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Negative Reviews of Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri

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Starts off with a weird singed note like burnt sugar + pipe tobacco, strongly felt under a light haze of powder. In retrospect, this was my favorite part of the ride. The powdery cloud unfurls, and for a while that strange dark bottom anchors it while some pretty rosy and nutty notes appear in glimpses through the fog. At this point I still like it, with reservations, but the powder keeps unfurling, getting pinker and pinker and sweeter and sweeter. At some point, it actually becomes embarrassing -- I wouldn't want anyone to think I chose to smell this way. In the morning, I still smelled powder and pinkness on the back of my hand where I had sampled. Not nice.
03rd September, 2009
I have never been able to warm up to this scent - it has a very cold, "off" core that has always bothered me. The opening is nice enough, almondy and sweet almost like sugar syrup, but then it progresses into something that's both powdery in a cheap way and musky in an oily way. Neither powder nor musk notes usually bother me but the way they come through here is vaguely awful to my nose. There is a striking similarity to Helmut Lang EDP, which I find even more unbearable than this. I think there are plenty of other loukhoum-ish fragrances out there better than this and recommend you try those first before committing to this one.
13th September, 2005