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Neutral Reviews of Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

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A nice blackberry fragrance, a pretty unusual note, in a tobacco background with a slight, and I mean slight spiciness. It is rather pleasant but not worth its price of about 100 bucks for the 4.2 oz bottle. At half that price it would be a great value for the price.
Got to give it a neutral because on one side it is a good fragrance but on the other it is too pricey.
Sillage and longevity are better than average, but nothing out of this world.
14th February, 2015
Like others, I find this fragrance to be rather green. To me though, I get a big eucalyptus accord, almost identical to the one in Safari. In fact, this reminds me of Safari, but take out all the spices, cinnamon and whatever else makes Safari an oriental fragrance, and replace them with green notes, bamboo and eucalyptus accords, tobacco leaf, and a little woods.

The opening is what I enjoy most, to me it smells like slightly sweet snow pea pods with a little pepper. I get like a Hermes style opening really, very natural and uplifting. That fades withing 10/15 minutes though, where it becomes another boring Polo fragrance with little sillage and below average longevity. About 3-4 hours or so on my skin (on a good day), mostly close to the skin.

So, is Purple Label worth all the hype? Is it really much different from the others from this house? Well, yes it is. But, what's to like? After the nice opening fades, it basically stays this boring tobacco leaf/eucalyptus/green fragrance.. sits very close to the skin and doesn't last too long. Bland, boring, next!
29th August, 2010
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United States
It's hard to justify a purchase of this fragrance when it
seems to be so similar to their Romance Silver.
The tobacco flower seems to dominate both. I spent
close to $100 on this one, but I should have looked
elsewhere. Maybe a refined nose could detect the difference.
14th February, 2010
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A nifty little citrus green and spicy woods. Very smooth. Not very long lasting but very good.
18th January, 2009
This smells watered-down but decent enough. Bizarre, sweet opening that morphs into a more appealing dry/crisp, invigorating scent. Less conforming to mass-market standards than the other RL stuff, but not necessarily any more "sophisticated". I would never purchase this myself, as it lasts about 2 hrs and is relatively mundane. This is ill-suited to represent something called the "purple-label"; the word "green" should be in the title instead. RL purple-label's saving graces are: 1) it does smell quite good for the short time it lasts, and 2) it's VERY versatile (any occasion).
10th January, 2009
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United States
I sought this out in stores for a while to try before buying, but I finally gave up and just bought the EDT and after shave balm. I'm glad I did because it's in my weekly rotation. PL is subtle and can be applied without offending, but it is still noticeable throughout the day (@ 6hrs). The blackberry is very distinct and mixes very well with the tobacco flower, which I find to be the most present middle note. PL becomes more woodsy as it dries, but it remains enjoyable throughout its application.

I *believe* PL may be discontinued.... no official notice but the fragrance is no longer available on Ralph Lauren's website. It certainly wouldn't be out of character for RL to discontinue its limited run fragrances. I'm going to pick up a couple extra bottles to keep on hand.
21st May, 2008
One of those fragrances that smell like they'd taste great if you could drink them. If only it had more staying power! Great for warm weather. First leaves and berries, then herbs and tobacco, and finally into the weak wood, moss and musk that is barely detectable. A concentrée version is in order... that'd be a real winner.
21st March, 2007

My first sample of Purple Label was bad – I should have known it because it was almost impossible for a legitimate fragrance to be as watery and insipid as that sample was. I have finally received another sample of it and now it’s a different story: I found some actual substance to the fragrance. The opening is green and fruity – rather sweet, nothing special, very typical of its contemporary fragrances… maybe a little more pleasant and more competently accomplished. The fragrance goes quite floral in the middle – the pyramid reads tobacco blossom and jasmine with sage and thyme, but if the sage and thyme are meant to reduce the floral impact, it doesn’t work. I don’t get the herbs at all, which is strange because usually my skin destroys floral notes and emphasizes herb notes. The base is a little woody, a little suede, and a lot musky. This final accord, like the rest of the fragrance, is uninspired: Mahogany just doesn’t have the substance to make it as a woodnote, and I’ve never been impressed by soft musks as a somewhat solo drydown. All of the accords of the fragrance are natural smelling – I don’t determine any synthetic notes. The whole fragrance has very limited sillage and below average longevity.

OK. This second sample shows a much better fragrance than the first sample presented – I can actually smell this one and it is pleasant. I am still not impressed with Purple Label because it is not original and it has a premium price when it is simply a competent, decent fragrance. (Edit of April 8, 2006 review. Changed from thumbs down.)
08th April, 2006 (last edited: 16th June, 2009)
Quite spicy... Smelt quite like ginger..
07th February, 2005