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I like the aromachemical they use here for Sandalwood. I have seen that before with Art of Shaving Sandalwood and incense sticks. It is the woodier rendition of SW - woods rather than oil.
The Prosaro line uses the same aromachemical for its sandalwood after shave (which is really good).
Byblos also has woody-spiciness in its base.

If you like AoS you are in for a treat. This one is much much better.

14th January, 2018
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United Kingdom
Bought this blind as I love sandalwood based on the previous review on this page.Love the softness of the fragrance and would say it is definately unisex.If a girl does not like florals this is a nice alternative without being in your face spicy a la Opium etc.
Cant say that it is too strong but would be suitable for the autmn'winter daytime I think.Not too long lasting either but leaves a subtle scent on your skin.To me very natural smelling for the price.
See this is made in Italy ,can comment that I dont often smell a bad Italian Fragrance!!
13th October, 2008
This is not just a fragrance for women. I purchased it in a discount bin at a very popular retail store because the box was stained. I didn't know it was for women and since I love sandalwood I promtly used it at home. As the evening wore on I was mesmerized by the subtle scent of sandalwood blended with the distict but not overly sweet aroma of vanilla which appeared to soften the sandalwood. At work the next day I recieved a couple of "you smell nice(s) from my peers. I like this a lot and will be purchasing more asap. I think its suitable for men or women.
18th May, 2006
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