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United States
The more one experiences Dzing! the more facets are revealed and the greater its genius becomes glaringly apparent. To experience Dzing! once, or even just a few times, is probably a waste of time. Plan on getting a large decant (at a minimum) and sampling over and over, otherwise you just won't be experiencing it as it was intended. Dzing! simultaneously smells like many different things while smelling like nothing specific. Depending on what you're looking for, it may smell like a vanillic leather. Sometimes it smells like wet cardboard, and other times it smells like a woody floral. Regardless of which aroma is revealing itself on any given day, there's always a good dose of powdery, sweet iris and saffron in the background.

Unlike some reviewers I get pretty decent longevity from Dzing! but it does stay fairly close to the skin. It's non-intrusive, which is not the norm for abnormal fragrances, and can be worn by men and women in any situation, formal or casual.

Dzing! is my favorite L'Artisan and absolutely one of the most unique fragrances I'm fortunate enough to own. Great, great stuff.
23rd December, 2009
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United Kingdom
I love leather in fragrances but with Dzing! I am just overwhelmed with the impression of aninal droppings in sawdust. Seeing as it's supposed to be inspired by the circus I guess that was the aim but I can't imagine leaving the house wearing it. To me Jicky is animalic whereas the note here is more "dung". Wish I could get what others are getting here because it is wonderfully unique - hence the neutral rating. I will continue trying with Dzing! a bit longer, but it's been 4 or 5 times now so don't think I'm going to get past it. Shame.
07th December, 2009
A slightly more aromatic, but also more diluted version of Bulgari Black that fades in about 15 min. I have to say I do not get the circus/animal olfactory comparisons at all. Notes that I get: amber, vanilla, woods, tonka, benzoin, saffron and iris (perhaps). Whilst I enjoy the saffron note in the aforementioned context I feel they could do much better with the lasting power which completely ruins the entire experience for me.
28th November, 2009
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Hee hee, this fragrance is hilarious! I like it, thumbs up.

Unlike CdG Odeur 71, where I could barely connect the reviews to the actual scent, 95% of the notes that others have mentioned are readily apparent: shiny new leather, cardboard, old books, magic marker, horse barn, horse manure, wet fur. Yet Dzing! has a definite mechanical/plasticky smell in the top and midrange, too. In fact, a lot of the Odeur 71 comments seem to me to apply better to Dzing! than to Odeur 71 ("perfume for photocopiers," etc.). (I don't know that I'd necessarily compare Dzing! to Odeur 71; I just happened to sample them on consecutive days. They have in common a lot of evocations that aren't in the official note list.)

For me, the dominant notes in the top and body are solvent, benzoin, and sweet. The vanilla doesn't come out for me until the drydown, which is benzoin and vanilla.

Dzing! is interesting, different, and provocative. My only reservation is that the smell, while pleasant, doesn't necessarily grab me as something I'd come to crave. I'll have to see how it grows on me. Decant worthy.

Anyone else perceive a vague similarity to Luctor et Emergo?
12th November, 2009
Dzing! already has a lot of love, but I'm just going to add mine to it!

On first smelling, this was absolutely a must-have. Right away, I got all of the animalic aspects of it, which caused me to laugh out loud in delight. I think if a perfume can cause spontaneous exhibitions of joy, it's pretty darn special! I didn't get the whole vanilla-cardboard thing at first, just the leather and animalic scents. But, the more I wear it, the more I can reconfigure it and see how it certainly does smell of cardboard. I prefer to keep myself focused on the animalic aspects, though, because that's what delights me the most. I enjoy how I can shift perceptions within this one perfume and get different aspects of the circus.

I've heard a reference to cat fur or paw pads in descriptions of this, and I have to agree with that. At one point I randomly picked up my cat to give him a hug and I nuzzled myself behind his ears and totally smelled Dzing! I thought, hey, they're right!

I wear this one all the time, and every time I do, I feel like I'm laying on the belly of a tiger! Brilliant!
26th October, 2009
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United States
Smells like "poo." I'm sorry, but thats about it.
08th October, 2009
Finding myself near L'Artisan in Marylebone High Street the other day, I decided to see if Dzing! is all it is cracked up to be. It is supposed to have some leather in it, but all I could smell was ancient, decomposing elastoplast, the horrible flesh-pink, ace bandage variety that's been on your finger for far too long. A room frag for a museum of medical specimens, perhaps? I was relieved I had already spritzed myself with Timbuktu, and could leave the shop with a light heart.
05th September, 2009
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United Kingdom
toffee with a metallic edge, sawdust and nail polish. nothing dirty for me, which is a shame!
19th July, 2009
Quite similar to Bulgari Black, but less soft on me. I also seem to be getting hints of Je Reviens today, on my fourth wear. Lasting power of the interesting topnotes could have been better, they fade soon, but the drydown is musky heaven. The animalic properties I find quite muted; there's just a hint of lovely clean ass. Lots of sweet, balsamic goodness in the base. And the muskiness! Ooooh so good. Easily unisex, I'd say, though quite sweet. Ah I love it. If only it weren't so crazily expensive in South Africa!
13th July, 2009
Oh how I love Dzing!.
It did initially smell odd. Reminded me of tubes of water-colour that I used to purchase as a little kid. It smelled like plastic and very much synthetic.
That eventually faded out into a vanilla-floral-leather scent with a subtle breath of caramel/ toffee. Reminded me very much like a very diluted version of Bulgari Black with a stronger vanilla note and less of the tar-oil combination in Black.
It was fun testing this one out.
07th July, 2009
Starts out with a flash of horse-barn -- I get the sweat, the breath, and the fecal redolence as well as sawdust, maybe even hay -- that fades quickly into a sweet and comfortable leather middle. I do get the occasional whiff of toffee, too, just as the perfumer's notes indicate. Good so far, but then it flattens as the leather fades out and a musty, irritatingly generic vanilla takes over and lasts for hours. Like Luca Turin points in the Guide, it does smell like the weird sweet notes in decomposing paper. Personally, though, I don't like smelling like the inside of wet paper sack.
23rd June, 2009
Nasty stuff, smells like a dirty diaper, just wow. This should be called Dung! not Dzing! Disgusting
11th June, 2009
I certainly get the underlying smell of dung initially, then it becomes very leathery. After a few minutes though it settles into a soft, smoky sweetness. Very delicate, intricate and quite beautiful. Don't buy it blindly but absolutely a work of genius which I like a little more every time I wear it.
09th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
Can't really compare this to the smell of circuses as have only been once aeons ago and hated -- wild animals tamed to do stupid tricks, unfunny clowns, horses running round in a circle,etc. There are also no barns where I live. To replicate the smell of this fragrance --- take one brand new expensive leather man's shoe and squeeze one drop of vanilla essence inside -- leave for fifteen minutes, then pick up, put your nose in and inhale -- you have Dzing. I don't dislike, but won't be purchasing.
05th May, 2009
Here we go - my first review...

I've seen horses, saddles and the like mentioned in a lot of reviews of this one, but without even looking for circus imagery, one thing jumped to my mind with Dzing!


I live near a pretty good zoo, and the mid- to drydown of Dzing! smells almost exactly like the elephants. Not elephant dung, though there's a hint of that, too... but live elephants. Stand next to an elephant sometime and tell me it doesn't smell just like Dzing!

Also, my nose isn't picking up even a whiff of the sweet / cotton candy-ish note some people have mentioned. That may just be kow it acts on me.

Intriguing fragrance, but I'm not sure I'd wear this one regularly, if ever.
30th April, 2009
I get the poo note only in the beginning and it faded almost instantly. I smell no cotton candy at all. You could compare the opening to the scents of a horse barn only alot lighter in every way.

I suspect the people who say they can't detect this have never set foot in a barn to be able to identify what it is they are smelling. To me at least, I really did smell this right away in the beginning. But just as fast it left, leaving only the scent of nice leather seats. This is how I experienced it, anyway. I think it affects people very differently depending on your personal experiences. People identify Dzing! with something they know from their own lives. Having rode horses when I was growing up, this is what I smelled. The shavings in the stall, slightly fecal...and the smell of the horse as you pulled yourself into the saddle. Horse hair, and the leather saddle. And then, just leather. Nothing more for me.

I think this will work very well for my husband, I find it a little too masculine for me. And it's not because of the crazy beginning-that doesn't last long enough to worry about. But the fragrance of pure comfortable leather and nothing more would be best on him I think. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of Dzing! because that's what it is. It is more than a fragrance, it tells a scent story. I appreciate that and recommend everyone at least buy a sample for the pure enjoyment of trying to guess what you're smelling. My husband and I really enjoyed testing Dzing! and comparing how we felt about it.

If you want to try it you can order a sample from The Perfumed Court or L'Artisan themselves as I did. It was fun testing it.
09th April, 2009
I love this fragrance:) First second you spray it on (beware) dont stand tooo close it smells like all kinds of poo poo! I sprayed it on the card but I didnt even noticed it got on my skin. I ran out of barneys, thru the card away and said this is really what the fuss is about. In disappointment I went and got my lunch, and headed back to work. On the way to work, I kept getting a whiff of something. It smelled fantastic... It was the settled down version of dzing. No words can describe how bad I want pay check! Its really leathery&skin scent!! Its really one of a kind!
02nd April, 2009
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United States
I have a hard time describing this, but I love it. When I first smelled it, I thought "old paper" in a good way, but there's so much more. The people before me have described it much better than I can, but count me as a fan nonetheless!
02nd April, 2009
Just delicious. I am transported when I wear this. A beautiful, sweet, enigmatic leather.
01st April, 2009
Really excellent. New chemical-soaked paper and thick permanent markers (of the old-school variety that still had that funny smell), burnt rubber, a variety of animal scents (musk, leather, and the horsey smell), iris and vanilla. This is somehow about the sexiest most addictive combination out there. One of the few scents I know that is truly a bit dangerous (though it is mostly my phsychology that is affected by it, not the psychology of those around me).
23rd March, 2009
This is a remarkable, unusual fragrance. The notes on the L'Artisan website are leather, musk, toffee, iris & saffron. I would never dream of such a wild mix, but Olivia Giacobetti did dream and her perfume is a stroke of genious. This creation is wonderful and full of contradictions. After a rich, sweet opening, the drydown is exactly that...dry, tart and beautiful. No one on this website (or elsewhere) can give an example for comparison because there is no other like Dzing. Unique! PS I tried this in the summertime and I definately can smell the circus in the very seductive leather notes...never got the circus reference until now.
16th March, 2009 (last edited: 07th September, 2009)
I appreciate and like this – and that surprises me! I am no particular fan of leather scents. I do not care for foody or sweet scents. And yet Dzing! intrigues me greatly. I find three phases.
The first phase has the most amazing, complex sort of leather scent. It is a wonderful rendition of leather, suggesting to me a worn, sweaty soft leather jacket. At times this veers into a slight rubbery-industrial tone, but this is never unpleasant (unlike Lonestar Memories which I can’t stand). There is the merest touch of sweetness and a hint of vanilla, and yet I like this phase very, very much. I wouldn’t call the sweetness “caramelized candy” – for me it is not that distinct. Rather, it is a slight accent note on the leather.
Half an hour later, what is euphemistically called the “sawdust” phase kicks in. Well, we all know what lands in the sawdust at the circus, and it is here. This note is notorious, accurate… and yet oddly compelling. It is not gross or unpleasant. To put it delicately, the horse that produced this product was healthy, vigorous, and had eaten sweet hay! The leather re-emerges in this phase, to produce an amazing mélange. This is a risky and brilliant scent, not for everyone to be sure.
The third phase is slightly sweet and definitely mellow. Leather is here, with a bit of amber. But the finale is neither heavy nor cloying.
What an experience!
13th March, 2009 (last edited: 08th June, 2009)
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United States
I love this one! I still remember the first time I ever smelled it; it is that distinctive. The only perfume that ever made me break out in an ear to ear grin upon first sniff. It is not as oddball as some reviews make it out to be; rather, I get a soft vanilla-tinged leather that fades into a gorgeous skin scent. I agree with L'aventurier below, this is a great foray into niche lines.
12th February, 2009
Gotta love the verisimilitude. It does indeed smell like animals in a circus, and leather. Splendid workmanship, just not for me.
06th February, 2009
Starts out with a blast of rubbery leather, then gives off the scent of animal dung, all right if you're into that sort of thing, but I would not recommend it on a date. Luckily, the animal dung only last a few minutes, then it smells like leather again. Gradually, the rubber-leather mellows to the scent of old leather, old paper and vanilla. Luca Turin compares it to the smell of a used-book store, a smell I am very familiar with, having worked in such a place. It's a comforting scent, but also musty, dusty and too vanilla for my taste. I give it points for daring, but I don't get much pleasure out of it.
02nd February, 2009
I bought this blind and was SO excited when my roommate brought it back from France. His aunt was shocked I knew about it, and said "she must REALLY be into perfumes." I carefully took it out of the box and sprayed it on. My face fell like a ton of bricks. I don't know perfume jargon well enough to describe why I don't like it, but I don't It doesn't smell like the circus to me. I don't smell cotton candy, leather or sawdust. However, I do detect a hint of elephant poo and it makes me smell like a clown. The closest fragrance I can explain it smells like is Luster's Pink Lotion. I want it out of my house...NOW!
23rd January, 2009
Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Firstly, I feel this fragrance to be totally miss-named. The name Dzing! bings to mind images that are either fresh, airy and/or zesty. Dzing! however is nothing like that. In fact, almost the opposite I find (more Dzang! or Dzong! really, no?) .... It's a leather fragrance.
Then with all this talk of circus and horsey notes, it's enough to scare most people away from it. However, I really urge you not to be put off and definitely give it a try on your skin rather. On mine, I don't get any overtly dirty/animalic notes at all. (well, apart from the leather). I'm not generally a leather scent lover, however this one I'm very fond of. Probably, because rather than a heavy strong leather, the immediate impression is rather of being enveloped in a comfy, brand new large ladies suede glove. (body glove?). On my skin, I do not find it overtly vanilla or sweet. The sugar is more 'burnt', than 'bright'.
The opening notes are reminiscent of that very first whiff after lifting the lid off a box of brand new suede stilletos. But being well mellowed by the light powdery vanilla and the hay, those saddle notes become almost amber-y, comforting and very luxuriuos.
There is very little developent, once the scent has setteled down, there it stays for the long run. Just subtle nuances drifting in and out.
I think it's a very wearable, unisex fragrance and would classify it as: soft leather-light. Perfect as an enrty level leather fragrance. Though quirkey,
I don't agree with it being all that avant-garde as it's been made out to be and totally disagree with "Bigsley"( posted above). Yes it is a linear scent but so expertly blended that the resulting leather accord, and indeed scent, is so smooth that no individual note ever dominates another. Creating a different, unusual but interesting fragrance that's captivating and dare I say, sophisticated?!
16th January, 2009
nthny Show all reviews
United States
A funny story about Dzing! that will eventually turn into a review: I took my L'Artisan samples to my sister's house so we could share them and my nephews were there bouncing off the walls and being silly in general but those children LOVE smelling things... so my sister and I began opening the samples and dabbing, etc, and of course the kids came over and I put Dzing! on my oldest nephew (age six) and explained that it was meant to smell of the circus. My sister, "OH MY GOSH IT DOESSS!!! EWWW! (while laughing)." My nephew, "I SMELL LIKE A HORSE!! I SMELL LIKE A HORSE!!" and then he chased my younger nephew (age three) around forcing him to smell his horse-smelling hand. It all went downhill from there but I digress...

What I personally think Dzing! smells like is the smell of those giant metal permanent markers with the big black wedge tip at the top, mixed with vanilla. It also occurred to me that it is, especially after having it on skin for a while, reminiscent of Bulgari Black but softer and more refined. There's something rubbery and leathery about Dzing! and that's where I think the imagery of animal arises but it's softened so delicately with vanilla that it's hard to call this a monster of an animalic perfume. That said, I'd challenge anyone to have Dzing! in his or her memory banks and pass a horse-drawn carriage and stables and NOT see from where Olivia Jacobetti drew her inspiration. While it doesn't smell exactly like a horse or its living quarters, the idea is there and it would take a real fragrance curmudgeon to not give in to that imagery at least a little bit.

The L'Artisan carded sample says, "A fragrance soft and fierce... Very wild very sweet!" and I think that's a nice way of describing Dzing!, although I don't think there's anything "very" about the fragrance. It's actually kind of mild in its intrigue and uniqueness, perfectly at home in the L'Artisan house of fragrances that rarely, if ever, speak indoors with their outdoor voices.
29th December, 2008 (last edited: 08th August, 2009)
Oh sad! I *almost* love this, it is almost leathery perfection. It goes on well, and starts to get spicy and leathery and yum and then POOF. Literally within 5-10 minutes it starts to fade. I don't want to trail a waft of silage behind me but I do want to smell something! *pout* I really wanted to love this too.

If I can figure out the magic way to make it 'show up' without having to mix it with something else (because I want THIS SMELL, just for longer than ten minutes) then I am all over it. But as it stands, I can't give it a thumb's up. Poo.
23rd December, 2008
Another vision of perfection. 5 stars.
19th December, 2008