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A better Lagerfeld Classic. The opoponax in LC is too much and not very well balanced. In Paradigm, it is well contrasted with other manly ingredients to make it very beautiful. I can see this as an easy signature scent, especially with its hints of Macassar. THis is one of those Avon scents that is worth a full bottle purchase. Thumbs up!
21st July, 2012
What a weird and slightly unpleasant mixture. Smells like Vetiver mixed with sweet synthetic caramel spices. It's not horrible, but definitely not something I would like to smell like considering all the wonderful fragrances out there. To top it off, there is also a slight soapy quality to this...strange and synthetic indeed. Pass.
04th June, 2011
Paradigm is a wonderful mix of Italian like woods and spices. Appropriately enough is that on the sample packet I received of this, there's a rather dapper Italian man on it. one of the few scents from Avon that I've found surprising considering the fragrance company. Cheap with a thumbs up.
05th April, 2009
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This is a very spicy woodsie mix. I kind of liked it, but my hubbie didn't & he's the one that had to wear it, so I wouldn't purchase again. I agree with the first reviewer, Avon does make some great fragrances. I've tried many designer fragrances and some of Avon's are still among my favorites!
04th December, 2005
Not a bad fragrance, however when I first applied it, I was reminded of some cheap drugstore type scent. Once the initial blast of alcohol goes away, it emerges as a spicy warm scent with some sharp bits still present. Seems to me more of a casual weekend scent, itís a little too much for office work unless you go very lightly on the application. Maybe good in the afternoon or evening on colder days.
12th March, 2005
Paradigm is a masculine fragrance. It has a spicy, slightly soapy unique aroma. For the price, it is ok.
26th March, 2004