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Negative Reviews of Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

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Great bottle and presentation, but you pay for it. It's the upscale version of Ralph Lauren so I guess they decided to just stick with that and price it as if it were something of greater quality than the rest of their line. Welll, it does smell better than many of their fragrances, but just like all their other fragrances it doesn't last and has a mediocre dry down. Another problem is that since this is on the expensive side it has to compete with other expensive fragrances. Another major problem is that it's discontinued. Finally, the nail in the coffin is that it competes with a fragrance that's a little bit more expensive, smells very very similar, actually uses higher quality ingredients, and lasts about 10 times longer. That fragrance is Bleecker Street by Bond No.9 which is superior in every way to Purple Label and isn't discontinued. The price kills this one.
17th December, 2012
For the price you'd think it would last longer. I find that this is one of the scents that dissapears the quickest. It flies very low below the radar ... in fact, often I wear it and ask people how they like it and they mention that they didn't think I was wearing any cologne at all. This is one of those scents that could be sold by any designer. Based on the Purple Label's reputation, I expected a lot more of this cologne.

I think the fame of the Purple Label is what sells this cologne along with its hard to find nature. Believe it or not Designer Fragrance Company at the outlet mall is the best place to find this ... they sell all the Ralph Lauren scents because they are the company that make them. A large bottle was $50 at the outlet, which is about half off the regular price. I didn't buy it at that discounted rate because of how generic this cologne is and how short the scent is. For the price, there are many different 'British Style Gentleman's Classics' out there. I'd buy Aqua di Parma or Tom Ford Tobacco before I bought this, because subtle colognes that are bearly noticeable seem like a waste of money.

I would have liked to see a better cologne released by such an exclusive label. This smelled kind of like a watered down version of Cool Water with some more floral and fruity notes. Clearly, those who buy this are buying it for the name unless they have magic skin which really brings the scent out.
07th August, 2008 (last edited: 30th June, 2009)
Far too floral smelling for my taste. I think it would make a better perfume than a men's fragrance.
10th December, 2005
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What a disappointment...disappeared on my skin after about an hour; lacking true originality - another "everyman" fragrance from Ralph Lauren. To its credit, it is light, fresh, and crisp highlighted by the juniper notes...but it never really develops. Definitely not on my Xmas list!
03rd November, 2003