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A sort of finally smoother ideal Paco Rabanne Ex plus the addition of nutmeg and leather-tobacco. Together with several powdery "tobacco veined" juices a la Cuba Paris Cuba Gold the Paco Rabanne's one is the fragrance which more than others this Vera Wang's scent is able to conjure me (with its herbal-minty opening - in here enriched by a "liquid" yuzu astringent presence -, the mandarine influence and a notable sandalwood) but while XS remains basically sharp, floral and woody-herbal (despite a touch of final soothing vanilla) Vera Wang for Men is finally rounded by a "modulation" of suede, nutmeg, vanilla, powdery woods and tobacco, providing a more smooth-powdery trail. The final outcome is indeed a pale powdery synthetic leather-chypre veined by a pleasant leather-tobacco undertone.
08th March, 2015 (last edited: 09th March, 2015)
It goes on sweet and bright with a fruity smell that seems to incorporate earl grey tea, lavender, mint, violets, and a big shot of grape Kool Aid. Strangely, the brightness doesn't seem to come from the lavender or the mint - instead, it's a weird chemical brightness that hovers over everything. All the rest of the notes are sort of soft and fuzzy, as if they were painted on velvet, presented in a chemical haze that dulls all the sharp edges.

By the heart, the fruits and stuff have largely faded leaving a smell that's sort of leathery and vaguely woody, but more like the chlorine smell of a swimming pool still sweetened by the ghosts of the topnotes. Finally, the leathery swimming pool smell fades away, leaving sweet but dark patchouli mixed with artificial-smelling woods and the smell of rubbing alcohol.

It's interesting that the perfumer managed to wrap up every single thing going on in Vera Wang For Men in a sort of chemical haze that is as much the star of the scent as the nondescript fruits, flowers, and basenotes. At its heart, this is a "blue" aquatic in the vein of Bulgari Aqua, but with that leathery middle and patchouli in the base to make it feel more Autumn and less Spring.

I actually own a bottle of Vera Wang For Men and wore it for years as my uninteresting scent, the one I would wear on a plane or to the movies, places where I wanted to smell nice but still smell like everyone else and not stand out as smelling weird or too interesting. It's both a blessing and a curse - Vera Wang For Men smells like dozens of other men's mainstream scents, but does it well, never smelling like an explosion at the ammonia factory or like dumb candy, but it's entirely unremarkable. You could do worse, but you could do an awful lot better (I actually prefer Ulrich Lang's Anvers, which is the same basic stuff as VWFM but without the ongoing chemical haze). This is the definition of a "neutral" scent. Precision engineered to be average.
28th October, 2012
This is perhaps the best from the early 2000's cycle of post acquatic, spicy-florals with a pronounced "fig" note (even if not listed in pyramid, it's there, here). Vera Wang for Men is quite good. It could have been great however. Everything is there, a construct for something that never quite appears. What is that missing basenote element? I'm not sure. But Vera Wang for men seems to be crying out for civet or ambergris. The magic element that would have made it a classic. A Magie Noir for men, if you will. Ah well...
29th October, 2011 (last edited: 13th December, 2011)
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Cuba Gold for those who prefer spending far more money on a fragrance. Whilst Cuba Gold offers great value for the price, Vera Wang for Men does not. It is quite a linear experience which risks flat-lining through its caramel or amber sweetness. The colour of the product and this caramel tone reminds me of developing different honeys through feeding bees different kinds of pollen. Fortunately, this caramel element is held in check by the tobacco note. Quite a pleasant note, it is supported by a little sandalwood and the leather. Altogether, the fragrance is restrained and somewhat pedestrian because it needs something to elevate it or ground it more vigorously and anything might have done - even some of the elements it claims which we must take on good faith. Longevity is not a problem except that the dry down does not develop anything more.
23rd August, 2010
This fragrance is all about the opening. I say that because there simply is little else to enjoy. There are plenty of products out there that suffer the problem of brevity, but one makes allowances, especially when those brief hours are spent in the company of something glorious. Vera Wang for Men is satisfying and alluring for half an hour, then it recedes into a state where even adequacy is but a distant memory. A fresh, green and vibrant opening burns brightly, then its majesty is all but extinguished. The subsequent phases may be subtle, but I expected something inspiring and warm from the middle notes. The nutmeg, leather and anise are wasted, and the expected edgy accord is virtually non-existant.One is left with a dry,wood base, that adds nothing of note, to something already struggling to please. Deeply disappointing
30th May, 2009
very pleasant fragrance but last a couple of hours on me which makes it a no no no. This is something to wear after a fresh shower, very casual and harmless. If you are looking for something "masculine" this is not it... unisex for my taste.Green citrus.
01st March, 2009
Nothing memorable. Obsession like?

Perfect non-offensive winter office scent for those those dressed in freshly pressed Gap slacks and a crisp white oxford shirt. Yawn.

It isn't bad... but it ain't great.
17th October, 2008
I only had a vial of this and I used it up in just two applications. I am very careful with the application of fragrances so running through a vial so quickly usually indicates a lack of longevity, but I don't think that is the case, for I still notice the subtle warm leather and sandalwood accord after six hours. While the nice drydown lasts, the essence of the generic-smelling top notes is forgettable, while the nutmegian (nutmeg is being used so often in the heart notes now I thought it deserved its own term) middle has no sillage at all. This progression lacking in substance until the very end, renders the overall effect of the fragrance as passive and thus it gets a neutral rating.
03rd September, 2008 (last edited: 19th October, 2008)
A nice but generally run-of-the-mill fragrance. It has a bit of sweetness in its top and heart notes, but it isn't altogether an olfactory dessert. There's something sharp and "bubbly" in the topnotes that I would have to assume are aldehydes of some sort - it reminds me of Platinum Egoiste's opening in that regard. I can't identify the specific notes in Vera Wang for Men, but there's something about it that rounds it out and grounds it so that it never gets too sweet nor too sharp. There's something that gives it some weight and substance, likely what gives it a sense of formality or classiness. I think it could be worn quite well as either a casual or more dressy fragrance - but its longevity is rather lacking. After about 2 hours on my first test, it was really quite weak. It lasts like an EDC, from the few that I've tried thus far.

Overall, Vera Wang for Men is nice, but I'm certainly not buying a bottle of this after my sample runs out - assuming I even feel like using it up.
01st September, 2008
Green fruity with a slightly smoky and sweet undertone. Smells like a drone clone but I can't figure out which cologne reminds me of (could be a Hugo Boss.or Lacoste). It's not bad and seems like it lasts a while.
27th July, 2008
A bit "Apple-y" for my tastes, very fruit-like. I smelled apples right away. Didn't really move me but yet if I had this as a last resort to put on I would.
08th April, 2007
The smell is very similar to Calvin Klein Truth, or must at least share similar notes. It is a nice smell indeed, but mild. You will find yourself spraying this bottle all day.
20th October, 2006
It's an enjoyable scent when you first put it on. It's tangy, with a hint of watermelon-not real watermelon, but the ersatz watermelon produced by the candy industry. But, it's very ordinary, and as everyone else has stated, the longevity is terrible.
17th October, 2006
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This is the story of Vera Wang:
Starts with a whispering lemony tang,
Turns to a tobacco and woody affair
But there's nothing spectacular going on there.
It's pleasant enough, my nose surmises,
But hardly deserving of any first prizes.
I find it not so much understated
As overpriced and overrated.
More than a whimper, less than a bang,
And that is the story of Vera Wang.
09th October, 2006
I wore it once. The cats sneezed. Whatever this is, it is NOT well blended.
An OK overhyped GQ scent.
05th October, 2006
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United States
Actually this is a really good scent with a really nice balance and mix of notes. Problem is the scent runs away from my skin faster than the roadrunner dodges falling rocks.
15th September, 2006
I can't give this a thumbs up. But I can't give this a thumbs down. It smells pretty damn good... you first put it on, you can really smell it. Give it a half-hour, it smells as aparent as cologne should be... give it two more half-hours... and its gone. Kind of a freshish eveningwear is what I would call it, Vera Wang is definately one people say smells good. But after three hours, even the base notes are gone. The smell truly is worth a sniffing, and I think great enough to be a worthy cologne... but it just can't hang around.
13th August, 2006

Somewhat reminiscent of J'Adore, Vera Wang for Men is more subtle than not in its green and citrus opening, and in its spicy nutmeg and leather heart. I really don’t get the anise except in a secondary sort of way, but the nutmeg and leather are present in a smooth but otherwise pedestrian accord. Whether the top or the middle, the scent is demure, sweet, pleasant, and conventional. The dry down is a wood and tobacco accord that is nice but it could use more strength and substance. Longevity is not the best — three or four hours at the most on my skin. Vera Wang for Men underperforms as far as I’m concerned, but there is nothing that I really dislike about it. It is missing that special something that makes for a thumbs up fragrance… it misses uniqueness, but it is nicely assembled, and it is quite good at suggesting that something of substance is hiding somewhere in its shallowness. (Edit of January 11, 2006 review)

11th January, 2006 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
ilnaso Show all reviews
United States
Love this fragrance but it just doesn't last on me! Wish it had greater staying power! Love the clean spice this one carries!
19th October, 2005
A classy scent, but to me it's nothing extremely special. A very nice run of the mill woody-oriental fragrance. I like the citrus top notes and the spicier base. The pepper is a nice touch as well, although I find alot of people tend to be allergic to the pepper. I think if this fragrance had some notes of coffee or chocolate, it would be close to perfect.
11th October, 2005
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United States
Hmm...the drydown on the skin is nice, if perhaps a bit too subtle to really be worthwhile. I don't like the non-mellowed smell of this stuff, so spraying on clothes, which I normally do to improve projection and longevity with my other colognes, is a no it doesn't "age" and just retains the "fresh out of the bottle" smell. I wish I weren't so new at this or else I may have been able to explain that better...haha.
01st October, 2005
This scent feels half finished. From top to bottom, it whispers, never truly revealing itself. It has a good structure, with a pleasant blend of orange and leather, perhaps a pinch of tobacco. The problem is how faint it wears. You keep taking these deep whiffs and it stays elusive. Perhaps the elusive bride was an inspiration for the most famous bridal gown designer in the world. I'd say there are too many other excellent choices to spend money on this one.
04th August, 2005
Smells like a stronger version of Jýdore by Dior for women
12th January, 2005 (last edited: 16th January, 2005)
Good, but underwhelming scent. Top notes are not particularly interesting. Middle notes are akin to Egoiste. Base is soft sweet scent, not ambery.
Still, probably a good formal fragrance, for the office or at night. But if I want subtle, I'll go for Tsar.
Disappointing in that from the components, I was expecting much more of a mans scent with some power. I can't detect the tobacco or leather. I'll go for Quorum instead.
08th February, 2004