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Negative Reviews of Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Total Reviews: 28
A complete non-entity, beginning and ending with guaiac wood, Satan's answer to all the good scents the Deity wishes we could enjoy together.
10th August, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A ghastly chemical syrup camouflaging as a citrus-bergamot mix determines the opening impression. Insipidly sweet, it feels like Armani took some lessons from the bottom level of Victoria's Secret most synthetic creations.

The drydown adds another weird note from the laboratory, but, quite unexpectedly, in the base things started to look up a bit. A woodsy note combined with a pleasant vanilla - the latter not particularly exciting but solidly crafted - work well together, and constitute the hightlights of this composition.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

The base is the best part of this daytime spring creation, but it does not suffice to save this product from a negative verdict. 1.75/5.

Code Black - not a good thing to happen in a hospital...
20th April, 2017
This fragrance reminds me of so many things at the same time,
i) a Mosquito liquid repellent
ii) Cheap car perfume
iii) Toilet freshener

There is definitely a cheap ingredient in here that reminds me of the above mentioned.

Projection: 4/10
Longevity: 3-4 hours max

20th June, 2016
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Synthetic sweets

Citrus, powder, and...I swear I get cocoa as well. Am I hallucinating? Nobody else mentioned that.

Well, the bottom line is that I find Code completely synthetic and boring. Flat. Too sweet, in fact, a little cloying.

At first I was thinking that a gourmand is supposed too have an aspect of deliciousness about it. Then I realised Code is not supposed to be a gourmand fragrance, rather a more straight up oriental. What part of the Orient are we talking about then? Kuala Lumpur? Candy store?

17th July, 2013
Without sounding like a pretentious hipster, I had this before it was cool!

Code seems to really have taken off over the past 2-3 years. Regularly stocked and discounted at major stores where I live it seems to have become extremely popular. Personally I don't think the smell is anything special, it is quite masculine and last a good 10-12 hours. I soon grew tired of colleagues coming into work wearing the same scent. Without exaggeration I had about 6 people purchase it within a year of working in a small team of about 15 people. Very distinguishable and kind of unoriginal. The guy who works in the perfume department wears it, the guy who works in the dock wears it etc. It has become a scent that a lot of young try hard men abuse by drowning themselves in rather than spraying on making it unpleasant for everyone else. I know it is extremely unfair to give a fragrance a negative review based on its users rather than its scent but it needs to die.
13th April, 2012
This is a very distinct scent in my opinion. I can pick it out of a room of people--it really makes a scent memory. I really don't like this fragrance, it is robust and overly offensive to my senses. The only way i can describe it is as thick. When I first smelled it, it felt like i was drinking it-- i could feel it in my throat as it lingered. It reminds me of a sweet Schnapps mixed with eggnog. not my kind of scent.
22nd August, 2011
Starts of with a little citrus then quickly turns into a tonka (baby powder) scent. I did see a study that said baby powder was one of the smells women respond to the most so maybe they were goin for that. Powdery scents arent always a turnoff for me as I love Le Male but this does not smell anything like the powdery vanilla scent of Le Male. Longevity is average at about 4-5 hours and it projects decently too. Certainly overpriced for the quality IMO. Just not my cup of tea.
04th May, 2011
This stuff reminds me of Curve... and curve smells like the guy that is wearing two day old under arm sweaty gym shirt. Really foul stuff, sickening foul. I can't even be near this stuff...
07th April, 2011
I got a sample of this from The Perfumed Court. I wore it for 8 days straight. My primary comment is that AC is extremely weak. Even when I applied it heavily, I could barely smell it, and within an hour or two it was undetectable, even with my nose pressed to my skin. What fragrance there WAS was okay, but even a great fragrance that fades this fast would be unsatisfactory. A real shame, because I wanted to like this.
09th March, 2011
Tiresomely sweet and monolithic.
Vaguely aromatic, somewhat metallic, noisily synthetic and verging on the garish.
No wood notes that I can detect.
Nope. Can't find anything to commend here.
12th January, 2011
horrible. just gave my father my nearly full bottle, and feel somewhat bad passing it off. code smells like rancid baby powder. i tried it again today for the 20th time. . . it still doesn't work. thankfully, it doesn't last real long either. for me, a total dud.
07th August, 2010
I don't smell any of the notes listed in the pyramid in Armani Code - I just smell vanilla and anise, as another reviewer said. It strikes me as trying to be all things to all people. Too loud for a day-time fragrance, too one-note for a night-time fragrance, too floral for a summer fragrance, too laid-back for a winter fragrance. It's like a guy wearing an expensive polo with the collar turned up - he's just trying too hard to be like everyone else and yet different. If you were only going to buy one fragrance in your life, Code might even work OK, but as it is, whenever I think about putting it on, there's another fragrance that just seems to work better. I haven't even made it through a small sample decant.
10th July, 2010
At first, it doesn't smells bad...
But later, the lasting smell... something like vanilla, too intense... it's not for me.

My rating would be between thumbs down and neutral, but as it is not possible... sorry, thumbs down.

WARNING: never, i mean NEVER buy a fragance based exclusively on reviews: EVERYONE HAS A PERSONAL TASTE. YOU HAVE TO SMELL IT BY YOURSELF!!!
03rd April, 2010
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All I get is pencil shavings and B.O. No thank you.
02nd September, 2009
jbr Show all reviews
United States
Anise. Urgh. This note and I just do not agree, and it's pretty much all I get from this fragrance until the drydown sets in. And I do actually find the drydown to be quite pleasant, with some smoky coffee and subtle chocolate notes lending it a slightly gourmand-ish feel. The anise overload in the beginning is just way too much for me to bear. Not for me.
18th August, 2009
wilddoc Show all reviews
United Kingdom
There is no sophistication and no subtlety at all in this scent. It smells far too ordinary and it's just too strong. If you are passing someone its OK. You wouldnt wear this into an office. After 2 hours you colleagues would want a break from you. I was presented with one, and I tried to like it, but just didn't succeed. In the end I gave it to a younger person who was very pleased with it. The person who presented me with it must have thought Armani is a more mature brand. Yes, maybe but this fragrance is not.
10th May, 2009
lex Show all reviews
United States
olive flower must be what i smell that stands out and makes this slightly different. not much excitement though
15th March, 2009 (last edited: 12th June, 2009)
I agree with BIGNO. i really wanted to like this scent and i tried. but i don't understand why any girls would be so turned on by this. it reminds me of Angel Men which i also tried to like. what i can say is that it smells like a weird take on chocolate. it's not grotesque or anything, but it's not appealing to me at all. it's sweet and the chocolate smells powdery with something that i can't put my finger on. maybe bad lemons. the initial top notes were nice, but i absolutely resent the drydown, which came in about 10 minutes for me. Guess i'm just not a sweet chocolate guy. it's interesting, but not worth anything more than a sample to me
24th January, 2009
I wanted so badly to like this fragrance. It got such incredible feedback that I couldn't wait to try it. I went to the store and sprayed it on my wrist and my girlfriends to compare the chemistry and the ending result was the same. It was a complete disaster! I couldn't wear it for any longer than 2 hours. It made me sick.

To me this smells extremely similar to Burberry Touch and 212SexyMen. Both fragrances which I despise with a un-describable passion. They smell like fecal matter to me (honestly). When I smell this fragrance, it grosses me out and I just wanna dive in a pool of soapy water, pronto and begin scrubbing.

If you like the smell of burnt chocolate with a hint of baby diaper, I recommend this. If you like gourmand overload, this is for you.

20th January, 2009
gmm150 Show all reviews
United States
I like lemon, tonka bean, and bergamot but something in this fragrance is smells weird and bad. I believe this is a real popular and top seller at the stores. I don't know why. I had to wash it off it was so bad.
06th November, 2008



14th July, 2008
Any special about this one? I feel nothing. As well as Armani Attitude, I just fine them boring.
08th April, 2008
It reminds me of Uomo? Moschino mixed with Polo Black. It is a very dark scent with an ok mix of woods and fruits. The middle notes of olive flower turn me off because I just hate the way olives smells. I would have like to seen more of a dominance in the note of guiac wood and it might have been better. Overall it did not impress me and their are better frags out there.
04th November, 2006
*yawn* Another girly fragrance, that’s watery, for guys with blonde spikey hair, who wear fragrances soley to pull cos the girls like it. There’s a reason, it should be for girls. Un imaginative, smells like every other armarni. If you like their others, you already have it.
17th October, 2006
It's so plain and so normal to me. I've never liked armani fragrances. This 1, uummm...
09th October, 2005
brit is better than this one
14th September, 2005
I was totally disappointed with this fragrance. Smells like Burberry Brit mixed with Emporio. I think they were going for something special here but failed totally. It's a wood scent with lemon and a touch of powder. This one sold like crazy when it first came out, but I think it will lose its appeal in this "use it a bit and find something else" fragrance market. Very big on hype- short on delivery.
03rd August, 2005
The worst perfume I've ever smelled in my life. Smells just like baby powder.
07th February, 2005