange and lemon I guess but it actuallly works and smells great. As it dries down it doesn't change much except it does lose it's sharp synthetic note and is replaced with some nice musk. Longevity is another strong point on this cologne. I can do two or three sprays and it'll last 6-7 hours easy on skin. This is above average as I can usually get 4 hours out of most frags.

Yes this is a fragrance aimed solely at teens. But does that make it bad? Absolutely not. This smells great and there is not one female who will say she doesn't like it.

31st January, 2010
Ok, I am 28 years old and I know that A&F is geared towards a younger demographic. But this fragrance is absolutely fantastic. Sillage is excellent, and longevity is great. I can smell this on my clothes the next day. I have never had so many people ask me what cologne I was wearing, and have had friends of mine go purchase this after smelling it on me. I don't know if it is just my chemistry, but this is by far the best smelling cologne I have encountered. Ever. As far as the comparo to Terre d'Hermes, I do not get the corrolation. The Fabio picture on the bottle is off-putting, but it peels right off!
21st January, 2010

Is everyone wearing it? Yep..BUT WHO CARES!

It's still one of the best compliment getters ever.

And besides's just a damn great smelling scent.

Perfect for warm weather as it projects well.
08th January, 2010
I'm from Europe and have never come across any Abercrombie & Fitch product, let alone Fierce. To me, if I like a fragrance I don't care whether it's cheap (referring to bothe quality and price) or expensive, nonamesomething or top shelf, for yougner crowd or senior ones so I wasn't biased against A&F. 2 days ago I got Fierce and at the first sniff it was a no no - smelt soapy and cheap as something like Rexona deo spray for 3$. I didn't feel any development on the skin though the longevity was amazingly good - after 8-10 hours I could still detect it on my skin (vaguely but still). 1 spray on clothes remained much longer. Anyway, after having received and tested it I wrote a review giving 2 stars out of 5 and thumbs down criticizing the lack of development, cheap ingredients, overpricing and overblown positive feedback of this generic scent but fortunetely basenotes didn't publish my fierce essay against it;) Today I sprayed it once more and detected something more than soapy smell. I even detect a little bit of faint Egoiste Platinum notes and Boss no.6 (bottled). Who knows what else I will detect tomorrow/ in a week... Strange... For this reason I rechecked my rating to 4 stars and I am giving it thumbs up. I still think that it's definitely not worth the price I have decided to give it a second chance. If it helps understand this review more (I think it does) I'm turning 30 years of age so I'm not definitely the target group of Fierce and my personal favourites are Mania Armani and Chanel Allure Sport. This should help understand my point of view/taste.
28th October, 2009 (last edited: 30th October, 2009)
This is a good fragrance, no matter what way you look at it. If I could put it into a metaphor: it reminds me
of catchy modern pop classic hit song - it will never be considered as a true "classic", but everyone likes it nonetheless.
People tend to forget that behind these "clothes-brand fragrances" is the same "nose" that has created polo blue (in this case).
Very decent staying power, and the same with projection. Bottle design is not worth mentioning.
25th October, 2009