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Positive Reviews of Vetiver by Arran Aromatics

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I have to agree with Francop on this one. On the initial application I get a soft coconut scent, then as the day wears on, the vetiver comes through (again softly). The longevity is very good, lasted 6-8 hours on my skin, which is good for me. The sillage is low to moderate, so a good application is needed if you want to get noticed. All in all a very nice scent, and for £9.99 for 100ml at TK Maxx is an absolute bargain.
02nd November, 2014
I have worn several products of this scent but never found the Eau de Toilette.

I have really enjoyed the shampoo, shower gel, soap, face wash, face scrub, aftershave balm, hand soother and gel body rub.

The scent is a masculine creamy vetiver with possibly coconut. The result is very comforting and clean feeling. Great for wearing in autumn and winter.

Good longevity overall .

Thumbs up!

October 2014: I have now found the EDT and can finally indulge myself in a complete grooming routine with this awesome fragrance!

Thumbs up!
12th December, 2013 (last edited: 24th October, 2014)