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There’s an off-putting chemical edge to Fleur de Peau’s sweet, animalic leather opening that persists too long for my comfort. This element of discord is all the more distracting because Fleur de Peau is an extremely loud scent. Loud as in one spray fills the room. Without the off note Fleur de Peau might have been a bold, compelling fruity-animalic leather, roughly in the mold of Knize Ten. As it is, it smells like a compounding error. Avoid this if you know what’s good for you.
14th June, 2014
Keiko Mecheri's fragrances tend to be very light and very feminine
she definitely knows her clientele..and caters to their tastes well...
she usually keeps her fragrances light and powdery..
This is a slightly different .....
its very pronounced civet note is mixed well with leather ...
making it sensual and masculine

A powdery Russian Leather scent.

reminds me of TABAC BLOND

23rd August, 2012
I read some of the reviews of this and decided to try a sample. Normally, when I get these samples, I have to spray them to get the full scent, but with FDP, I could smell this before I took the cap off. It is very powerful. The smell filled my kitchen simply because I opened the cap off the sample. First smell on a piece of paper I noticed a civet and jasmine mix, with another note underneath these. I can get a hint of a fruit note, but it’s not that strong.

I was kind of surprised of all of the reviews noting a strong leather note at the opening, because I couldn’t smell it when I first sprayed it. However, when I applied it to my skin, I noticed it at once. The leather is very powerful. It instantly fills up a room. I put what I thought was a conservative amount on and someone noted that it was pretty strong. Of course, this was within a couple of minutes and it did die down (just a little, though). The leather was very strong on my skin and it almost smelled like a burnt leather. Different, but I did like it. I could smell the jasmine as well. FDP initially reminded me of Mugler’s A Travers Le Miroir - not because they necessarily smell alike, but because the way the notes compliment each other. In ATM, the Absinthe and Tuberose don’t really mix at all - both stand out pretty prominently. It’s the same way with FP. The leather and jasmine go together well, but they both smell pretty distinct.

Some have talked about the top notes being bad and I can see why they think so. They’re not necessarily a pleasant mix and it is nicer when it dries down. But, personally I don’t mind the top notes. They are indeed stout, but in a good way IMO.

When the middle notes take over, the strong leather dies down and the civet takes over. The civet becomes pretty prominent so far as I can tell and leaves a nice mix of leather and civet through the rest of the wearing. Longevity is pretty good, over 6 hours (depending on how much you spray on I suppose).

All in all, I did like FDP. But I’m not sure this would be popular with anyone else. It seems like it’s one of those fragrances that you either love or hate.
04th May, 2012
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You gotta let this dry. The top notes are really bad. It's not harsh, it's just repugnant. A synthetic fruity, flower. It's very strong. After it does dry down (which is a long time) it becomes a nice powdery floral but it's not worth the wait.
07th October, 2008
It's not the worst scent I've ever tried, but it's pretty awful on my skin. In general I like Keiko Mecheri, so it pains me a bit that I find this fragrance rather putrid. As mentioned by others, the sillage is intense. This juice reminds me of chemistry lab, when we worked with the aromatic ring compounds. It smells of artificial flowers mixed with an aromatic non-alcohol based solvent, and then it becomes cloying in the dry down. One of my kids said it smells like a funeral parlor. They've never been to a funeral parlor, but imagined that this is what it would smell like. I can't say they're that far off!. A moderate disappointment!
08th June, 2008
Interesting, dry, and powdery. Smells something like if Knize Ten cut down on the leather and added some florals. It's almost TOO dry, but it still is worth a try.
01st February, 2007
I tried this a year ago, courtesty of my good friends at Colonial Drug in Cambridge Mass. My first response was, "YUCK! I like complex florientals and vetivers, and you told me I needed to try *this*?!?" However, about half an hour in (give it more time, FragranceFan255), the civet and powder and leathery scents all melded and softened, and a delicious, slightly rose-scented overtone came through, grounded in leather. I went back a week later and bought a bottle. It's a tough scent to wear easily, but I view it (along with McQueen's "Kingdom") as one of my "connoisseur" scents.
05th November, 2006
Ewwwwwwwwww....That pretty much sums it up for me. I don't believe I've smelled an actual perfume this off putting. Even the handful of eccentric niche scents I have smelled otherwise haven't came close to this abomination.

I 'think' I smell the leather in there, maybe jasmine. But they're lost in an extremely heavy incense-like cloud. I can't judge on longevity because I washed it off in about 20 minutes after applying. I attempted to give it fair chance to settle in and become something at least tolerable. No such luck. The sillage, however, is unbelievable. My swore that after 2 thorough scrubbings with Palmolive detergent that she could still smell it hanging in the air and I could easily detect it on the application area. Of all the frags to have this kind of sillage. It breaks the heart.

Avoid this at all costs. If not for yourself, for those around you. For I must believe that for every person that would enjoy this must be met by a hundred that would not.

04th August, 2006
Many have loved this scent, which is why I'm reluctant to give a thumbs-down. Maybe my sample was stale or something, but this perfume could have been great. It was like a peach--like the velvety fuzzy skin of a peach, with floral accompaniment and a warm drydown. However, it went off on my skin, with a jagged boozy edge and a cloying heat. try before you buy!
15th September, 2005
Spectacular fragrance! This one is quite perfect, with brilliant composition. The fragrance begins with heady jasmine and light balsalmic notes. The base, which is present quite markedly from beginning to end, is full of animalic civet and sexy sexy leather. Slightly fecal, but only if you really know what you're looking for and you're sniffing your wrist over and over again. Do not worry that anyone else will find it fecal on you. Rather, the subtly fecal scent is one of the most alluringly sensuous possible components of a fragrance, if executed well as it is in this.

In some ways Fleur de Peau reminds me of Bandit, with its jasmine, civet, and leather. But Fleur de Peau is...more refined, and softer. More soft suede to Bandit's wild black leather. For the less bold of heart, or for a more refined or formal occasion. Reach for Fleur de Peau instead for the office Christmas party.

Definitely unisex, but not in a bland or ambivalent way. A man wearing it will come off as sexy in a masculine way, and a woman wearing it will come off as sexy in a feminine way. Brilliant sillage and very impressive longevity, this fragrance is powerful and softly sexy at the same time.
22nd August, 2005
I have this on today and it is to me totally a ladies perfume. Great blend of spice and powder. Sensual, warm....comforting...
04th August, 2005