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A subdued but highly enjoyable fragrance. Yes, it is sweet, but is also slightly dusky from the tobacco, thyme and oakmoss. I have thoroughly enjoyed this fragrance all day long. The sweetness from the blackberry note in the opening has lingered all day, but does mellow during the wear. The mandarin note also lingers and is a big part of the dry down. It's definitely not a sillage beast, but what a pleasant skin scent! I've found another Ralph Lauren fragrance to love. Original Polo will always be my favorite from this house, but I really do love this one too! And, purple has always been my favorite color to boot! Seriously though, this is a refined and enjoyable fragrance and I'm so happy to have it in my rotation.
04th September, 2017
Smokey, spicy/woody and unmistakenly masculine. And not in the old school macho way, just not feminine or fruity/floral in any way.

This actually projected very well on my skin and lasted the entire workday.
16th March, 2017
I dont think this is quite the same as it used to be this is my formal wear go to. Im on my 3rd bottle always buy directly from polo, but this last one smells diffrent it was unavailable for around a year before i was able to get the last purchase. The mahogany and mandarin blend is what always comes thru when i smell its still there just diffrent than it used to be still love it. It lasts all night you will smell it when you take your shirt off even with light use.
02nd January, 2017
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Really nice, sleeper scent from Ralph Lauren (evidently matched up with the Purple Label clothing line also from Ralph Lauren). Has a clean, distinctive, watery quality to it, reminiscent of Rykiel Homme Grey (also a HUGE favorite of mine)and Versace Metal Jeans. Wish it would last longer on me, but overall a very comforting scent that doesn't disappoint.
14th November, 2016
A dry and smokey mahogany with wisps of mandarin incense. Restrained spice. The whole thing is restrained. A toned-down and tamed L'Eau d'Issey Intense. Disappointing longevity.
11th September, 2016 (last edited: 10th September, 2016)
I was in Vegas and just happened to walk into the Polo store at Ceasar's Palace and decided to try this Polo frangrance I had not seen before. This is around 2004-5. To my surprise it was nothing like any Polo cologne I had ever tried before. It was different. I was met by this wonderful scent that had a fine leather and Tobacco vibe. In my mind, what I see is a fine gentleman sitting on a leather chair smoking a cigar and sipping on a Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is a smell of sophistication that exuded class. Now remember, this prior to me getting into the world of fragrance and knowing anything about Creed, Bond No9, Amouage, Memo, Le Labo, by Kilian, etc. Today, I still like this fragrance and wear it from time to time. It is a calming fragrance for me. I actually find some similarities between Purple Label and one of my favorites Bond No9, Bleeker Street.
I has good projection and lasting power. To me it is worth the money. When my bottle runs out, I'll just have to get another. Thumbs up for me.
17th May, 2016
An amazing scent. I used half the bootle in 6 months. As the blackberry and mandarin blend into the tobacco and sage I get sweet green woody blend which goes quickly into the woodsy green dry down.... And then it's gone. I along with many others wished the entire scent lasted longer. That's why I use it as more as an accent since I am a fan of scent layering I do mix this with XS Black a lot (and on occasion with Bulgari Blue, Paco Ultaviolet Man, or Escada Scentiment).
06th November, 2014
I am a huge fan of the color purple. So, when I ran across this cologne, I was already predisposed to like it. After a long search- I live in a small city in TN, I finally was able to smell some. I purchased a small bottle. I have received several positive comments and look forwards to adding this to my top cologne list!
03rd September, 2012
Purple Label, the odd bird of the Ralph Lauren fragrances, perhaps?

It is a refined fresh and green masculine fragrance with a distinctive leather/suede note in the base and some tobacco as well. Very masculine, and can work for formal occasions. sjohnjay says that Purple Label smells a bit watered down - yes, but I don't think that's too much of a bother. I find this to be unique, and a great smell with good sillage as well, despite the average longevity on me. It is hard to find and quite expensive, though.
31st December, 2010
This is very good.....Maybe somemore notes could be added, a little coconut, vanilla, yuzu, bergamot, cucumber, melon family(watermelon, honeydew, cantelope), green apple, pineapple, guava...ya know....

Good but it would probably smell better mixed with some Seasonal Fabreeze, spray on fabrics, in your car, on clothes, and maybe iron the scent into them, that'd be a good idea, since it's soooo light and fresh
17th December, 2009
Ginger and spices done very well.

Am I the only one who has made the connection between Purple Label and Romance Silver? It is the same scent with R Silver being considerably more harsh in the opening (heavy citrus). I find it very interesting that both were released in 2003...and that PL was a limited release. It's like the kind of man PL is supposed to appeal to will never think of buying the more mainstream 'department store' R Silver. Such a man is more sophisticated, cares for RL's 'Purple Label' clothing line...which explains its subtlety: flamboyance is certainly not sophisticated.
So, my conclusion is RL cheated by releasing the same scent in the same year with not enough differences. But hey, Cadillacs are just spruced up Chevys, much like Lincolns are just spiced up why not?

05th April, 2008
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United States
i had been looking for this one for a while after searching for more RL scents. it took me a while to find, but it's well worth it. RL scents are very common among the people i encounter, so i wanted one i loved that would set me apart from others.

it first comes out with a citrus-musty scent. its great, but you definitely do not want to overdo it on this one. its the "purple" version of classic pine scents- ie: the citrus/fruity twist on pine/must.

there is NO pine, although it has a tangy prominent off-citrus note which i love. its not an everyday scent, although it could be confused for someones natural scent if done so. Its very light once the top notes wear down (which happens rather quickly) but does continue to make reappearances throughout my day. occasionally, ill smell something wonderful and not realize its me because this scent really catches me off guard.

once it reaches the basenotes~ the smell i love- i wish it could only be a bit more bold as it seems rather toned down.
the top notes are crisp and strong, and the base notes are warm and sensual. i have not fully identified the middle notes, but there are times when I'm wondering why I'm wearing this bitter scent-> which sort of gives it an arrogant tone. it is a scent that changes on my skin throughout the day to say the least.

overall, its a strong yet understated scent which i love (but my girlfriend does not)- so i wear it to work for the more formal days.
08th December, 2007
It's a delightful fragrance. I find it very smooth. Makes me smile when I smell it.
19th January, 2007
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This is a nice summer scent - not much sillage though. It smells almost exactly like a less potent version of Bond No. 9's Bleeker Street. Still good stuff though, it makes for nice variety in the collection.
03rd October, 2006
I absolutely do not regret this purchase in any way, shape or form. What a class act. All the way from the clean blackberry opening right down to the luxurious mahogany and suede finale. Very, very nice Ralphie............
08th December, 2005
A terrific, spicy yet smooth casual fragrance. I have a couple hundred scents in my arsenal, and I consider this one to be quite fresh and unique. It tends to last ok on me; a refresher spritz may be needed for some. Highly recommended! :-)
12th September, 2005
it starts off an earthy green and a bit fresh and definitely crisp. then the leather and tobacco flower creep up a bit more releasing a more masculine scent. dries down smelling of a warm leather, with a tiny bit of a sweet edge to it. i don't really think of it as powdery though. only complaint i have is that it lasts maybe 2 hours at most. i have to spray lots, like 6 sprays. a light, leathery, warm blend. even though i was expecting something a little more potent and sophisticated seeing that it's named after RL's most coveted men's line of clothing, it's sufficient.
24th August, 2004
Purple Label is a really good new fragrance from Ralph Lauren. It's a warm, fresh, classy scent all the way. The scent lasts longer if you use BOTH the After Shave along with the Cologne. This is definitely worth trying. J. Augustt 12/05/03
06th December, 2003
Very smooth, subtle, and close to the skin, a fresh familiarity awaits with Purple Label. It reminds me of Lanvin Homme with more depth. I like this fragrance for its richness and smooth musky base, but it isn't so unique or longlasting. The bottle is great. Classy and elegant, but I expected more from the juice. Even thumb goes up! and I generously "spritz" :)
05th November, 2003