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Neutral Reviews of Kenzoair by Kenzo

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A licorice Jelly bean. With black pepper shaken over it. It works, just not for me.
26th January, 2013
This is my impression of Kenzo Air Intense. I get the cumin notes in the opening. The vetiver that comes next is soothing and not too in-your-face (maybe Kenzo perfumes work better on Asian skin). A good fragrance but not neccesarily memorable.

My only peeves are the totally misleading name (maybe KenzoDust would work better?) and the pretty but none-too-functional bottle.
11th February, 2009
Very promising start that is a combination of vetiver and anise/licorice -- but falls flat on its face a little while later as it settles down to a thin and unsatisfying drydown. When compared to other vetiver-prominent scents like Encre Noire and in unfair comparisons -- to Vetiver Tonka and Malle's VE, Air is just not up to the task.

Well, if you're looking for a transparent vetiver scent that is even more transparent than JCE's works, then this may be the perfect choice. Have to credit it for being somewhat "different" when compared to most run of the mill designer fragrances though.
08th February, 2009
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Anise/licorice right up front, no doubt about it. The vetiver is nice and peppery. I have the EdP and the cumin really is... self-defeating. Just add more pepper to the vetiver. Eh, it's ok but it's abrasive to the note. Look out if you have allergies. This is unique.
29th June, 2008
I have tested the Intense version,which is both sweet and airy.But this one is a clone of Gucci Rush for Men with some small modifications.I like it, but it should have been more original.
12th November, 2006
It just remind me of a walk in the forest on a hot day in my country, airy but discrete.
Citric accords + anise + warm woods.
It´s elegant and genuine by itself, but nothing really special.
Depends on your skin PH the star anise can be extremelly intoxicating. :(
30th August, 2006
I definitely prefer the extreme version from this one. Simply because it has more sillage. Othervise quite allright.
10th May, 2006
I would not recommend this perfume to anyone before 6 p.m., otherwise friends or co-workers might wonder, whether you have a problem about alcohol. To me this scent smells like Ouzo or Ricard.
16th October, 2005