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A dry, crisp, woody-aromatic fragrance with a citrus opening, a green soul and many spicy nuances. It's very interesting and clean. Many elements turn around the note of cedar which is spicy and woodsy like a dark green forest. I detect a touch of tobacco in the mix. Projection and longevity are in the average.
09th March, 2011 (last edited: 17th March, 2011)
A wispy dream of cedar beside the pale lemon groves. Slight but perfect of its kind. (de Charlus).
24th October, 2007
Wow!!!!Truly a scent that stands out from the bulk of today's fragrances. While the name lists cedar as main ingredient, i seldomly found scents wich are using the potential of cedar with such elegance, subtlety and class. Besides cedar, it includes several other flawlessly crafted notes, yet so subtle and complex that I can't identify them easily. The essence of modern elegance and taste- tough very trendy, it does not necessarily follow the mainstream ,though light and subtle, it lasts too, tough stylishly woody, it never turns out too heavy, tough refreshing, it doesn't lack mystery. An unlikely union of all paradoxes of perfume, a both technically and creatively crafted masterpice. Pure timeless genius!
02nd February, 2006
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United States
High quality, refined woods composition but not long lasting, at least on my old skin. The top is is clean, smooth aquatic cedar accord. I would love to have told you about the middle and basenotes but the drydown for me was more like a die down. Gone in 15 minutes. Reapplications did not help at all.

It may last longer on your skin though. Sample it and see.
20th November, 2005
Standard cedar in cologne form. Just like White Moss this one is terribly weak, but unlike a light musk this becomes more problematic in a wood-based fragrance. Cedro does smell nice but the limited strength doesn't make it purchase-worthy. Love the simple packaging though. This company btw has tons of nice bath - products. Great soaps among other things.
22nd September, 2005
This fragrance has very high quality cedar woood essential oil as its base.
It is a cologne but it has a very goog persistance without being overwhelming.
It is simple and subtle. Don't be afraid of it being too strong or old-fashioned smelling like "Pino Silvestre" or the like. I definitely recomend it.
12th September, 2005
Acca Kappa is one of my all time favorites, and Cedro (Cedar) is no exception.

As the name implies, Cedro is all about wood, and you notice it immediatly. It has a spice element, but manages not to be overly sweet, or "heavy". Cedro is a fresh, clean fragrance for Men that isn't overbearing, but is unmistakably masculine.
(Some fragrances for men really seem to skate a thin line between cologne and "perfume" it seems...)

Acca Kappa is a great line, one I consider a men's classic for grooming, shaving, and fragrances. You can get the accessories like shave foam, shave cream, deodorant spray, and aftershave in Cedar to match the cologne. I get mine at a great little boutique (low shipping rates :)
26th August, 2005