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United States
Though there are a number of things going on in this scent, I just can't get over the smell of animal. I recognize that for some people this can be nice, but if you grew up in the city with no pets (like me) there's a good chance you're not going to like this. Animals to me smell dirty and unwashed, and that's how this scent made me feel. Luckily the longevity wasn't very good on me.
11th March, 2007
Sawdust and feces at eh circus, like the description says. Sweet benzoin throughout, like a whiff of cotton candy. The castoreum is right out front, unadorned. Fecal notes do not deter me in a perfume; I find that animalic notes add to the attractiveness of a fragrance. However, these are the centerpiece of the fragrance. I wait for the development of something pretty, but all I get is sweet fecal notes. Later, some leather or latex creeps in. Overall Dzing smells like horses on me.
08th March, 2007
I tried this one a few days ago. At first I wasnt that impressed but a few hours later when I was on my way home I felt a lovely scent surrounding me. I first wondered what it was since I had tried several scents that day but then I remembered I had sprayed some Dzing on that hand. It is a very different, alluring and somewhat ambigous scent. Can definitely recommend it. It is one of the best in its genre. Thumbs up.

26th February, 2007
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United Kingdom
I love this perfume, its basenotes of leather and spicy its very sexy.
20th January, 2007
Dzing! is misnamed, although I cannot come up with a suitable alternative. This is not a frantic perfume, bursting through stage curtains. It's much cleverer and more subtle: it begins slowly and soon grows to fill the room with an airy smokiness such as one would get from burning flowers.

To me, this is the best offering of the L'Artisan line.
23rd December, 2006
if Luca Turin says that Dzing! smell like cardboard, I'd love to meet the maker of his cardboard and tour the plant.

I can only imagine what the other paper products will smell like if the cardboard smells this good.
12th December, 2006
there has been already said a lot.....
interesting opening that ends in hell-bad leather scent-disgusting,stinky and nerving!If you really wanna smell leather then choose cuir de russie of chanel or bandit by piguet-but dzing is dzing-what a poor name...very sad and boring water....this is definitely not a perfume......
10th November, 2006
Should be called Leming. I own it and was lured by the craze to buy it untested, but never have I seen such hype since "Coty001" (The "digital" fragrance with a note of "electrostatic accord" launched as an experiment by an Advertising man at Coty in 2001). Such a backstory!

I am a fan of rubber, but what others read as rubber comes to me as syrupy sweet amber. Dzing does not contain elephant. I was taken to no circus by this one. No imagery of trapeze-flying women occurred to me. I was taken to another amber vanilla wanna-be that made my co-workers scratch their heads and hesitantly say, "James... what's" I felt like I had come out of Wal Mart and sprayed all of the Vanilla Fields bottles down my shirt. Calliope music, please, $175 later, who's the real clown.
08th November, 2006
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a fair princess.

One cold and foggy night, the princess walked around the castle walls wearing her brother's galoshes. Upon returning home, the fair princess doffed the galoshes and placed them in front of the fire.

She waited and she waited and she waited for the boots to finally get warm on the hearth. Once the galoshes were toasty, the princess walked over and smelled them to make certain they were thoroughly dry. They were, in fact, quite dry by now, but oh! how they stank of black rubber and leather. Well, the clever princess simply picked up a bottle of Worth's Je Reviens and poured its contents straight into those royal rain boots.

The smell that arose from her brother's galoshes was so completely annoying and yet so utterly intoxicating at the same time that the princess knew what she had to do. She called the royal perfumer in to duplicate this most bizarre of scents, and thus Dzing! was born.

The moral of this story is simple: don't pour Je Reviens into hot rubber and leather galoshes unless you want to smell Dzing!

(Fairy tales aside, I happen to love Dzing!, but it's much in the same way that I love Rob Zombie movies and gefilte fish. That is to say, I have to really be in the mood for it. Dzing! is Bulgari Black's somewhat cruel and very bohemian cousin, and he bears deep grudges against anyone who's ever worn Tommy.)
03rd November, 2006
The beginning did smell a bit like burning, but my nose pegged it more as an incense smell than a rubber smell. I agree that this does get better as it develops. It seemed to meld into my skin and create something that is warm, unique and confident.
27th October, 2006
AlthaeaSoaps said it smelled of burning brake pads. I was trying to think of what the top smelled like, and that's actually a very close comparison. It fades to, as others have said, more of a circus smell. Like cotton candy/animal stall/generator engines. When it dries, it's a bit more grounded and "normal"...more of a subtle sweet/spicy leather. I like it because of it's unique imagry, but I don't think i'd wear it regularly.
30th September, 2006
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Good Lord, my ordeal is finally over. No more frenetic hand-scrubbing and no more insults from my girlfriend who's been saying I smell like a peroxide-blonde wife of a Russian nouveau riche wheeler-dealer. With so much hype about L'Artisan here on Basenotes, I felt I absolutely had to test at least some of the highlights. I ended up testing about twenty. Dzing was the last one on my list. Now for the scent Ð thin, papery, sickeningly sweet, girlish, overdone and superficial, just like any other of the twenty I tried. There's a hopeless lack of substance and an unwarranted fussiness about L'Artisan scents that, to my nose, bring them very close to drugstore fragrances. Strictly for the lovers of Miller Harris, Bond No. 9, Demeter and the like. What I haven't told my girlfriend yet is that my next testing list is MolinardÉ
25th September, 2006
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

Definitely one of the most hyped niche fragrances here on Basenotes, Dzing! is an interesting composition. It is constructed in the same vein as Bulgari Black, and to my nose, the top notes are reminiscent of the "burnt rubber" smell of Black, and like Black, Dzing! later sweetens down to a spicy sweet base (albeit accomplishing it with a different set of notes). I liked the top notes, but the base was fairly uninspired. I think that comparisons with soiled hamster cages and circus debris and waste are unfair - Dzing! is nowhere near as wacky or strange as other reviewers make it out to be. Its claim to originality and ground breaking-ness are questionable though - Bulgari came out a full year before Dzing!, and stole most of its thunder with its rubbery-topnotes/sweet-base combination (which is also emulated here). I am not implying that the two fragrances are copies of each other - just that they flow the same way.

Dzing! also has serious longevity issues - and its sillage is minimal. I would consider investing in it if it lasted longer, but for now I will have to pass (and will stick with the much cheaper Black). Its worth a vial/decant though, and ranks as one of L'Artisans better efforts.
25th August, 2006
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An interesting evocative, mostly leathery scent. It's sort of like a more subtle, refined and "clean" version of the leather scents I have tried, that papery dry yet warm and comfy note. I was hoping to feel the ginger and saffron but I don't mind a lot that I don't since it's such a nice, slightly masculine scent evocative of times past.
14th August, 2006
Imagine baking cookies using a cedar baking sheet to bake them and your kitchen is in a horse stall (hay included) Its a very unique and addicting wont find much else that comes near the notes....its one of those chameleon sniff it the first time and you smell hay and and a sniff again 10 secs later you smell cookie get the drift...its a good one nonetheless!
26th July, 2006
L'Artisan Parfumeur is amazing (Creed could learn from them). Dzing! is truly one of the most unusual scent on the market today. It takes chances and pays off for the person who is willing wait.
One of the Best, Ever.
24th July, 2006
I agree this is a little redolent of Bvlgari Black, with it's smoky-rubber beginnings, though it sort of evolves into something more woodsy. It recalls the soft, sweetish spices of bakehouse goods (something sort of close to nutmeg or mace, or perhaps even cassia or cinnamon maybe?) without smelling specifically like any of those, nor at all gourmand. Dzing!, Black and VIP Room all seem to hover around the same theme, though I put Black way ahead of the other two, it's still the most original and chic, and the rubber is stronger. Next Dzing!, then VIP - not as good as Black, but safe and sound.
20th June, 2006
I adore Dzing!!
It a great, great light and sweet, popcorny leather fragrance. At the first sniff, it smells like rubber and air and sunlight. Then it turns sweeter and more ands more leathery. The only fresh and playful leather fragrance I know.
17th June, 2006
I love this. It opens with hay and sawdust with an animalic note, like a bowl of old straw with a small, damp cat perched on top of it. Dry-down is a gorgeous, furry, leathery, grassy dryness. It's strangely wearable, and very beautiful.
16th June, 2006
Wow. This is one of the most stress-inducing smells I have sniffed in forever. I had my husband sniff too, and he got the burnt caramel note quite clearly, but not me. I can't find anything like it in there at all. To me, it opens with the odor of overheated brake pads. Then it "mellows" to the scent of my auto mechanic's shop, complete with the rubber tires in the lobby and the citrus GoJo hand cleaner by the sink in the bathroom. The burning brakes odor comes back here and here, just to keep my stomach in a knot. I'll wait a few weeks and sniff it again just to be sure, but so far... I can't fathom how this can smell good on a person.
19th May, 2006
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United States
Dzing! is an example of the kind of work of art that you analyze again and again and come up with different conclusions each time. Sometimes it smells like burnt caramel, but as it mixes with my skin it gets more and more leathery. Sometimes it smells like skin, or sawdust, or, occasionally, black pepper. The burnt caramel note is there most of the time, but overall this fragrance is a perfect, delightful leather scent. Irresistible.
14th May, 2006
after reading the many positive reviews of Dzing! on Basenotes and other places i had very high hopes for this one. i sprayed on quite a bit courtesy of Fortnum & Mason (london) and waited to be totally fascinated. sorry to say it didn't happen. i got the legendary cardboard smell but then pretty soon things calmed down to a polite sweetness and stayed that way. not unpleasant but certainly not the eccentric masterpiece that i had been expecting - but then i am used to Knize Ten and Yatagan...
09th May, 2006
Not for me, and I know it’s likely my fault. To my nose, the castoreum overwhelms everything else and dominates for most of the duration to the exclusion of everything else. I find DZING! quite off-putting. Too bad…I like the concept.
05th May, 2006
paddy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
this has an intriguing and bizzare leathery/rubber(!) opening/middle, which sweetens up very nicely during the drydown to something altogether different and quite nice. however it has serious longevity issues and it seems to disappear completely (and very quickly) once this sweetness appears after a couple of hours or so and you can't smell it unless you get really up close to it. the lack of staying power explains the the neutral verdict, definitely worth a try though.
21st April, 2006
Smells like the neatly folded costume of a retired clown in an old alligator suitcase.
20th April, 2006
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United States
Picture this: The sun is shining down hotly on an otherwise coolish day. I lay my leather handbag on a sunny outdoor cafe table and order a cup of hot black tea. While waiting for my beverage, I pull a Sharpie marker out of my sun-softened leather handbag and scribble a little note. The ink's unnatural smell wafts about me slightly as the teacup is set in front of me. I put away the marker and add sugar to the steaming black tea. This is Dzing!
I'm grateful to the reviewers who mentioned Bulgari Black (which I had a slight fondness for) because this reference stirred me to hunt down a sample of Dzing! Bulgari Black gets boring where Dzing! holds one's interest. Pleasant, mild, I don't think this will edge out Black Vetyver Cafe or New Haarlem from my wardrobe, but you can never predict these things for sure.
25th March, 2006
flee Show all reviews
United States
Dzing does kinda smell like something alive at first. Its very different and special. I wanna buy a full bottle then I said no that's ok. But its growing on me and I'm loving it more and more. So it looks like I'm buying dzing when I get a chance. Its a special frag
24th March, 2006
Pretty amazing - they bottled circus stink. Seriously, it smells like a circus or a county fair. I swear I can even smell the elephants. I get cotton candy, something like hay or sawdust (or both), and something a little funky, to be honest. I'm not sure I get vanilla on the dry down - to me it seems sweeter than that, almost candied, and so, like so many other artistic scents, not one I would wear. In the end, I give it thumbs-up for creativity and ambitiousness. Who would have thought to do this outside of the niche world?
18th March, 2006
Dzing! comes on strong with rubber and smoky dark tea. Eventually the smoky/rubbery smell mellows allowing the cinammon/vanilla/hay to come through. This is amazingly creative and playful, I love it. Be warned: those who don't find the smell of rubbery leather will be put off. Reminds me of SMN's Nostalgia but much less grease-monkeyish (not meant as an insult to Nostalgia). This is a unique and fun smell. You will most likely be the only one in the room wearing it.
16th January, 2006
Another L'Artisan that I didn't like at first, now however it is my hands down favorite of the entire line. Nothing compares to the caramel leather notes and the almost doughy sawdust accord. Good enough to eat, the smoky qualities of the black tea blend wonderfully with the leather notes. Just astounding.
15th January, 2006