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Dirrrrty... Like a wet dog in a candy store, sleeping on the leather jacket of a duchess. Anyway, it's alright with me.
12th November, 2005
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United States
Brilliant, original and bizarre, yet completely wearable in any setting. Luca Turin's cardboard comment always comes to mind and I do indeed get that note now whenever I smell this. The animal quality keeps this one right on the edge.
30th October, 2005
Dzing! is a deceptive perfume. Said to be inspired by the Circus world, it brings to mind a circle of fire and some delightful scents of smoke, burnt cotton-candy. It has an entrance of an outrageous acrobat, with colourful leather and feathers outfit, escaping from the tigress that jumps into the fire ring!

It is colourful, spicy, and a lot of fun!
If you like the ambivalent sweetness of leather and smoke, and enjoy having a bit of masculine kick in your “drink” than Dzing! has quite the right zesty touch.
With top notes that are deceivingly floral - rose and orris, with a touch of smoky cade; heart notes that are spicy and warm (mainly cinnamon and styrax) and a base that is equally sweet and smoky as a result of mingling sweet gum of benzoin and peru balsam along with castoreum, birch tar and perhaps some tobacco.

Top notes: Cade (Leather notes), Rose, orris,
Heart notes: Styrax, cinnamon
Base notes: Balck tea, benzoin, Peru balsam, Leather notes (castoreum and birch tar)
30th October, 2005
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Having tried most L'Artisan scents, Dzing! has become my favorite among all of them. Just about everything in this line is amazing, but my taste for Dzing! has changed quickly, not only it is my favorite L'Artisan, it is also my favorite fragrance in general. Truly is art at its finest form!
16th October, 2005
LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent -- it's absolutely my favorite, of all perfumes and such that i've ever owned! We're talking the top of my top-ten... D'Zing! feels RICH and SEXY: rich as saffron -- worth more than it's weight in gold, folks -- sexy and seductive from the sandalwood and animalistic qualities. (However, those animalistic notes make it inappropriate for the office, especially on women such as myself.) Absolutely no yucky-soapy-blah notes, it's interesting and warm and complex. But please note: my body chemistry makes Drakkar Noir smell sweet and feminine -- perfume is different for everyone!
26th September, 2005
Very much along the lines of Bulgari Black, Dzing is smokey, semi-sweet and a bit rubbery. This is a more complex fragrance though, I can detect something smelling like cherries and there is that signature sawdust accord. Overall a brilliant launch and as uni-sex as they come. The circus rumours are highly exagerated but I'll be damned if it doesn't have an animalic quality to it. Like so many from this house, this is best worn when in the mood for sweet, sweet love.
22nd September, 2005
Dzing! always puts a smile on my face. The only downside to this fragrance, is that I always feel uncomfortable putting a lower case letter after an exclamation point. This is a leather based fragrance that smells like the circus: leather, sawdust, animalic notes, and a sugary sweet note. If you could make a candied leather dessert, it would smell like the drydown of Dzing! Also, Dzing! has garnered so many compliments from people. Dzing! is such an off the beaten path fragrance, and so pleasant. It’s great.
19th September, 2005
I came to know this scent thanks to Luca Turin's infamous review in which he said it smelled of cardboard! My curiosity was piqued and I didn't stop till I could get hold of a sample. When I tried it, I was puzzled, I couldn't believe how Mr Turin had nailed it. I wouldn't dare to add anything to what he said, except that, though it took me some time to get into Dzing!, now I can't live without it. A must-have indeed!
16th September, 2005
the most heavenly leather notes ever!
29th July, 2005
My favorite L'Artisan.. great stuff
27th December, 2004 (last edited: 27th January, 2005)
I simply love this fragrance! It was created with passion, love, hate, it is like a tranquility, will put you on the right mood!
09th October, 2004
Offbeat indeed! Straw, cardboard, animals and spices. This has a wonderful dry down that continues to surprise by revealing new moods. But caveat emptor- I love this one- you might hate it.
30th August, 2003
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United States
Wow is all I can say about this one. I have recently come to LOVE the L'Artisan line and this one is absolutely amazing. It starts off kind of boring with some incense and a sawdust like smell to it. However, about a half hour into it, woods, some fruit, incense and spices start to come out and it turns into one of the more complex and intriguing fragrances I've ever come across. Amazing Stuff.
04th May, 2003
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Dzing! is inspired by circus and is one of those off-beat, evocative scents that trigger memories and are hauntingly beautiful. It starts off with a sawdust note, doesn't probably sound good, but actually is! It's warm, woody and spicy with saffron and ginger notes. Very strange and beautiful scent, one that creates cravings. Not for everyone, though.
17th April, 2003