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United Kingdom
This is one of the most novel approaches in a scent imaginable: a top note of jasmine-floral, mixed with
vanilla, sweat, old paper and later civet with a faecal component blended in the most masterful fashion. A later touch of gentle pepper means that it is never sweet, but also never sharp. This is one of the most original scents of the last twenty years, entering a realm that few noses would dare to explore. A decent longevity of about five hours makes this truly a very worthy purchase. Giacobetti did not only create a masterpiece, but proved that even in a world of ten thousand competing fragrances truly creative innovation is possible. Whenever your olfactory senses get bored, explore the world of this miracle. Two thumbs up!
25th June, 2012
Ah the circus.
Very few people know I was Jo Jo the two faced boy. I amazed circus audiences by talking behind everyone's back. Haughty female acrobats....sexually ambiguous animal trainers....know-it-all tarot card readers....the bearded lady....everyone. I think what finally drove me from the circus was the constant bickering among our little people. I mean who really cares who should stand in the middle of the back row when the group photo is taken? You may as well spend your time arguing which Bond No. 9 fragrance is the best. I mean really. But I digress.
Dzing is nothing but fun. Opens with inked paper. Segues to strange associations in the mind. Buttered popcorn. Elephants walking around in straw. Pure fun and brilliant too. One of a kind.
02nd June, 2012
Another of those scents that confounds me. I love it; I hate it. And then wear it anyway.

I have no idea why, but to me this is pure retro. I am reminded of the early 70's and my hippie chica Aunt who wore wild coral lipstick and nailpolish. And this smells like her, her ambiance. I get nothing white floral or traditional.

I get nail polish and hair spray and horse sweat and a worn out vanilla seeping from the pages of a library book, probably a secreted copy of Lolita I should not be reading, while sitting across from my aunt doing her nails. I hear The Beatles in the background. We are going to have a casserole for supper then a jam session with her crazy friends.

All of this from a perfume that is not retro, or vintage. Odd. But it takes me, holds me, and I reach for it often. I just never seem to get any drydown on this one. It goes from top notes to gone. Maybe I will spray more!
13th March, 2012
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As most of you are already aware of, Dzing! was intended to be evocative of the circus. I think it succeeds: you wouldn't really know it from the list of notes, but the overall composition succeeds (speaking for myself) in encouraging the imagination to entertain that fantasy. the caramel and tonka bean and ginger help combine to lend Dzing! the confection/candy smell, the woods combined with the sweeter notes can evoke sawdust, the soft leather provides a nice base, and there is a little musk/civet in the composition too, dirtying everything up. I read some of the reviews below and I can definitely see how the notes could bring other things to mind e.g. libraries, old paper, fecal matter, cardboard and what not. As I mentioned, the nature of the composition is highly evocative. Anyway, it is high on my list of greatest perfumes ever. Longevity is ok, but I just overspray a bit to get the duration I desire; the sillage never overwhelms even with excessive spraying. Also, moisturizer on the skin really helps it too, if you need the help. All in all, a wonderful experience off the beaten path of the conventional perfume experience that no serious perfume enthusiast should miss.
24th February, 2012
If I were to describe this fragrance with one word it would be Jasmin. If two, they would be White Floral. On first spraying I get green white florals, mainly jasmine and tuberose. There is a slight animalic civet note, but I struggled to find the famous paper accord. As it dries, the jasmine recedes and a sweet milky vanilla comes to the for. Wasn't sure what I was expecting but was left a little disappointed after the many favourable reviews. Lasts well though.
06th December, 2011
After the spank of soft leather, it dries down to light notes of musk, saffron, and most notably, vanilla-y old paper. Only lasts about half the day, but it's wonderful to catch a whiff of it on your scarf or sweater. The leather makes this scent feel cheeky and naughty, but the drydown is gentle. Perhaps the ultimate hot librarian scent. I'm not a librarian, but I think this may be my signature
18th October, 2011
Indeed a softer, floating kind of Bvlgari Black; less penetrating, more cardboard than rubber...I prefer this one!
07th October, 2011
I never got the cardboard or paper note from Dzing, but one thing I have noticed from reading others reviews, is that the noses that detect this as the main scent, seem to be the ones who have problems with the longevity... I may be wrong.
Anyway! To me this opens with a blast of barnyard indeed. But it's not filthy and fecal, it's raw leather, its that sweet, sharp manure smell, with woods and a creamy vanilla in the background. I never get the popcorn or whatever other notes they claim are in this, and I like to think I'm not getting my descriptive thoughts swayed by the marketing, but the inital blast and the first 15 minutes on me, remind me exactly of the zoo, and the elephant or giraffe enclosures. It's nostalgic, and I love it!
If this part lasted for hours and hours, I'd be thrilled, however as to be expected, this part faints into the background to make way to the sweet hay and vanilla and now faded (but beautiful) leather. All well and good, but not the intense slap in the face that the beginning was. It's very tame after half an hour or so, and this phase stays quite linear until a few hours later, I have a faint vanilla floating around on my skin with a slight dirtiness in the background. It disappears shortly after.
When I owned a full bottle of this, I'd find myself re-spraying every few hours just to capture the first whiff again. I give it a thumbs up just for being unlike anything I've sniffed before and something that I find extremely comforting and fun to wear, I just wish everything about it was blown up to huge proportions including the longevity.
28th September, 2011
I've tested this frag twice. The first time I was intrigued by its eccentricity, relieved by the lack of detectable "fecal" element, and amused by the sales assistant's desperate ( and unsuccessful) attempt to say anything positive about it. I enjoyed the sweet animalic leathery-ness of it, and was impressed by it's longevity. It made me feel unwashed, but in a good way.

However, the second time I guess my expectations had been raised, and I was a bit disappointed. The sweetness was ever so slightly cloying, and I got a very faint whiff of puke. Perhaps the lingering traces of puke recently scrubbed from a warm pub carpet as a result over-indulgence in a sweet alcopop. It also gave me a slight rash on the testing area on my wrist.

Sadly, I should have left Dzing as a slightly dirty one night stand.
22nd September, 2011
I am in total agreement with Orpheus on this fragrance. Smells good on paper, but it smells great on skin. As much as I like this, I am buying a bottle for my wife, I really want her to smell this good all the time.
22nd September, 2011
As I always do before I test a sample, I read through the reviews so I have some idea what to expect. There were a lot of words that jumped out at me such as "circus" and "fecal". Now feces is not something you want to throw around, be it a term or otherwise, and I certainly don't want it on me in fragrance form.

So it was with great trepidation that I decided to give Dzing! a try. I sprayed it on, closed my eyes, and took a sniff. Surprise. It smelled great. Powdery, sweet, warm, spicy, with a hint of something...leather. This is very similar to Bulgari Black; replace the rubber note with leather, and add a little spice. I really like Bulgari Black. I like this even more.

So far, so good. However, I just knew it was a matter of time before the feces reared its head. It had to be here, otherwise it wouldn't have been mentioned in other reviews. Well, several hours later, it started to fade down into a lighter version of the start. No circus here. No fecal anything. Maybe I am missing something, and if I am, so be it. I like this one a lot. Good longevity, good smell. A+
06th August, 2011
This is one I should have sprayed on paper before placing it on my skin.

The civet note didn't wear off quickly enough, so I used an alcohol swab to try to wipe it off after ten minutes. "Circus" is a polite way of describing it. To me, it smelled like a toilet in a public bathroom.
08th June, 2011
This a lovely, subtle fragrance which (as everyone says) smells of vanilla, hay, sawdust and books. I just cannot understand people who describe it as 'fecal' as to my nose, it's anything but. It's a very wearable, tame, friendly, inoffensive thing.

It does bear a resemblance to L'air de Rein but with out the musty base and the potency; this is my only concern as I can't help thinking the perfume could have been ramped up a bit in the perfumer's lab - it's very weak and practically non-existent on the skin after an hour or so - hence the neutral rating.
09th May, 2011
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At a first thought and smell Dzing can be considered as a nice and quite simple vanilla/leather scent. Sober, honest and well crafted, but if you go deeper you'll probably get in touch with an incredibly visionary fragrance recalling of huge antique libraries filled with well kept ancient leather bound books lit by casement windows, mouldy walls and the dust fluttering in slices of lights. This is a very evocative perfume that everybody should at least try as there is only one like it. Chapeau to Olivia Giacobetti.
07th April, 2011
What I found most interesting about Dzing! was that after the first 30 minutes or so, I found it to be very similar to Bvlgari Black on my skin. I wasn't expecting that at all. The top notes are very different (Dzing has the earthy hay smell, BB has hot rubber), but after that - I couldn't believe how close they were to my nose. Dzing! is not quite as sweet, but the similarities are definitely there. I like this, but I only wear it ever so often...especially when I want to feel like I'm outside at a county fair and not stuck in an office... ;)

28th March, 2011
Oh this one lol scary experience for me.
I just sniffed the bottle, the girl didn't have the time to finish the story for this, and I wasn't expecting something like that at all,
just told her "OH no thanks!" , then.. I heard the word "circus"..
Well indeed, to me smells like if some animals were having a naughty and uncontrollable party, then people put them in one bottle and shaked the whole thing lol
Maybe it smells better when sprayed, or my nose was saturating.
I smelled the cap a second time just to make sure.. oh please no thanks lol Just not for me I guess.
Neutral cause I was just too scared to spray it anywhere, yeah I'm a coward for this one LOL
I'll never know..
gives me nightmares at night :)
20th March, 2011
A modern fecal. A smell constantly lingering between dusty resinous vanilla and pure warm manure, never both at the same time. Then, vanilla never approaches the Oriental zone and castoreum here never smells like the past or your grandmother.
It's a highly elaborated smell, but it's also a smell that can raise too many questions and I can imagine how it could drastically change one's social life if you wear this on a regular basis.
Social life: yes, that's what can stop you or (in rare cases) encourage you to wear Dzing! Here connections between personal taste and social life seem somehow more obvious.

03rd January, 2011
Not so much a circus as the promotional bluster would have one believe but more of a museum of transport at first sniff, where Dzing! is all hooves and tyres. There's plenty of smouldering rubber and a minor harras of horses for the first couple of minutes – fierce, decisive top notes that quickly relent and ease into a calmer, blonder, chimerical thing. Whilst there are few comparisons to be made with Dzing!, the attempt is best done with these top notes, where a singed muskiness bears similarities to Serge Lutens' Muscs Koublaï Khän and an early stage of the dominant leather note reminds me of the filthy opening of Chanel's Cuir de Russie with the floral scenery cut back. After the rousing muck and musk opening a strange hodgepodge of unusual suspects take over: musk, toffee, Elastoplast, damp cardboard, lapsang souchong, popcorn, ham, hamster, mechanic's garage, decade-old cinnamon. Dzing! dries down to a sublimely co-operative leather-vanilla, inedible yet delicious, that hovers ineffably between the smell of a greengrocer's brown paper bag and a plate of just-grilled pork chops. Inimitably fine.
01st January, 2011
Many prior reviewers cite all sorts of scent descriptors... most of which I just can't relate to. Our hippocampus' work in such mysterious ways. :)

My experience with Dzing! goes like this:
when I first applied it, I was taken to an Indian grocery store. Yeah, I didn't see this coming or this particular reference in the other reviews. ;) but during the dry-down period the fragrance evolved into something very familiar, but not specifically recognizable (which is really bothering me!).

It is a smell that conjures up some past positive experience(s) in my life. I think this scent is reaching deep into my past, to a place that probably will never be identified. There is something very primal about Ding!

There is also an addictiveness about it. I can't seem to stop sniffing my wrists.

I think if you like Bvlgari Black (which I love) you will like Dzing. I don't think it has the sweetness of Bvlgari Black, but rather a more peppery characteristic. I think I am slowly starting to identify the leather notes... but my experience (memory) with most leathers has a stronger tannery related smell, e.g. my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots ;)

I recommend using Dzing! during cool/colder days and more in the evening hours (vs work hrs) or on weekends when running around town.
01st January, 2011
Starts out musky/animalic and sweet: hay and vanilla? Dries down to only vanilla, but a complicated and interesting vanilla. Delightful to experience, and most assuredly fine fragrance. Easily worn by any sex or gender, and nice sillage (but not as much longevity). Smart scent.
16th December, 2010
Oh, oh, I'm anosmic to something in this. I can barely smell anything beyond a faint smell of dust and vanilla. What a shame for me---it sounds fascinating.
14th October, 2010
I LOVE this scent! After reading reviews I was so curious I had to try it. On me, it smells very smoky/rubbery (reminds me of Bulgari Black) at first but it quickly dries down to something very sweet and soft. I get tons of compliments when I wear it, but I do think this is a scent that must smell very different on people....I assume body chemistry plays a huge part in how the scent plays out because some reviews sound like a completely different perfume.
I would say it's a must try, maybe not a must have depending on the person.
01st October, 2010
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United States
Opening: Somebody took off their sweaty athletic shoes in a bicycle store. Middle: Then rolled in chicken poop wearing a leather jacket. A macho scent, and not a particularly interesting one -- it shares characteristics with lots of other "unisex" perfumes. Reminds me a bit of Bulgari Black, which I like much better. Hard to imagine this on any but the most androgynous woman.
18th August, 2010
All the aspects others have written about are there: leather horse harness after a good long ride and the stable once you have arrived back home,or animal droppings at the circus that smell more like a distant nostalgic memory than they probably really smelled at the time. But the ride was a good one and the memory one of your fondest and this is one of my favorite scents. I am always afraid to wear it to work, because I just know that it will offend someone, as it caused my closest co-worker to lean over, smell my shoulder and say, "okay, that one is like poop" last time I wore it. And yet, and yet.....
15th July, 2010
Asha Show all reviews
United States
L'Artisan Dzing!

Notes: Rose, Orris, Daffodil, Ginger, Cinnamom, Saffron, Castoreum, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Musk (from

I have been sampling Dzing! for some time now, and every time I smell it, I marvel at its unique character. I didn't really understand this fragrance at first. Antiseptic? Wood? Hay and Manure? Dzing! really lives up to its animal cage reputation. in fact, its purported leather accord didn't register immediately. One day after trying Dzing! for the first time, I was in a public place, mostly around people who did not wear fragrance. I started to smell Dzing! and looked around to see if I could determine where the scent was coming from. I soon had my answer--it was emanating from the leather jacket of the man sitting next to me. Yup. Dzing! smells pretty much exactly like a handsome man's buttery soft brown leather bomber jacket, partially infused with whatever musky cologne is his signature scent.

Although castoreum is listed as a base note, it comes forth quite strongly in the early development of Dzing!, and stays strong for hours. Other fragrances I've tried which carry an equally strong castoreum dosage are Mazzolari Lui (an animalic amber-patchouli) and Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan (a leathery, waxy, floral musk). To me, castoreum tends to be sweet, and in Dzing! it is made more so with tonka/vanilla and resins. It is not overpoweringly so, however--a bit of powdery iris adds some dryness, and musk adds softness. Dzing! separates itself from Lui and MKK by being primarily a leather scent with a de-emphasis on the heavy oriental qualities that are innate to Lui and MKK. The musk, woods and resins in Dzing!'s base are sheer and finely balanced. It makes an excellent daily wear scent for leather lovers, and is one of the most interesting casual leather scents I have tried--highly recommended!
29th April, 2010
I recently bought samplers of perfume/EDT because I am trying to find a new fragrance to add to my current wardrobe. I remember trying a sample or two of Dzing! shortly after its debut a few years back and my memory is that I found the scent intolerable. Well, tastes change somewhat, I guess...yeah they do but not THAT much-smile.

I have to agree with a few other reviews that this is an odd and peculiar scent that starts out promising but goes downhill in a hurry...not in a terrible way but in an uncomfortable way. When I first applied the fragrance, I felt excited and very positive. I LOVED the strong and clear leather aroma with a bit of pipe smoke thrown in. I said to my husband, "Smell this and tell me what you smell," and he said "leather." Nice, I thought.

Middle notes were rather nondescript but certainly not bothersome; perhaps a bit boring, subtle...maybe even absent(?). I am by no means a perfume expert but I know what I like and I think I know what smells good on me. So, I'm still getting that smoky leathery scent...I'm good.

Well about an hour and a half into the application, things changed very quickly. Dzing! started to smell very boring, almost annoyingly so and yes, all I can smell is bandaids. Maybe it is the nurse in me but I thought, "Oh no...where did all the leathery goodness go?" All I can smell is bandaid & hospital...not good :0(

Maybe it is my chemistry but I would never purchase a full bottle of this stuff. After its initial promise, Dzing! totally disappointed. Not an awful scent, just not for me.
18th April, 2010 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)
Nasty sexy kinky leather for bad girls. In non-sexual terms, it's for a ranch ridin ho down circus carnival of a time. Yes, it's dirty. Yes it drys down to barnyard fun with fecal matter included.

But I don't know who would reach for this if they weren't in a rebellious, crazy, extreme, or porno-rific mood. So that's D'zing. It does what very few "perfumes" even dare think of. Wear it when you want a wild ride. And if D'zing wasn't extreme or butch enough for you, try Lonestar Memories and get ready to raise serious hell.

23rd March, 2010
This stuff smells terrible. Smells like bandage and reminds me of hospitals. I sincerely hate this Fragrance
20th February, 2010
I really wanted to like this since the Perfume Guide gave it 5 stars but try as I might I could only be so-so. It's not a bad scent, it's just that it's a one trick pony. I got a brief sniff of the cardboard note and then....nothing. Literally. It's like it disappeared off the radar. If I'm going to wear a scent I'd like to at least be able to get whiffs of it on me throughout the day. This one lasted all of about 15 minutes. So I have to say it's interesting but I would never buy it.
28th January, 2010
Unique, unusual, yet highly appealing and extremely wearable. The inspiration behind its creation is also very interesting. This is one very "niche" smelling leather scent. It did take me a couple of wears to fully appreciate this scent, and I am glad I do. Though like for many other L'Artisan scents, I would have preferred if it had better longevity.
07th January, 2010