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United States
Wearing this is like getting tackled by the color pink, or perhaps mugged by a sugar-frosted unicorn. And yet, this assault is surprisingly delightful.

This is the most purely powdery scent I've ever smelled; I can pick out something that definitely puts me in mind of dates, along with the hawthorn and roses. But really, those things are almost beside the point. Mostly, it's about powder. Loukhoum's commitment to powder is so complete, it's admirable.

If you don't like powdery perfumes, this is probably not the one for you, but it truly takes "powdery" to a different level. Powder here is not insipid or meek; it's interesting and assertive.

I was taken aback by the thorough nature of Loukhoum's pink sugary powder-bomb quality at first, and then I was thoroughly charmed by it.
08th November, 2017
It has a wonderful,refreshing, healing aura.
On application a scent of almond extract which anticipates a following of Sugar, Amber and cloy. A pleasant surprise via vegetal tilt, that for a moment releases a slight citric like that of bitter orange, followed by the Cream of a beautiful Vanilla.
Gentle, Gorgeous, Subtle and totally Lovely!
15th November, 2016 (last edited: 07th January, 2017)
A masterpiece! Reminds me of Talc Gourmand also a very good one, along the talc, heavily powdery and sweet ones, although there's something to Loukhoum that is so intoxicating to become slowly addicting! I swear! It's so delicate and delicious, everyone loves it when i wear it... They wanna eat me up and i cannot blame them! lol It is Keiko Mecheri's true masterpiece for me, and, definitely one of a kind. I did not see among the key notes listed here above, Heliotrope. But, i am sure there's gotta be Heliotrope in this one! It's probably a well kept secret, cause the effect is mesmerizing and very unique. I delight myself with heliotrope infusions or perfumes who have it as prominent, so i can recognize that intense cherry/ almond, soft but strongly powdery scent heliotrope, a very shabby looking flower, always delivers. It might look indeed common, but there's nothing common about Heliotrope and its amazing use in perfumery! A must have for all lovers and romantic's or dreamers, or simply looking for happiness. That's the sensation i get immediately: love!
30th September, 2015
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I adore this scent. Sweet. Powdery, long-lasting....I smell delicious wearing this. Not only does it make me happy, but others love it too. I love the pink, edible quality of it. And it's nice to see how much others like it on Me. There's a darkness under the pink that I really like. I smell this and read the negative reviews and have to marvel at how differently we all perceive the subjective qualities of scent. To me, this is all good. It's delightful....bad pun, great perfume! This is a big love.
09th November, 2014 (last edited: 16th November, 2014)
Didn't like this at all when I first tried it, but now on a cold Autumn day I have really enjoyed its soft, sweet, comforting quality. This is a scent I would wear for me rather than to please others - it's a soft rose with icing sugar and vanilla, and a slightly musty effect which I guess is the hawthorn? It's in the same powdery-gourmand vein as pc02, but this is less 'high pitched' and more introspective. It won't be everyone's cup of chai, but my opinion of it has changed dramatically. I suppose you've just got to be in the right mood!
03rd October, 2012 (last edited: 08th April, 2013)
I guess you either enjoy smelling like baby powder, or you don't. Never thought I ever would, but here we are. Loukhoum is comforting and sexy at the same time, persistent but never overpowering, a cloud of talc above florals, almond, vanilla, and musk.

In short: lovely, more subtle than it seems, tons of fun, pretty bottle, great value. What's not to like?
24th May, 2011
Sweet and powdery goodness. I can't tell if Loukhoum is childish or refined, but this ambiguity makes it more interesting to me. Powdery enough to be in danger of comparisons with talc and the like but in keeping with the dessert theme. The rose and musk reign in the sweetness just enough. Feels very 'pink.' I could never leave the house with it on, but I do like it and it smells great on my girlfriend.
23rd April, 2010

I’ve tested about four or five fragrances based on the Turkish delight concept, and in my mind, this one is unquestionably the best. Keiko Mecheri’s Loukhoum doesn’t go over the top with gooey sweetness, nor does it get unbalanced in its handling of its several dynamic floral and fruit notes. Loukhoum presents its refined rose / honey / almond accord in a way that features the sweetness and lusciousness, but with the perfect timbre for wearing as a fragrance. The musks, woods, and vanilla of the base are beautifully presented, discreet, and long lasting. I love this one.

01st February, 2010
Starts as a spicy, dry almond; woody and floral. There is a touch of powder. After a while the heliotrope (cherry vanilla) emerges more strongly and spicy/sweet. This is similar to the cherry cough syrup note in Louve, but it interestingly appears in the drydown rather than at the beginning like Louve. I prefer this to Louve.
15th January, 2009
What a treat!

I would put this into the same general bracket as Kenzo Amour in terms of audience and appropriateness. I would say it was suitable for all ages, including young girls, and it's perfectly acceptable for work or any kind of setting where you want to keep your perfume inoffensive, such as the theatre, dinner and work, especially in caring professions.

My first impression was of sweetness, exactly like sugar hitting your tongue. Because I'm used to rose-flavoured Turkish Delight, I expected a distinct rose, but this has none. The initial sweetness wasn't cloying and soon calmed down into a soft, sweet, almondy, slightly woody gentleness. It lasted all day long and was very pleasing even after more than a dozen hours. Indeed, it was still subtly lingering the following morning.
07th December, 2008
KM's Loukhoum smells like almonds dipped in rosewater then rolled in confectioners sugar! There is a powdery sweetness that rests better on the skin than Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream - which like Trebor says, is toooooooo sweet! Mecheri's Loukhoum is more like Annick Goutal's Vanille Exquise to the 10th power, or at least to my nose! I love that this parfum possesses the warmth and closeness of a vanilla based fragrance without coming across as a traditional vanilla. Upon repeated sniffing & snorfling of my wrist, there is also an association in my memory of the original formulation of Heaven Sent. I think it's the powderiness and touch of rose. This is undoubtedly a winner, and one of the very best blind buys I've ever made!
29th October, 2008
Sweet woody floral and vanilla. Very pretty and almost edible. Like the scent of roasted nuts. Not too sweet and lingers nearer to the wearer. The best of the KM line.
05th October, 2008
07th August, 2008
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It was love at first spray for me. I completely saturated a test strip and shoved it into my bag sheepishly so that I could run home and shut it tightly in a drawer to sniff at my leisure. At $80 a bottle, I can only afford a sample right now. Anyway, after reading the notes, I find it even more funny that it first reminded me of french toast.
22nd October, 2006
This is a soft, comforting, in-grandma's-embrace type of scent. Very soft, very close to the skin, not too sweet yet absolutely lovely. Though very quiet, it is nonetheless unique....
16th August, 2006
Loukhoum is strangely two-faced, managing to be both excentric and familiar at the same time. It has unmistakable presence, surrounding you with sweet, rich and foody fumes of almond, vanilla and cherry; as if you had stepped into a cigar shop, but minus the tobacco. But before giving you a headache, it´s caracter is softened by a shy rose and the hint of clean, un-animalic musk in the background. It has great staying power which is a good thing considering the price of a bottle. The powdery and comforting side of Loukhoum makes it a lovely and addictive companion when you are home doing nothing, or in bed reading a book, with the compulsary wrist-sniff-movement on repeat. On the other hand, the bolder side of it puts you in a great mood stepping out the door. It blends delisciously with the chilly air, especially when the leaves have started to fall. First time I wore this outdoors on a day like that, is one of the few times I actually remember thinking “I really don´t care what people think of my perfume”
27th May, 2006
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United Kingdom
I adore the scent of almonds so this is nectar to my nose! Very sexy, warm and comforting. I detect honey,dates,rose, vanilla and a woodiness there too. What an amazing combination!! This could be the one I've been waiting for....
Edit (update) I have now tried the Eau Poudree version of Loukhoum and love it even more than the original.
It is all pink, fluffy goodness - a totally pampering, comforting scent that will have people fighting to hug you!
Wear it with pink marabou slippers and a pink silk dressing gown.
20th February, 2006 (last edited: 18th February, 2010)
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United States
This is sweet and foody yet definitely perfumey and sensual. I adore its unique-ness. Some foody scents smell too much like a bakery...this one has its own personality. I just love it and I get oodles of compliments on it, all the time. One of my cats is particularly fond of it, so much so that he nuzzles the bottle on my dresser. This is a perfect nighttime fragrance for cuddling up or being downright seductive.
18th February, 2006
I love Loukhoum. When I first smelled it, it was unlike anything I had come across. It’s a very sweet fragrance, but not overly thick. Most of these heliotrope/cherry fragrances are a little too thick and sweet (e.g. Loukoum by SL, Heliotrope by Etro, POTL). Loukhoum is slightly powdery, which is another facet that makes it rather unique. It also has a very nice rose note. A great fragrance to quell a sweet tooth.
19th September, 2005
Enchanting! Notes: arabic gum, rose petal jam, and white almonds, Buglarian Rose absolute, noor dates, Hawthorne blossoms, precious woods, Comores flowers and vanilla, musk. Loukhoum is a rich, warm, honey-melting scent that is sexy, cozy, and comforting. It evokes the excited smell of childhood holidays and vacations; sweetness and bright happiness. This is one of those scents that makes me maniacally sniff myself to refresh the lovely mood it inspires!
11th June, 2005