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A sharp, bitter, peppery mix of anise, oud and vetiver.

Turin notes the bitter peppery note as angelica. The anise and vetiver are both light to my nose. What totally ruins this scent is the sharp, metallic oud note, making this one of the most unpleasant scents I have ever encountered.

It was difficult finding a mini for this one, but I'm glad I waited. I would have hated to pay real money for this terrible scent. Why perfumers go out of their way to create offensive scents I have never been able to comprehend. Even less do I comprehend the noses which find these pleasant enough to pay big bucks for them.

Ah, well, the mystery of the human nose.
24th January, 2016
Genre: Woods

In keeping with Kenzo’s minimalist leanings, KenzoAir is a very simple composition, built mostly on an accord of pencil shavings/woody amber, dry vetiver, and sharp black pepper. It feels like an excerpt from Cartier’s Déclaration, specifically the woody synthetic base notes, shorn of the citrus and leather that bestow living warmth upon them. It smells OK, but it feels incomplete. It’s certainly not exciting.

Don’t let the name fool you, by the way. KenzoAir’s structure might be hollow, but it’s potent, it’s linear, and it lasts forever. If this scent’s austere style and cedar-vetiver flavor appeal to you, I recommend trying Lalique’s Encre Noire as well. It conjures a similar mood but smells more finished.
19th June, 2014
Opens up smelling like sand, dirt, and that smell when ya bite into a licorice jellybean and smell it inside. Fresh, black licorice. The combination eventually develops into a fishy/rusty smell.

The vetiver dry down is nice, but it doesn't make up for the strange elements in this one. Whether I am smelling rust, fish, metal, rubber, sand, dirt, or that smell when you walk into a hair salon. It's just very off-putting.
30th November, 2011
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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
worst bottle of all time. anise and licoriceand really nothing else. very strangeang short lived.
07th December, 2008
Now I undestand why is named Air. I tryed in a perfume store in Aruba coz I was very curious about this summer perfume.
Awful experience. I think . This is Air. Believe me, I put it on my skin and after 1 minute I try to smell it and nothing! Only Air. Longevity zero.
Perfect name, by the way.
16th July, 2008
Really nice for hot weather....but NO LASTING! After 5 minutes, BYE! No way!
07th January, 2007
i absolutely cannot sense a thing... :( is there really a scent?
05th December, 2006
If you spray 200 ml of this bottle, maybe you can felt it. i never felt
this smell.
similar to pool water - of course pool
water is more smelly.
Post-Modern fragrance which is created
up to now.

21st September, 2006
The bottle might appear 'photogenic' in ad, but horrid when you hold it, as well as the fragrance, none of the notes could convey or define 'Kenzoair' to me.
06th May, 2006
I'm sorry, is there actually something in the bottle? I spray and spray and yet it would seem my skin smells liek nothing
14th January, 2006
JP1 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
this stuff is vile! a disgrace to the kenzo brand! horrid!
05th January, 2006
This is one of the most horrible smelling colonges I've ever put on. After a half hour or so, I tried to wash it off, I couldn't stand it.
23rd October, 2005
YIKES!!!!!!Scary that anyone would like this. What a let down, being that Maurice Roucel is one of my faves.
14th April, 2005
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Overrated and to simple. Vetiver and licorice is all there is in here. I expect more from the company that brought us Pour Homme and L'Eau Par, two of the best fresh scents on the market. Also the bottle is a real cheapo in reality...
16th March, 2005
Tried this one today., and it smells really horrible! I cant describe it, but it smells like vegetabilian garbage, very unpleasent.
12th September, 2004
KezoAir is fresh, floral, woody eua de parfum. Nothing new, and far away from originality of others Kenzo fragrances. Save your money (40 EUR for 30ml EdP) and try one of these: Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier Declaration, Fendi Theorema or Givenchy Pour Homme. And if you want to smell "realy airy", choose Davidoff Echo or Nivea Bath Care-4 elements Air.(grooming)
16th March, 2004