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I thought by now Vera would have launched another fragrance for men.

I've always liked this one. A quintessential oriental, it might initially come across as mediocre, especially to nose that have enjoyed niche fare. But a closer examination leads to one conclusion: moderation is key to life.

Nothing about it is over the top: just the right amount of sweet, spice and citrus. Yet your nose will beg for more.

If you like to uber-indulge, perhaps in the camp of Oscar Wilde, then moderation in this case is a fatal thing.

Get a bottle while it is very reasonably priced.
19th November, 2017
alexmate Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I tried this a few years ago and thought it was the business. I bought a 100ml bottle for very cheap (£19.99) last year, unfortunately it's not as good as I remember. It doesn't really do anything well. The citrus notes aren't as good as Issey Miyake, the woody spiciness isn't as good as Opium Homme, there are better oriental frags, but there is something likeable about this one, maybe because it is so versatile and gets all the right compliments.
06th April, 2017
Nice offering from Vera Wang. IMHO this is for the 30 and over crowd looking for a nice scent to wear to the office or on nights out with friends or that special someone. I like the initial blast of Green mandarin and Yuzu. It doesn't last very long to my nose but it is nice and the dry down is above average on the verge of being great if it was just a bit stronger. A solid scent for the price. Enjoy!
23rd May, 2016
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I just adore this scent. It opens with a little citrus and chills out quickly. Lovely powder and musk calm down. This is the one where people will hug you and say "You smell so good!"
12th March, 2016

a fragrance of intense sensations with a nice hint of is not as romantic as female version but romantic and seductive enoughthat grab attention opens strong with mandarin leaf and especially yuzo set the pace for a balanced heart of nutmeg and leather and a soft yet masculine base of tobacco and sandalwood mAkes a lovely,elegant and intimate scent that is shared when someone is in your space.

here leather Is not dominant for me and the scent is not overpowering at scents both youthful and mature simultaneously.suitble for a roamntic dinner and intimate is perfect for autumn weather.totally it is not amazing scent but simply lovely and you can not go wrong with it.the sillge and longevity are nice for me.

09th June, 2015
Vera for Men used to be one of my favorite dinner date scents until I ran out last year. I have since replaced it with options that I think are more to my current liking, but nothing negative at all about VW.

I always felt VW smelled very masculine and had a longer dry down in the top and middle notes than most fragrances did. Although it lists mandarin and yuzu in the top, I think perhaps it was the middle notes, specifically anise and nutmeg that gave it's unusual longevity in the earlier notes. I really like it and often was complimented when wearing it.

May buy it again when I want to go back to something I am familiar with once my current evening dinner or night out fragrance options run out.

13th February, 2015
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
For me the anise is to the fore as it is in Brit or Pi Neo, with an orange top that adds some fullness without getting too sweet. Longevity is good and the bottle is relatively nice for a designer of the period. A surprising scent given that I don't care for Wang's feminine creations.
30th January, 2015
This is a very green and citric vanilla scent for the most part. Longevity and projection are about average on me, projection could be better, I get about 5-6 hours longevity before it's totally gone.

Vera Wang for Men, opens up with a sharp, almost plasticy green mandarin note, along with yuzu, this could be off-putting to some... I struggled with it for a while and then got used to it. An hour or so later, I am left with a sandalwood and leather mixture, with a hunt of tobacco. The dry down is reminiscent of True Religion, or Phat Farm Atman (a very obscure suede scent). This also reminds me of Raw Vanilla for men, and Givenchy Pi.

All in all, it isn't bad, but it's nothing to write home about. I have less than an oz left in my bottle, and I won't be purchasing it again. I'm torn between a neutral rating and a thumbs up, but I think I'll say thumbs up, because this one has history with me.
18th January, 2013 (last edited: 11th March, 2014)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i love it. on my 3rd bottle. definately not an everyday scent but for dates and more sensual events. a definate breathtaker. the nutmeg and woods give it plenty of sillage depth and character.similiar to guerlain l'instant which is why it does not get as much love here on basenotes..
17th January, 2013
I accidently stumbled upon this fragrance and on the first try I did not think much of it but after trying quite a few others I somehow remembered it. I would say this is one of my favorites right now. This cologne is subtle, not overpowering but still masculine and sophisticated. I am in my mid 20s and I do like some fresh colognes but if I am going out for the evening to a dinner or something formal, I am picking this one. Its just classy, great scent and doesnt make me feel like I sprayed some "old school" cologne. Again, this is very modern, subtle, classy, masculine scent. Give it a try.
24th December, 2012
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
This is a "grows on you" fragrance that is nice, not fantastic. Perfect daytime or mixed company scent. Presents a moderate leather and spice base with a synthetic floral note that abates and revives throughout wear. (UPDATE 6/13/2012: over several weeks, i've grown fonder of this fragrance and find clearer notes of leather, tobacco, and an interesting black tea quality reminiscent of Earl Grey. I find this quite engaging for occasional wear.) Very short longevity, less than 4 hours before it simply fades away to barely there then "poof" gone! Vera Wang for Men isn't terribly distinctive, but it is a good staple to have on hand. I'd also think this would be a great one to gift to teens.
23rd April, 2012 (last edited: 13th June, 2012)
Quite understated and somewhat elegant. Appropriate for office wear. The kind that I associate with the artificial; like those who try to smarm/schmooze their way through an elite society, even though they may not truly belong.

It's nice. It's just not what I truly appreciate...

...until I explored more fragrances. After some time enjoying Michael Kors for Men, leather notes have become quite appealing to me - and that means I have come to enjoy Vera Wang also. Nicely blended with light floral bouquet and spice essences. Artificial for sure, but nice nonetheless. Inoffensive to women - not particularly strong. One of those I'd go for when I'm not sure what to wear and I want to be subtle.
16th January, 2012
Well...I believe the scent to be quite nice! Actually. better than nice, it's pretty great on my skin. The woods and tobacco are blended well, the sweetness is not overdone and the projection and longevity are just right, not offensive in the slightest and I've had crazy amounts of compliments with this one. I feel it is a business casual kind of flavour as it has some eligance along with masculinity; but is also versitile enough to wear with a great pair of jeans. How this scent could receive "harsh" negative comments, I don't know. This scent is beautiful and there are a great deal of niche and designer fragrances out there that are ugly in compairson to this. Ignore the (-) and try for yourself.
31st October, 2011
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this is a MANS smell! absolutley beautiful! i can actually smell leather and tobacco,though i'd prefer MORE! perfect for a leather jacket. have the a/s,deo stick is true to the cologne.well made and blended.super suave bottle and cap also.
30th July, 2011
I will tell you up front that spice is not my thing, at least strong spice. Also, I'm not that fond of projection and the need to "make a statement" with my fragrance. I prefer a subtle close to the skin, almost below the level of awareness kind of scent. Believe it or not, Vera Wang has more spice than I usually like, but I find it pleasantly balanced by the wood and it almost a nutty character. It is sweet, no doubt, but not overly so. I go very easy with this juice, as too much will lead to disaster. I would have preferred a little more leather, but coming from one who likes to fly under the radar, this scent is very wearable. Now...about that wedding dress...
21st January, 2011
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I like Vera Wang for Men - a lot of people seem to not like this.

I think it's a great woody men's fragrance. The sandalwood, tobacco, leather and nutmeg combination is wonderful! I think it smells different and should get more respect than it deserves, but to each his own. I find this fragrance to be a bit more subtle than ones of its type but it still lasts a while on me. It has a bit of a tangy zing! to it.

I have to watch how much I wear and when I wear it, though, because this juice can be headache inducing at times. Perhaps that's what turns some people off.
20th December, 2010
The first 3 times I tried it at the store I did not smell a lot of the fragrance. But then suddenly one day I tried it again and had to buy it right after.

To me this is a very masculin, elegant smell, nothing very special but for that just somehow sexy in a quite way. I will always have a bottle of this, especially for evenings were you need to dress up nicely.
06th May, 2010
splashit Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Nice first offering from Vera Wang. Nothing ground breaking which is fine by me. I want to smell good ... not unusual ! Good longevity and quality in this one. Nice bottle if that's important to you. Not ubiquitous so another plus point in my book.
18th June, 2009
I really like this one. I know it's not that unique, but it's good for what it is. It's warm, masculine, and elegant.
16th May, 2009
This is the only masculine offering by Vera Wang so far. Vera Wang Men is a sweet – fresh fragrance but quite seductive, enchanting and entirely a gentlemen’s fragrance.

For me it is a blend of citrus – green at top, leather – aromatic spice at heart and tobacco – wood at base by preserving the notes in such a way that keeps the fragrance sweet & refreshing overall. You won’t get a pure citrus nor leafy mix at start but a fruity fresh sweetness, you won’t get spicy leather warmth at heart but a fresh & mild aroma of anise mingles with nutmeg & leather notes, so as dry-down won’t give a tobacco-y warmth but a mix woody affect with sandal wood.

I have few reservations about its lasting but yes over apply is the only fix to keep it with you while silage is reasonably good. It is suited for special & romantic occasions. I recommend it as a safest choice of scent for romantic wear. But my thumb goes full up as it is a proven “seductive thing” for my chemistry.
03rd March, 2009
as everyone else has already attested, this is a beautiful fragrance, but only for a couple hours... what is strange is that it feels so heavy when first applied that you think it will last for days, but four hours later you are wondering if you had put on anything at all... i have to disagree with those that call it an office fragrance, because i feel it is really only appropriate for formal situations... an amazing scent, but i will probably not buy another bottle after the years it will take for me to finish this one.
09th January, 2009
gmm150 Show all reviews
United States
Surprising good for a department store fragrance. One of the few samples I tried that I actually bought. Light with citrus top notes. Dry down reminds me of Baldessarini (which I think is nice) but a bit more woody with a slight tobacco/leather note. Like Baldessarini, Vera Wang suffers from lack of longevity. I guess I will just spray 2 more sprays than I usually due which should solve the problem :)
03rd January, 2009
I first got into cologne a little over two years ago while attending graduate school. Before then, I had spent most of my life working out of doors and never really developed a sense of urban fashion. And so, on the eve of my first formal occasion at school, I hastily went into a Macy’s to purchase what would be my first bottle of cologne that wasn’t Old Spice or Brut.

I immediately rejected the Armani and Polo offerings that the fragrance lady sampled for me. They all smelled too sweet, too simple, with little depth or sophistication. And then the lady sprayed a bit of Vera Wang. Something in the notes struck me as very “green,” for lack of a better word. Not quite herbal, not quite fresh, but very natural none-the-less. This faded after a few minutes leaving behind one of the most pleasant dry downs I’ve ever known.

And now, two years, 12 bottles, 100 samples, and a mini-obsession later, I still think Vera Wang is the most pleasant scent I’ve ever come across. Being a bit linear, it is not as complex as many other scents out there (for example, Chanel’s Allure Edition Blanche, which if stronger would challenge Vera Wang as my favorite scent). But unlike any other cologne I’ve purchased, my enjoyment of the scent has never faded.

Now, the scent may not be for everyone. It is not the most masculine of scents, although I would argue that few popular colognes these day are. It is also probably not appropriate for the heat of summer days or tightly packed clubs. And I even feel somewhat self-conscious wearing it on a casual day to the office as I’m left feeling somewhat over-dressed, even while wearing a suit and a tie. But for nice restaurants, evening-wear, or occasionally just a relaxing fall day, I don’t think this cologne can be beat.
04th October, 2008
What is so special about the blend of green mandarin leaf, yuzu, nutmeg, tobacco etc... nothing distinctive but I do love the bottle design, very masculine.

All and all, it is a typical fragrance, a fragrance which is best said created just to make someone smells good, and if that would be its only purpose, indeed the frag has fulfiled it.
22nd April, 2008 (last edited: 14th May, 2008)
For some odd reason, VW for Men "feels" like a frag that might have been blended three decades ago rather than one (or less than one) -- very elegant use of sandalwood and leather in this juice, but a bit formal and stuffy.

VW is great for office wear and even formal occasions, but, IMHO, is probably NOT the best choice for "jeans and t-shirts" sorts of days. All in all, an elegantly blended affair that's well worth the money.
03rd April, 2008
I recently tested this and loved it. The only problem for me is that it is a bit mild. Needs to have a bit more power.
23rd November, 2007
Its hard to believe the reviews on here stating that the scent doesn't last. My husband puts one squirt on, it smells up the house and everywhere we go, only hours later does it die down to the warm scent I love. It stays on him for 12 hours plus. I think when you wear a scent you become desensitized. I caution him to be careful with his one squirt, its so strong. Unless all of you want everyone around you to smell you too?
14th November, 2007
fusion Show all reviews
United States
Vera Wang makes me feel so confident a great fragrance I recomend this to everyone longevity isnt a problem for me lasts all night
03rd November, 2007
oolong Show all reviews
United States
I picked it up because my girlfriend said that she loved that scent and found it a real turn on. I have to say that I'm really enjoying it too. It has a really nice tang to it which gives it a really up beat but very sexy feel. Longevity is not that great but I don't find it as bad as some suggest. I don't regret getting it. Most appropriate for romantic evenings, especially when it is going to be a high energy evening.
14th October, 2006
This has some lovely notes in it and it is well blended. Sillage good but longevity is indeed at best average as many have commented. A more concentrated version would be a boon for VW wearers. Other than that though a very pleasing, classy and quite exclusive fragrance. Apparantly this is the choice of Will Smith, for those people who like to wear what the celebs wear. It's very good in its own right this one and worth a try if you are not already familiar with it.
01st September, 2006