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Edgy naturalism
And simple is good.
30th September, 2017
First off, let me just say that this is the first Jo Malone fragrance that I've owned and let me tell you that to smells absolutely beautiful in its simplicity. Sometimes I like a strong, complicated, punch-in-the-face EDT (e.g., anything by Tom Ford), but there's something about "Wild Fig & Cassis" that just made me close my eyes when I first caught a whiff of it, and immediately transported me outdoors.

Now obviously, as with every other fragrance out there, this will smell slightly different on everyone (which is ENTIRELY the point). I also agree with the other reviewers that mentioned that it smells like you've just been mowing your is VERY green, but it is so deceptively simple, and that's the beauty of it. PLEASE give this a try!!!
20th November, 2013
Fizzy green fig

Perfume-baby-nose here: I've tried Diptyque and Heeley fig offerings, and both turned my stomach with this heavy fruit. One day I might be able to swing it but not yet. Until then there's Wild Fig & Cassis - a lighter, fizzier, greener fig. Kinda dig it.

19th October, 2013
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This is faithful to the fig part, but I cannot help but detect an ashiness that I didn't agree with. Better combined with another Jo Malone like Pomegranate Noir.
08th April, 2013
A perfectly good scent that suffers in my rating because i love the fig scents and there are better out there and also the longevity of this one is poor on me. It stays very close to my skin and is gone in three hours. I enjoy the grassy green fig note and can smell a similar figginess to that of Philosykos, in that I feel I can smell the sap in the twin. Don't really get the cassis at all. Jo Malone's stuff is always clean and fresh, but on this occasion it just comes up a little short.
31st March, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The fig is truly convincing and rich, with a green fruitiness developing in the drydown. It remains uncomplicated but beautiful in its simplicity. Good silage and projection, with a superb longevity of over seven hours. The best fig scent I can recall for a long time.
25th December, 2012
One of the most realistic fig based  fragrances out there. A grassy fig prominent fragrance with a musky and cedary dry down and a feminine soul made of delicate  flowers of the fields and patchouli. The fig is anyway absolutely dominant with a touch of earthiness and with its lacteous, slightly sticky (pine resins) and lymphatic taste (although not  with the fig's full edible mellifluence and surupy consistence) as well  as in Philosykos Dyptique and Figuier Heeley (which is slightly lemony, fizzy and boozy anyway) and i don't smell so many other olfactory contaminations as happens in other (not properly straightforward) fig fragrances as Ninfeo Mio, airy and ethereal with a touch of incense , Premier Figuier L'Artisan Parfumeur with its almond and coconut's milk and as Salvatore  Ferragamo Pour Homme. The scent itself is natural and evocative but too stuck, un complex and botanic for my full pleasure. I don't smell in particular cassis or cherry while the final musk and some woodsy resins are notable. The projection and the lasting power are in the average.
08th April, 2012 (last edited: 11th February, 2013)
Good green fig leaves and wood. Lasts longer than jardin de Kerylos - but without the matters smile inducing delight.
02nd November, 2011
Jo Malone WILD FIG & CASSIS smells to me rather like a bunch of fig leaves and grass blades thrown in a blender. Very, very green and fairly sharp as well, especially in the opening minutes. Is this composition sweet at all? No. The fig leaf is featured, not the fruit nor the wood.

Here are the notes I found at another site:
Top notes are cassis, cherry and grass; middle notes are hyacinth, cyclamen, jasmine and pine tree; base notes are patchouli, cedar, amber and musk.

To my nose, the grass, fig leaf and hyacinth together conspire to make this a very green experience indeed, although I do not detect the pine as an isolable note—which is probably a good thing in this case... Fig is clearly the focus, especially in the drydown (which is quite a bit less sharp than the opening), but there is a huge amount of greenishness to this cologne from start to finish! In the opening minutes, I am even reminded a bit of the discontinued BELEAF, by The Body Shop—although that composition lacked fig. This composition, too, is fully unisex, even leaning a bit toward the masculine side.

The longevity of WILD FIG AND CASSIS is as to be expected from Jo Malone, but if green fig leaves are what you're really after, then this natural-smelling cologne may serve you well! Not for me.
23rd October, 2011 (last edited: 24th October, 2011)
Love, love, love, love this fragrance. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to this Wild Fig and Cassis cologne from Jo Malone as I've been wearing a countless others from the Jo Malone brand but somehow it grew on me and now I have a small and a large just to have it ready to use anywhere I am travel or at home. It's green with an added earthy mossiness to it and it's best after a hot shower then spray a nice bunch of it on you to smell like a fig garden on a warm afternoon. It's so good I can taste it!
17th April, 2011
Benj Show all reviews
United States
Ok, I love fig. And this is hands down the truest fig I've smelled. Many other perfumes use it as a note of varying dominance, but always surrounded by other narcissistic smells that, to my mind, hide its beauty. And the fig you find in perfumes is so often the overripe, sickly sweet almost baked fig that, frankly, I could take or leave.

This fragrance is an encounter with a fig tree in slow motion. The very top smells extremely strongly of fig leaves and the outer skin of the fig itself, just verging on ripeness. There is no comparison to make with another scent - it's just the smell of the outside of a freshly picked fig. As it evolves, it becomes sweeter (that's you biting into the fig), and the largely subordinate cassis might peek out at you, but this is really all about the fig. To me, this never becomes sickly, but it is true that the greenness that tempers the sweetness dies down somewhat over time.

HOWEVER, this isn't much more than that - if you're looking for a complicated, abstract fig, this is probably not for you. I wear this because I love fig, but unless you're crazy about fig, this is unlikely to be a real winner.

I spent 6 weeks working in Greece and would pick figs from the trees at the side of the road on my way out every morning. Smelling this took me straight back there - incredible.
14th January, 2011
I am surprised that I do not like this scent. On me, it is a very green, grassy scent... a style I usually appreciate. I'm not crazy about fig but I don't dislike it. And there is lots of fig here. So what's the problem for me?
This seems like a fig soliflore, and a rather shallow and unappealing one. It doesn't have any depth. For me, the grassy (and eventually hay-like) fig notes quickly get tiresome. The fig note is unrelenting and un-ameliorated by anything else. The cassis must be cassis bud (not fruit), since there are no plummy-ness or red berry notes to be found here.
Perhaps this would add a nice figgy-green spark to something rounder -- that is part of the JM design. But, judging this on its own, I can't endorse it.
14th April, 2010
I adore the figgy-ness of this fragrance - it smells like you've just hugged a fig tree!

When I put it on I can't stop sniffing myself. Which is not such a good idea in the first 20 seconds or so as there is a strong acetone smell if you get too close. Luckily that quickly dies away completely and I'm left with gorgeous pure green fig - green and warm at the same time. Unluckily this too dies away and an hour later I can barely detect the fragrance at all. And where's the cassis? Yes, I get the sugary warmth but it doesn't resemble anything remotely like cassis to my nose. Maybe that's not a bad thing because I can just wallow in the figs without any distractions.

Despite the reservations, full marks for comprehensively capturing the fresh, green succulence of wild figs. If only it hung around I wouldn't be going through my (small) bottle at such an alarming rate.
24th January, 2010
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United States
For years I've loved Premier Figuier, but, Wild Fig and Cassis has replaced it as my favorite fig. Wild Fig and Cassis smells like the experience of eating pure, fresh juicy figs, while sitting on a freshly mowed lawn, with the sun directly overhead. It's soothing, warm, and the lasting power is fantastic.
04th June, 2009
I liked this one enough to buy some. It is a very intriguing scent and I find myself sniffing constantly. I think of mushrooms and peat; earthy.
01st April, 2009
I love the scent of fig, especially in winter, and given the great reviews here, thought this would be an easy favourite.

At first, it was lovely, opening with strong, fresh, clear fig notes.

But these green top notes of fig leaves quickly gave way to sweet, syrupy over-ripe fruit, which lasted for hours. The scent was so sickeningly sweet, that had it been summer, I would likely have been swarmed by wasps. The cloying warmth and stickiness of the fragrance made my stomach turn at the mere thought of eating a fig. And I can still smell the basenotes a full 24 hours later, like a bad hangover.

I much prefer Fresh Index Fig & Apricot, which balances the warmth with freshness.

Perhaps I am just unsuited to the Jo Malone line... I have always approached her fragrances with excitement, prepared to love them, and have always found them too aggressive and lacking in complexity. Surely there must be one in her line that I could like...
04th January, 2009

I think this is my favorite fig fragrance. I not a big fan of fig fragrances – I usually can take them but more often leave them. I tend to find them confusing: fig leaves in general seem to have some sort of strange vibration to them that is, at once, quietly pulsating and impatiently static... I get a bit tense with fig fragrances because of the presence of an estopped nervous agitation that are engendered in me. They never seems to follow through to completion: the notes sit there as a quivering blob of potential energy, and this is why I am not a fan of fig. Wild Fig and Cassis doesn’t act this way. This one is fig on tranquilizers, and I feel that I get the green energy of fig without also receiving the inclination towards the nervous breakdown that fig leaf can cause. To me this is a new experience with the fig leaf note, and I treasure the experience. Wild Fig and Cassis is fig green, with a touch sharpness; it has a woody heart and a gritty, near resinousness lurking about it. …Lurking in its shadows – or even more, in its very DNA. It’s a decidedly organic fragrance with a suspicion of the mystic. Its depth is soothing and fulfilling in its organic ambiance.

12th December, 2008
Love it. This and Orange Blossom are my favorite Jo Malone fragrances. This is great layered with her Rose fragrance as well.
22nd August, 2008
I absolutely love this fragrance, but seldom wear it.
It's one that I wear sparingly during winter months.
The scent lasts and lasts and it's easy to apply too much, but it's warm, deep and earthy.
This one replaced Cinnabar for a deep, winter scent.
09th May, 2008
Picture yourself in a garden under a freshly trimmed fig tree sitting on a concrete bench. The rich dark black soil underfoot has a light cover of snow. The sky is grey, and there is a bitter chill in the air. This is a brilliant fragrance, but not one that I could imagine myself ever wearing. I get a lot of green (as if you were to cut the branch off a fig tree and smell the wood) and soil (filled with minerals). The sillage and longevity are pretty much non-existent. I will give this one a thumbs up for the amazing imagery that it evokes, but I would not wear it. One of those things I love to smell, bit would not want to smell like.
15th July, 2007
This is a favorite. A wonderful scent, but, its longevity on me is pretty short. A rea natural, grassy, uplifting scent. Perfect for spring, but could really be worn at anytime. I layer it with Pomegranite Noir, which requires very little and lasts quite long. If this were concentrated and had
more projection like it does with the initial application, it would be perfect.
13th November, 2006
Just got this one in the mail. When I sprayed it on my freind wrinkled her nose and asked, "Are you sure this is'nt a man's cologne?". It is not femanine at all, but it is true to life. It is very "fig-y".
Jo Malone discribes this as being warm and "sun-ripened", but it is actually very green and sharp. Not a warm, soft scent at all.
However, I did like it. It is quintessentially woody. It's not the best fig out there, but it's a good one.
18th March, 2006
I ordered this one more out curiousity because I'm not a big fig lover. I like fig notes on others but not on myself. Like with Philsykos the start is very green, the fig leaves hit you in the face. The hyacinth makes it even greener. But than...Yeeeaaahaaah!...comes the saver: cassis. The cassis tells the fig leaves to calm down. It's a great contrast. The soft sugary notes of the cassis balance much more the figleaves than the coconut used in l'Artisan's Premier Figuier. No bitterness. If Philosykos is the fig of the Italy and Greece than Wild Fig and Cassis is a bit more french/nordic
04th August, 2005