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United Kingdom
This is very nice indeed. Smells like a brand new Aston Martin interior..wood and leather with a plum note. Longevity and sillage performance is good..lasts all day and projects moderately. The feel of this fragrance is like a muted high quality wood that has been polished to perfection...smooth, rounded, refined.
02nd August, 2017 (last edited: 14th August, 2017)
JV lists a ton of notes for this but it just comes off as a very pleasant, light, woody scent after the sweet and leather opening.

I actually got decent performance, lasted all work day. The projection was average.
03rd July, 2017
JV by JV sends me straight to an exotic caribbean location. I found it to be a unique and delightful scent. Although some of JVs later offerings are similar, IMO this is their best one.

Sadly it is a little light in projection and also fades too quickly. Even so, I will not be without a bottle and will wear it regularly. This one wears best applied moderately (not heavy, which is easy to do) with backup to be used once or twice later in the day/evening. One of the sexiest scents I own, IMO.
28th July, 2016 (last edited: 06th December, 2016)
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smellwise, this is a pretty good fragrance...I had a small decant that I've enjoyed wearing around the house...reason being I'm in the group that seems to get minimal projection and longevity from JV fragrances in general, this one being no exception ...I get maybe 2 good hours tops - and then it's almost like I never put anything it would not work for me for when I need an all day scent...the fragrance itself smells pretty good...I get a nice ripe/sweet/juicy/rich/syrupy fruit accord sitting on a thin layer of wood which then leads into a nice sweet/ambery/leathery vanilla....and then....poof!!!...gone...
nice while it lasts and I do enjoy the smell for the time it hangs around for me...
FBW...if you can get a good discount...because chances are you will have to reapply
Sweet Fruity Woody Leather
04th February, 2016

I am seductive.i am romantic.i am elegant.i am JOHN VERVATOS!Yes this scent is a beautiful modern scent for men 25/35 years old.

The EDP version is slightly different to the EDT but both are really nice.when i wear it in intimate occasions i always get compliments of my friends regarding my perfume!

Middle/base notes in nice harmony.The longevity and sillage is very good for me.i often wear in the autumn time because i think it is perfect in rainy weather.

Anyway if you are looking for a modern oriental woody you are exactly at the right place.

09th May, 2015 (last edited: 11th May, 2015)
Fresh fruity, my go to scent after sport
17th February, 2015
Ingo Show all reviews
United States
A solid fragrance, though not exceptional it does the job. Biggest gripes with it are that it is lacking in projection and sillage, with that being said it is a solid fragrance and one that is appropriate for both dates and the office (especially because it doesn't project particularly well and the scent itself is relatively inoffensive). Generally speaking, it is a bit more popular among the older crowd but at the same time does not smell like "old man".
23rd January, 2015
My go-to cologne! While everyone loves the smell of it, I would still wear it even if they didn't! The great blend of fruit, leather, and vanilla is just amazing, and the dry down is mouthwatering. Lasts a good 6 hours on me usually, although it will stay close to the skin for much longer than that.

I have had a few experiences where it smelt completely different, almost like a pure wood fragrance. I started pre-stirring it after the second time it happened and I haven't had the issue since.

Projection is weak but I think that's okay. This is a very friendly cologne so if someone only gets a good whiff of it during an embrace, well hey, that kinda adds to the sincerity.

This will always be one on my shelf!

A FEW QUICK TIPS! Don't apply this fragrance relatively quickly after a shower; I've found that is changes the scent quite a bit if it mixes with water. Just dry off, shave, apply cold water, or do whatever until your skin has settled down and isn't so steamy, then apply (usually two sprays per zone for me).
25th November, 2014 (last edited: 26th November, 2014)
A really pleasant and sensual fragrance for Armani Code and Moschino forever lovers! great fragrance for casual use in spring and fall and also really great choice for a date!!
The opening is fresh and almost boozy fruity scent mixed with some leather and some sweetness in the background. this opening remind me of Armani Code in many ways but not exactly like it.
The fruity scent is like lemon at the opening. fresh and tart but then in the dry down change to sweeter plum scent.
The leather note is not strong or smoky at all. it's just there to give the scent a manly and dark aroma.
In the dry down as I said, the fresh lemony scent changes to sweet plum scent. still it does have that fresh smell but in different way.
The leather note is there but it's in the background plus some woodsy notes.
I didn't smell figs in this fragrance.
The base is almost the same as the dry down. no big change. the base remind me of Moschino Forever plus some leather and more sweetness.
Projection and longevity is above average.
Really good and sensual smell and definitely for casual use.
02nd June, 2014
I feel this is a step above the long lines of generic citrus dept. store fragrances...barely. It isn't linear like most, the dates and vanilla give it some depth. I did not get excited by it, I would wear it if I had it but wouldn't buy it.
05th May, 2013
People have said great things about this fragrance and they are all true.
I have had compliments from women of all ages.
Probably my fall/winter signature fragrance now.
04th May, 2013
A very original smelling and interesting perfume to say the least. It seems like no one's experience with John Varvatos is quite the same. I get a sort of dark cherry note in the top , brought about by the tamarind and date fruit which sticks around for a while as the fragrance moves into a spicy mid (cinnamon, coriander) and finally a vanilla/leather base. I've always felt like the bottle represents this fragrance pretty well. It's dark, but smooth and approachable. John Varvatos is well-suited for the winter and could also be considered something of a romantic fragrance.

One thing I think everyone can agree on is that this fragrance is MOODY. As others have stated, on some days the projection is through the roof and on others it's minimal. The same goes for the longevity. And there are times when Varvatos maintains a tight, solid structure throughout its duration, and others when it seems to fall apart before your eyes, each note separating from the whole and bouncing around in a discordant frenzy. Its inconsistency is the only thing, in my opinion, keeping John Varvatos from being a truly great perfume, or designer classic. It has so many great things going on--yet it's marked by this one tragic flaw. That said, I still think it's a very good fragrance and one that I thoroughly enjoy wearing...most of the time.
22nd December, 2012
I finished a bottle pretty quickly a few years ago and will buy another very soon.
11th November, 2012 (last edited: 25th December, 2015)
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Generally I like 70's and 80's powerhouses and despise "modern" perfumes that smell wimpy and afeminate. Powerhouses are strong, dominant and with an attitude. Don't get me wrong, I like ladies perfumes that have character like Black Orchid, Norell and Arpege (and I have worn them in occasions), what I dislike is the lack of personality of modern perfumes like Chrome, L'eau d'Issey and A. di Gio.
John Varvatos by John Varatos may be a modern perfume, but has character, personality and also some attitude. Is not a powerhouse, but is clearly a ubermasculine, a perfume that stands tall in the middle of today's mediocrity.
It is also highly unusual with notes I have never smelled in any perfume before so you will not be smelling like the thousands of clones out in the market.
An outstanding perfume that is innovative, bold and with cojones in a sea of wimpy scents that dominate the industry today.
05th November, 2012
Long time site enthusiast and I generally lurk the fragrance directory getting tips and buying loads of fragrances recommended by people on this site.

I've never been compelled to write a review. Until now. I bought this via a friend for very cheap. Read a few things on it and thought I can't go wrong with what i paid for it.

Anyway, it's one of the most unique powerhouse of smells in the history of commercial mass produced fragrances. Openings of sweet dates and spices is overpowering. The dry down is the best, it's smells like leather and roses infused with a real raw masculinity.

Honestly,this is the stuff.
09th August, 2012
After reading many positive reviews of it I was really curious to test it.
As it's a relatively rare fragrance in my country it took several months to find a sample!
At first I got average top notes which regarding aforementioned positive reviews nearly disappointed me, coz I expected a differently lovely scent from it. but after a while turned to lovely partially sweet warm notes that made me partially satisfied with the fragrance.
But wait, how familiar this scent is to me!
Yes, I get 90% base notes of CARLOS SANTANA for men! believe me, if you don't give a try!
Not a unique & must buy one, but good to have. I'll buy because I love Carlos Santana, but rare to find another one!
Finally pointing to its reasonable price I'll give it a WEAK thumbs up!
29th June, 2012
JV is really a rich sophisticated and sexy masterpiece with vanilla, precious woods and a leather with some sweetness from the figs giving this an almost fignewton gormorand feel and a powdery vanilla finish

i dont care about the lasting power the scent is amazing and i love this stuff
17th March, 2012
OUT OF ALL JV THIS ONE IS THE BEST ... LET it just settle and then it is so pleasant.
27th January, 2012
Sweet fruity smells good. Safe versatile scent good for many occasions.
24th September, 2011
this is my evening scent ...nice musk and woody smell
05th September, 2011
The first cologne I ever bought. A good fall fragrance for me.
Initially I get a sort of red cherry or maybe plum kind of smell with some spices. Some think this smells medicinal, and I can see why, but it doesn't smell bad to me. This is definately a darker, syrupy sort of juice. Eventually dries down into an accord of vanilla and leather on my skin that I quite enjoy.
I think the projection is a little under average. Not too weak to be smelled, but people only tend to notice it if they're fairly close. People who have hugged me, for example compliment me on it, and ocassionally people about an arm's length away will take notice. I don't count this as bad necesarilly, because, depending on the circumstance, you're not necesarilly trying to fill up the room with your scent.
Longevity for me is ok. It will last me an entire school day, but I don't think it's ever carried too much weight after seven or eight hours on my skin.
I've worn it casually, formally, and even out on a date night. I think it's fairly versatile.
Overall, a nice, cool weather scent. Everyone who's smelled it on me has complimented me on it.
26th April, 2011
cja75 Show all reviews
United States
Very good winter fragrance to me. Its a "dark" sort of a scent very masculine sort of a mix of fresh and green mixed with a gormand (coffee or chocolate or something) I like it as one of my winter favorites along with rochas
24th March, 2011
John Varvatos has a deep, mysterious quality that I like.
The initial burst of berries and dates dry down nicely to a rich, warm leather.
Definitely a masculine fragrance that appears formal to me but I am certain would work in casual settings also.
My problem is the longevity.
The initial spray, powerful as it is, soon fades and the scent only lasts a few (wonderful) hours.
It still remains one of my favorite EDTs .
Just wish the perfumers would work on a bit more longevity for this one.
Thumbs Up!
31st January, 2011
This fragrance is one of my all time favorites. I bought it two years ago, and I have been wearing it since. It lasts a very long time on me and people are always asking me what I am wearing.
14th January, 2011 (last edited: 20th January, 2011)
I really like this fragrance. Great smell for all occasions. Some longevity issues on my skin longest I have every gotten is 8 hours which is decent. Definitely wear this a lot and get tons of compliments. Well done JV.
28th November, 2010
Very very interesting fragrance. Smells sooo great!!

Actually, my favorite fragrance. Manly, sensual, a little sweet.

I recommend it to everyone who wants something different.
Good for warm nights.

It would be a perfect fragrance, if not for it's longevity.
Longevity is only average.
Not a problem if you use an atomizer to re-apply.

06th October, 2010
Although I have not been wearing this much over the summer, it is very near the top of my list. The mix of fruit (mostly fig?) and leather works for me. I describe it as a "happy and contented" concoction. Sillage and longevity are not serious issues for me.
16th August, 2010
I really like JV. It's very versatile while still remaining classy. I feel equally at home putting it on when going to the office, to a nice restaurant, or even just out to the supermarket. It's got a fairly heavy floral top note which is underlaid with the manliest of leather and spices. Decent sillage and longevity. In short, if I could only wear one fragrance ever again, JV would be it.
10th July, 2010
The names on the pyramid really cracked me up on this one. John Varvatos is a good choice if you want something considerably mainstream and hip that isn't going to smell like everything else.

It opens up with a fruity (mostly cherry) and somewhat bubble gum smelling, slightly leathery and sweet aroma. As it calms down it really focuses on that dark leather, like an old leather couch.

Sillage/projection are all over the place with JV, some days it's insane some days it's literally nothing, regardless of weather conditions. It's actually neat but at the same time annoying because you don't know what you're gonna get on the day you decide to wear it. Longevity is the same, but more times than none it's on the short end -- about 4-5 hours most of the time on my skin.

If you want leather but don't want too much and don't want everyone around you to know about your leather fetish, then go with John Varvatos. B+

23rd March, 2010 (last edited: 26th December, 2010)
jbr Show all reviews
United States
I became enamored of John Varvatos over this past holiday season, where this fragrance's aggressively sweet fruity-spicy kick provided a welcome pick-me-up on those cold winter days (and nights). This is a smoothly-blended and easy to like fragrance which manages to retain some unique character despite its crowd-pleasing sensibilities. I sense some unidentifiable note or accord lurking in the background that has this tart-juicy character which I find very compelling - who knows, maybe that "West Indian tamarind tree leaf"? This works to balance out the sweetness a bit and provide depth to the scent. Still, I think one's perception of John Varvatos will hinge heavily on how responsive they are to this fragrance's unabashed sweetness. Rich, warm and sexy in the right context, I am unsurprised that John Varvatos has found so many admirers, and am happy to count myself among them.
21st March, 2010