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The initial 45 minutes are rather harsh, then it nimbly settles into a mellow yet substantial toasty, somewhat caramel, vanilla masterpiece. As others have said, It's all about the vanilla here. A real nice complex vanilla too. Very little top notes here once the initial blast has passed.

Somewhat potent with good projection and longevity. A true bargain bang for the buck here. This vanilla is very nice indeed yet it stands alone, which isn't quite enough for me. A great candidate for a combo application I'd think (if you care to indulge your creative self). I haven't gotten there yet, maybe later.

I'm torn between "Up" and "Neutral" here. I rarely wear it; but, rather like keeping it around, I guess hoping I'll find a use for it's truly impressive complex vanilla.

OK, I just combo tested this with Yatagan, an impressive powerhouse that happens to leave me a bit short, wanting something softer and sweeter. Yes, this will be useful to me, exact usage TBD.
13th February, 2017
Vanilla is certainly the most prominent scent in this, but it’s a very different, almost medicinal type of vanilla than what we’re used to. Powerful yet light. Sweet but not cloying. Masculine yet delicious. Top notes are sharp and sexy, the heart is simple and lasting, and the drydown is powdery and gentle.

First picked up a bottle of this at the Bahamas, and when that one ended I ordered another on amazon. I have a friend who dislikes most prominent colognes and tires of them quickly, and he liked this so much that he got a bottle for himself. Perfect for the summer.
06th November, 2016
TL smells like a reduced-sugar marshmallow. It brings to mind Jil Sander's Background minus the rose and citrus, and is a very mellow, low hum of a scent, sturdy and reliable but rather quiet. While on paper it may sound similar to Le Male or Ghost Man, TL is much less dynamic with its top notes, and it comes out of the bottle fully formed, as it remains practically the same throughout its lifespan. In this regard I would also compare it to Matchabelli's Hero (with much less lavender). I do wish the mint presence was stronger here but at the same time I feel it was meant as a soft complement to the orange blossom. No towering genius here, just a carefree Spring day. My initial response was a neutral one but I have come to appreciate a release centered wholly on vanilla without being sweet.
03rd May, 2016
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Perfect value for money

Very good projection and longevity, the scent is as others described, basically it's all about vanilla. Guys, you can't get any better for $30 !! And it doesn't smell cheap. The only thing that annoys me is the bottle, with cheap plastic lid, but that's irrelevant.

Pros: Good longevity, projection

03rd June, 2013
I never had the opportunity to sample Rochas Man Intense when it was still available, but I read that it was heavy on the Vanilla, and that's exactly what this is. No question, it's similar to Rochas Man, if you remove the Mocha/Chocolate notes and replace them with a bit of Orange, heavy Vanilla and a touch of Patchouli/Musk. Longevity and sillage are average, compliments are moderate. Maurice Roucel is a Master Perfumer no doubt, and I own Rochas, Pour Lui, and Nautica Voyage. Common thread between the three is that they are high quality, pleasant fragrances that are rather inexpensive. Can't beat that. If I had to choose, I'd pick Rochas over this one, but it is definitely worthy of a thumbs up.
21st February, 2013
This one is pretty good. Starts out with an oriental sweet fresh scent. I can see where reviews say this smells like Rochas Man. The basenote is similar to RM's initial spray.Every few wiffs, I detect a pine tree note. Probably the mint leaves. For the price, this is a really good buy. This one is good for a club.

Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself!
16th December, 2012 (last edited: 17th December, 2012)
Simply great juice! I like the reviews here...a lot of positivity. This is a great scent in the vein of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male and Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge to me, actually similar to both and taking the best out of each!

I have a fondness for JPG Le Male (it's part of my fragrance history as it came out the year I graduated college). I even bought a bottle in Paris that traveled a lot of places with me - it was one of my signature scents when I was younger. Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge eliminates a lot of the sweetness in JPG Le Male and adds some very nice incense and cardamom - excellent spiciness and a less cloying fragrance...sharper and truly wonderful.

TL Pour Lui has some absolutely wonderful vanilla (this is the key to the richness and warmth of this fragrance - superb!) The top notes come more from Le Male to my nose with the refreshing mint, great orange blossoms and lavender. However, there are also parallels to Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge as the smell is not overly sweet and the musks (both white and a little darker) add great notes to this fragrance along with the key mid-note of cedarwood. This keeps a "cleanliness" about the fragrance, yet somehow also enriches the great non-synthetic vanilla smell.

I will always have Le Male in my collection and Jacomo Rouge is now definitely one I reach for (and even bought a cool, red lighter flacon for my two boys who are building a shelf of fragrances they share!), but TL Pour Lui is something, by itself, simply fantastic! The vanilla in this is so pure, ethereal - yet rich. Somehow, the scent is both fresh and sweet (without being cloying) - remarkable composition. A somewhat unknown hidden gem in the fragrance world created by one of the greatest perfumiers, Monsieur Maurice Roucel (please correct the typo above in the fragrance overview as his first name is simply misspelled). You see...I have never come across a fragrance created by Maurice Roucel that I have not at least admired - I have many (as does my wife) that we absolutely LOVE! I will blind-buy bottles of Roucel's work - and yet to be disappointed.

Ironically, he also was the creator of Bogart Pour Homme in 2004...a fragrance that some on here have compared this to. I will leave that alone as they are both Roucel's work - I find them significantly different, by the way). I happen to love TL Pour Lui and it is a steal! Score - 8.8/10!!
29th February, 2012 (last edited: 08th April, 2012)
I have wanted this one for a while and finally got it recently. The combination of notes is spot on: it is sweet without being cloying and the vanilla has more of a incensy feel than a candy- sweet one. This is the way vanilla should be. I agree with Pollux that there is a similarity with Bogart pour Homme, though TL is more subtle and a tad more woody.
06th January, 2012
I wasn't impressed with this one at first but after wearing it a few times I must admit that it's quite nice.
Take Rochas Man and strip it of its marshmallow smell (amber/mocha/vanilla base) which leaves you with a sweet, warm and smooth scent which texture is quite like Jacques Fath L'Homme but more oriented on the Cedarwood than on the vanilla.
It's intensity and lifespan is quite comparable to the 2 frags referenced above.
Gotta like them sweet!
14th January, 2011
Very similar to Bogart pour Homme (2004) with the addition of amberine notes, thus having a more classic structure than Bogart's. There are some cedar-like notes but not to the extent as those found in cedar-prominent EdTs like Gucci pour Homme or Lacroix's Tumulte: it is a sweet oriental woody without being suffocating, sickly sweet or cloying. Sillage and longevity is above average.
24th November, 2009
Rich warm woodsy oriental. Excellent cedarwoods much like Gucci pour Homme. Long lasting yet subtle. Elegant and casual masculine scent.
06th June, 2009
TL pour lui is a very nice and fresh ambery oriental.
The best description I can give is: take Jacomo Rouge, and remove the praline and incense notes, and there you go!
TL pour lui is more luminous, longer lasting, but shares the mint, neroli and vanilla of Rouge.
11th October, 2006
My first impression on wearing this scent was the waft of fine,light,flower petals.

Couldn't help but notice positive reactions the moment I put the scent on. As attractive as the scent is, its more for the office/theatre than the nightclubs.
18th October, 2005
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Strong and warm yet subtle and original. I really love this stuff. Definitelly does remind Rochas Man to me too! I don't really know how to describe this smell. Kinda like pseudo-gourmand if that's a word =)
02nd February, 2005
TL pour Lui is one of my favourite scents: interesting, quite unique, not annoyingly strong, but with great sillage and longevity. It’s amazing that so few Basenoters seem to be wearing it, or be interested in it!
The note that hits me first is that of a ripe fruit. I have a hard time identifying it, but it could be Catawba grapes - rich and full, but light at the same time. Could this be the orange flower and bergamot? Fortunately I don't get the pungent bergamot of Lapidus pour Homme. The vanilla in Pour Lui gives it a gourmand feeling…it reminds me of Cadbury's Chocolate Crisp.
TL Pour Lui is so special to me that I avoid wearing it too often. I don’t want to burn out on it…want to be able to keep on distinguishing all those great notes. This fragrance has powerful sillage, but that doesn’t mean it floods and turns off this wearer’s olfactory receptors like some other products do. I can smell it on myself the whole day. But I won't wear it for two successive days.
Although I've only tested Rochas Man, I believe Pour Lui has quite a lot in common with it. My next buy is going to be Rochas Man.
08th October, 2004 (last edited: 02nd June, 2008)
I love this new scent by Ted Lapidus. It reminds me, a bit, of Christobal. Except, this fragrance is more subtle yet just as long lasting. If you like a warm, rich, and fresh out of the shower scent, then I think you can't go wrong with this new winner.
23rd August, 2003