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Reviews of Muschio Bianco / White Moss by Acca Kappa

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United Kingdom
The opening notes set the character of the whole experience: fresh, clean and bright: opening with bergamot and lemon, combined with a somewhat weaker juniper berry component. Whilst the citrus is nicely done, the juniper cannot be compared with the beauty in, for instance Creed's Baie de Genièvre.

The drydown is rather aldehydic, and in the base white musky emanates together with a gentle white musk on a woodsy background.

This is indeed a clean and elegant spring scent, that lacks any of the green-ness that characterises, for instance, Tom Ford's Moss Breches. It is clean elegance and restrained and subdued laundry-freshness it reminds me of Lanvin's Vetyver Blanc, although the latter is quite different in other aspects, and in Muschio Bianco I don't get the vetiver.

On my skin the sillage is soft, the projection a adequate and the longevity five hours.

Clean, fresh and restrained elegance: 3.25/5.
28th June, 2016
In my opinion simply divine. What a stunning unisex musk, so airy, daring, clean, exotic, optimistic! I see in front of my eyes a white suited (by a white fashionable and elegant linen suit) daring italian man in South America full of energy, projects and charm (yes, on a convertible car). Muschio Bianco smells all about cleanliness, candidness and transparency, yes laundry and daring, with the lavender, probably a touch of chamomille (or mimosa), the berries and the aromatic spices from the wood over a bed of soapy white musk and woodsy moss. There is a touch of virile ambergris in the dry down which i love, imprinting a final touch of more restrained warmth. A wonderful fragrance for warm climates and life in the sunny cities of the south.
04th April, 2013
White moss eau the cologne is really nice and simple fragrance. In my opinion it is the skin scent and des not smell the same on different people. It smells very different on me then on my son. When I use it I can smell typical fresh smell of the men’s cologne, but on my son smells divine. It is a clean and soft musk almost as good as real moschus from the seventies (if someone remembers).
One needs to try and decide if White moss suits him or her.
Good musk fragrance is almost impossible to find and I haven’t found one yet.
18th August, 2012
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Nice, clean "whtite moss" - serene but beautiful ideal "Monday" Cologne for any man -
very unusual composition in a category that is so easy to over-do, highly recommended!
30th June, 2012
White Moss is absolutely enthralling. I usually find soapy, clean and musky scents mediocre, but this particular scent takes those three qualities to new heights.

It has a powdery and crisp laundry smell, however this is surprisingly quite natural and less chemical than you may originally think it to be.

The aromatic lavender and musky white woods, is what gives White Moss the unisex edge. It's almost the perfect gift for either a man or a woman that doesn't like anything overly strong or too 'perfumey'.

It's very much a skin scent. It leaves those other soapy concoctions like Pure DKNY and Jennifer Lopez's Glow for dead. It's sexy, delicate and airy without being overdone. It smells expensive and niche, and thankfully Acca Kappa has reasonable prices.

Natural seems to be the trend with Acca Kappa. Both Calycanthus and this fragrance are perfect, almost like they're not a fragrance at all, but something that has just arisen from the earth and been poured into a bottle.

The longevity is really impressive for such a light scent, lasting for around 6 hours. Obviously the sillage is intimate, but let's just say that the closer one gets to smelling this on somebody, sniffing is not all that they will do.
04th April, 2012
Nice 'n' clean mossy frag with a squeaky clean musk. Not much else to expect from something so aptly named. Low sillage but good longevity. Decent standard work cologne.
05th October, 2009
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United States
It must be a hallmark of Acca Kappa to have low-low sillage fragrances, as all I've tried thus far are very discrete. White Moss is light musk with mossy, fabric-softener type aroma. Pleasant but very mild, even for a skin scent. In fact, I applied nearly a half ml to my arm and cannot smell anything unless I push my nose up against my arm.

If you want your skin to smell clean at point blank range and nothing else, this fragrance would be for you. I'm giving this a neutral not because I don't like low-sillage fragrances, but because even within the realm of skin scents White Moss is too light - lighter than a body spray or even a deodorant (but at a premium price).
21st March, 2009
everso Show all reviews
United States
this reminds me of laundry......very clean and detergent like...or fabric softener like. but oh wait...i hate doing laundry and i'm not particularly fond of the smell of laundry soaps and softeners. thanks but no thanks!
14th December, 2008
I smell like air! nice fresh air like when I'm hiking, novel to me but no reason for me to wear it. I like more scent to my scents! to each her own
02nd December, 2007
Detergent-like musks in a haze of floral vagueness. From that whole laundered white linens vein that leaves me wondering why I shouldn't just skip the cologne and put on some clean clothes.
23rd January, 2007
Unsurprising unisex scent, too little different from many today's unisex creations. The musky note is high quality tough andextremely discreet, stylish and natural, but the rest about this scent, the mere combination with other notes renders it rather excessilvely vanilla-smelling, extremely sweeyt and much more freminding of edible notes, for instance vanilla icecream, capuccino or milk, instead of smelling like perfume.
03rd December, 2006
Just got this fragrance in the Philippines, and i must agree... Very fresh, very light, very refreshing. You need to SWIM in it for it to have any projection, but once the girls smell it, they get drawn to you like bees to a flower. :)
16th January, 2006
I have grown to love this light, clean fragrance. I found it at the Four Seasons in Newport Beach on the bottom shelf in the gift shop. I didn't expect much but was plesantly surprised! Unique for the guys but totally acceptable IMHO
29th September, 2005
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Clean, pure, white, fresh. Conjures images of huge white linen covered beds in rooms overlooking crashing waves. Satys close to the skin and not much projection - a very personal scent that soothes and refreshes. Similar to CSP's Cristalle de Musc or Lutens Clair de musc, though not as sweet.
09th September, 2005
Very nice unisex fragrance. Reminiscent of Helmut Lang, CK Be and other light, musky, skin scents. This one is even cleaner though (if that is possible). My only complaint is the strength, very weak, it's more a cologne than regular edt. Hit it 10-15 times and you'll have a fresh, soapy, mossy, white musk embracing your skin and making the day brighter.
05th August, 2005
excellent unisex fragrance with elements of lavander and juniper and deeper notes of wood, amber, and moss. one for the guys and the gals!
10th August, 2004