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Paradigm is a fragrance that has, since it's introduction, been renamed and repacked twice for different markets; this includes as "Class Act" in parts of Europe with the same unique quadrant bottle, and then once again in that same bottle as "Aspire", before having a new bottle shape and being relaunched yet again in Mexico, but only ever appearing once in the US (which is where I originate) during it's initial launch. The fragrance is one of the very bold, classy, and striking chypre-type fragrances that Avon released in the early 2000's alongside the earlier Uomo Avon, Modern Balance, and later HisStory.

All four of these bright, herbal, woodsy fragrances would go counter to what was popular in high fashion at the time (the sweet androgyny, aerosol-like deodorant, and oceanic freshness that was becoming the male standard in many mainstream houses). Avon historically tried to "flank" more expensive scents with their own lowbrow take on them, but Avon at this period were explorers, which is quite unlike them, experimenting with modernized chypres and gourmands when everyone else was stuck in ozonic or aquatic land if they weren't still pumping out fresh fougeres.

Paradigm (or Class Act if Europe) was the boldest of the bunch, taking the Italian woods and herbs vibe of Uomo further by ditching it's musk and green elements, and adding hints of stronger top notes for a more astringent, pungent middle that pierces the nostril with pangs of something synthetic (but in a good way) and very clean. It's a chypre that manages to come across refreshing without a citrus note, in much the same sense as fresh cedar chips are (something HisStory would do better in my opinion), and has a touch of something that also reminds me of the smell of women's foundation. It's indeed very classy because of these shrill ringing notes of wood, making it's second name for the European market understandable and indispensable for white collar work use.

Oddly enough, this unorthodox mix of notes works for what it tries to be and it's only really hampered by poor sillage which means you'll have to over-apply, reapply it midday, or use it on your shirt if you want to smell it for longer than 30 minutes or further away than your nose directly shoved down your shirt collar. As mentioned above, American buyers only had one shot at this at MSRP about fifteen years ago (which is when I discovered my first bottle).

A few years after graduating high school and stepping up my singles game, I remember just buying anything that looked good out of the Avon catalogs littered about a gas station where I worked, including this selection, and gave it away like an idiot at half empty when I decided I was too good for Avon products when upgrading my job and living situation, being able to afford more designer fragrances. I dismissed this and other Avon selections from this period as having served their purpose, not realizing the uniqueness I was giving up until I found nothing else like it years later. Avon doesn't really make anything like this anymore, unless you count the Mexico-only Aspire, which is the MKIII version of this scent as stated above. Little of the early 2000's Avon lineup exists outside of Perceive for men, which I never liked as much due to it's stark modernism.

If you can find a bottle (under any of the above names) at a good price, I recommend taking a stab at it (the Aspire for Men is the most affordable and available version, but I repurchased the original Paradigm from eBay for nostalgia), especially if something woodsy and tart to stand apart in your 9 to 5's without being heavy or mossy sounds good to you.
16th August, 2017 (last edited: 15th October, 2017)
A better Lagerfeld Classic. The opoponax in LC is too much and not very well balanced. In Paradigm, it is well contrasted with other manly ingredients to make it very beautiful. I can see this as an easy signature scent, especially with its hints of Macassar. THis is one of those Avon scents that is worth a full bottle purchase. Thumbs up!
21st July, 2012
Paradigm is a wonderful mix of Italian like woods and spices. Appropriately enough is that on the sample packet I received of this, there's a rather dapper Italian man on it. one of the few scents from Avon that I've found surprising considering the fragrance company. Cheap with a thumbs up.
05th April, 2009
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This is a very spicy woodsie mix. I kind of liked it, but my hubbie didn't & he's the one that had to wear it, so I wouldn't purchase again. I agree with the first reviewer, Avon does make some great fragrances. I've tried many designer fragrances and some of Avon's are still among my favorites!
04th December, 2005