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Lavender Green, Dilly Dilly!

This is for me a very dry, dark, restrained lavender. Initially I get the burst of lavender, amber and mint, all well balanced and well combined.

The green of the galbanum and mastic accompany its initial note trio, eventually warming down with generic woods, vanilla and musk.

The scent is so quiet and so close to the skin as to be practically undetectable without putting nose directly to wrist.

Discontinued and nearly impossible to find. A kind Basenoter supplied my sample from his private and extensive collection.

Nice, decent, but not worth going out of one's way for.
22nd January, 2016
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United Kingdom
I was in Parfum de Nicholai shop near South Ken, London and they had no stock of Pour Homme. I got the impression from the SA's unclear replies to my questions that it had been taken back to Paris to be improved upon as it "wasn't good enough" (whether this was one batch or an as a whole tinkering I didn't persue).
I'll check there soon as PdNs are bargains of the century prices still (and they had a sale on too)
05th September, 2010
The opening is a nicely balanced aromatic green… The note that is easiest for me to pick out is the lavender; in fact, the lavender grabs prominence and holds on to it through the whole fragrance. In the past several years, lavender has lost much of its charm for me, and I am disappointed that it is so prominent and lasting in the accords of this fragrance. It holds center stage from the opening to the last of the drydown. Except for the lavender and the aromatics that I assume are from the mint and geranium, I can’t pick out individual notes until the drydown where the benzoin, tobacco, and labdanum rise up to claim their own identity out of the amorphous green. I don’t get woods, and I don’t get moss. The fragrance has limited longevity, although it does remain as a discreet skin scent for an hour or two. I enjoy the skin scent phase of it.

The accords, lavender included, are so well done that I can’t help but admire the artisan quality they present, but, subtle and beautiful as it seems to be, it is also lavender, lavender, lavender, making Nicolai pour Homme a must try for the lavender lover. I’ll pass.
17th September, 2008
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Smells like an airy cypress with mint rather than a lavender and sage. Reminds me of Creed's Cypres-Musc with a very predominant wood note.
09th June, 2008
It opens, quite bitter and minty, somewhere to the exotic left of Azzaro Pour Homme. It continues down this path: cool, enigmatic, with almost a sense of elegant melancholy as the previous reviewer has so aptly observed. A deep and sober scent, highly poetic and evocative ... but of what? Death, regret, loss, age, time itself? There seems to be a sort of 'Creed notes' about the final developments.
03rd June, 2005
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United States
Strange but interesting stuff - quite different from anything else I’ve tried. De Nicolai’s site says there are also warm ingredients in it, but it smells cool and oddly melancholic to me. There’s mint in it, but not a candy-cane or Tic-Tac mint: maybe some wild herb in the mint family. I like it well enough to use it in warm weather for variety when I’m desperate for a change from citrus smells, but it really does not make me smile at every whiff like de Nicolai’s New York does. Certainly, no woman will be driven wild by the raw sexuality you exude (since you won’t) while wearing it.
03rd December, 2004