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Negative Reviews of Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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Interesting, intriguing concept (incencse with lily), but sugar overkill with white musk instead is all I get. What a sweet mess! If the sugary sweetness was to represent hell here...
12th February, 2013
really, really bad. A combination of fusty old lady wardrobe and urine. Not sure if that is the fragrance alone, or my chemistry with this fragrance.
Aloe, White Lily, Myrrh, Frankincense, White Musk? wow, how did those wonderful scents birth this monstrosity?
21st January, 2012
Oh dear. I hate this. The reviews sounded so intriguing, and I was excited about my sample. But I don't seem to get any incense here, light or otherwise, and barely anything that smells like musk. Maybe this is a tribute to the blending? All I smell is a screeching "white flowers" note -- this is the lily, I guess. No heart, no base, just this lily note all the way into the drydown. Scrubber.
23rd June, 2009
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Resin and nothing else. I could never enjoy any myrrh containing scent. So strong that i cannot take lily or white musk which i like both.
01st December, 2008
Well blended unchallenging incense. Very nice but too understated for my tastes. It lacks a great amount of edge and impressivnes in general. On the other hand, I don`t find it as beautiful or mysterious as some other incense scents. It shares a similar evergreen note with CdG`s Zagorsk, but that has much more oomph! to it. I`m just not a big fan of these quiet scents.

Passage d'Enfer is hopelessly boring and outclassed by many other incense`s, not to mention other fragrances in general.
10th November, 2008
Odd that the smell of Catholic churches are used for a fragrance called path to hell. Well, the incense dies and I'm left with a watery version of some kind of musky and peppery scent. Probably would fair better on someone's skin who isn't as dry.
29th May, 2008
No, no, no! Incense, here? I so wanted to love this, but I am assaulted by the worst smell I've ever experienced from a bottle when I spritz this! All I smell is rancid, old soap, no spice, no incense whatsoever, nothing but a very penetrating, sour soap.
07th April, 2008
I really wanted to like this one so much. From all the reviews and from the name of it... passage to hell... mmm... so I got a decant off eBay.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. Maybe it's just my body chemistry (sweet scents cling to me very well), but this smells extraordinarily soapy to me, pungent, detached, and not particularly sexy. For some reason I am reminded of the smell of sweat, and not in a good way. Grr, I really wanted to like this so much! Drat.
24th March, 2007