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Reviews of Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

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Pure gentleman's cologne; slightly citrusy and sweet with a bit of floral and coconut as well as tobacco; very "upper class" type scent and very masculine although sweet; scent transforms throughout the day and is complex; mild-to-moderate sillage and moderate longevity (5 hours).

11th May, 2018
Citrus, powdery and fresh. Nothing special here,your daily modern perfume with an exclusive brand. Wearable at any time, this one is okay and nice at best.

Scent 7.0/10
Longevity 7/10
Sillage 7.4/10
23rd February, 2018
Cool, sharply synthetic and powdery. Armani Code smells good at times but leans cloying to my nose.

Performance is great, lasts all day and projects strongly.
27th September, 2017
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A complete non-entity, beginning and ending with guaiac wood, Satan's answer to all the good scents the Deity wishes we could enjoy together.
10th August, 2017
White powder, black glass.
Warm woods, cool tonka, warm musks.
Beauty's Enigma.
09th July, 2017
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United Kingdom
A ghastly chemical syrup camouflaging as a citrus-bergamot mix determines the opening impression. Insipidly sweet, it feels like Armani took some lessons from the bottom level of Victoria's Secret most synthetic creations.

The drydown adds another weird note from the laboratory, but, quite unexpectedly, in the base things started to look up a bit. A woodsy note combined with a pleasant vanilla - the latter not particularly exciting but solidly crafted - work well together, and constitute the hightlights of this composition.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

The base is the best part of this daytime spring creation, but it does not suffice to save this product from a negative verdict. 1.75/5.

Code Black - not a good thing to happen in a hospital...
20th April, 2017
It's not bad, but maybe it's the unpleasant olive flower that keeps prodding me in the midst of an otherwise decent, oriental aroma scent with potential.

It seems to have too much happening inside of it - or perhaps not the right composition - for it to grab me as its greatly refined and well-made flankers have (i.e. Armani Code Ultimate, Profumo, Special Blend).

Best suited for casual outings, I think. (And this seems to have been the scent to replace Emporio Armani Night, a discontinued masterpiece which I sorely miss.)
17th March, 2017
Sweet in a masculine way without being cloying, this is a sexy smell for an evening night. Good year-round for all sorts of weather. I like it enough to pick up a second bottle once my first runs out.
07th November, 2016
Powdery masculine fragrance. Good fragrance throw. Lasts about 4 hours on my skin. That is normal for any cologne on me.
08th September, 2016
This gets a slight thumbs up. I like the opening and the dry down... The middle is a slight struggle for me and once the dry down hits its mostly a skin scent that fades within 4 hours on me. Disappointing for the performance but the opening (Classic bergamot / citrus) and the dry down although (Guiac Wood and Tonka) is great. I wouldn't use this as a formal scent (Bottle designed after a gentleman in a tuxedo) but for a date would work. Enjoy!
02nd August, 2016
This fragrance reminds me of so many things at the same time,
i) a Mosquito liquid repellent
ii) Cheap car perfume
iii) Toilet freshener

There is definitely a cheap ingredient in here that reminds me of the above mentioned.

Projection: 4/10
Longevity: 3-4 hours max

20th June, 2016
One of the moste fine and elegant fragrances! It is, in my opinion, the timeless symbol of masculine elegance.
In fact, all Armani fragrances are very well done, having high quality essences.
02nd June, 2016
I'd echo marcoz' review below, albeit less enthusiastically. I feel like, objectively, this is a good scent. My S.O. has worn it from time to time and I've found it perfectly acceptable.

Last night though, I was transferring it into a new atomizer since the original one had broken. I spilled some on my hands and was just totally repulsed for hours after the fact. I think, like marcoz, the problem for me is the star anise. I generally enjoy the other listed notes. I even like most spicy notes. This one is a no go for me though.

Neutral review because I really dislike it up close (and suspect other anise opponents would feel the same), but my general impression of it when worn by someone else is that it's nice enough.
02nd February, 2016
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This is a tricky one for me. sometimes i love it, some times i don't care for it. I think this is because of the star anis note..i hate anis!!

but do't get me wrong, this is a very, very sexy, smooth sweet scent, with a fresh citrus opening, that women find very attractive.

that combination of citrus and sweetnes, is what makes this scent so smooth. most sweet scents can be cloying, and most citrus scents are week, so think of this as something in between.

This is a perfect date scent, for all seasons, specially at night. you will smell sexy and fresh at the same time.

13th September, 2015
Nice, commercial GA fragrance.
Opening notes are very nice, but that's about it for me.
Suits 18 to 23 year olds maybe..
Not a special fragrance, but more an everyday scent.
I love nearly ALL G.Armani - My least fav in the range

Why this has continued to be in production and ATTITUDE discontinued is a mystery to my liking.
07th September, 2015
I really liked it at the store,but when i finally bought it it was gone after a half hour,couldn't smell anything after that.So a real waste of money!!!
10th April, 2015
Armani Code or Code Black is a very nice fragrance of a common designer house theme using spiced citrus over woods and vanilla. This fragrance is noticeably popular with the younger men that I work with. In fact, they each seem to prefer it to all other scents about 4 of the 5 days in a work week.

Nothing wrong with wearing what you like, but why smell exactly like every other 30 yr old male in your office building?

Neutral for me because it's worn me out.
07th April, 2015 (last edited: 08th April, 2015)

ARMANI CODE is very popular for two obvious reason.

1:when you wearning it,you fell like you are in an DREAM.
2:It is definitely a SEDUCTIVE in a SUBTLE and ELEGANT way and demands attention as ladies swoon over this fragrance.

Yes one of my favorite is the better than ATTITUDE for me.the top notes is fresh and sweet with a little spicy but not too hot but middle/base are in a warm way.

Perfunctory ARMANI CODE is all about a confident man,definitely for a man ready to go at special occasions in autumn/winter evenings and too this smells great on my skin and longevity is good.

16th December, 2014
I got a whiff of this on someone and was intrigued enough that I couldn't resist inquiring. I'm in my mid to late 30's, the gentleman was most likely in his mid to late 40's, and it struck me as a fragrance for the that age and up crowd. Mind you, I don't buy into whether or not someone is old enough to "pull off" a fragrance. I gravitate towards powerhouses and wear the likes of Polo "Green" and Kouros unapologetically and have never received any criticism, only compliments (granted, I'm a 1-2 spray guy). But somehow this one gives me the impression of a more mature crowd shall we say? Yet not only do I like it, my wife who is just barely in her mid-20's LOVES it. This one appears to be by far her favorite in my collection, followed by Art of Shaving's Sandalwood, meanwhile Aqua Di Gio, which I got thinking, "Wifey will like this!", is one that she doesn't mind at all but really doesn't get excited about - go figure! My point? Forget preconceived notions about age - do you like it, do you want to wear it?

This remains in my collection/rotation. The wife's strong, STRONG affinity for it certainly plays a factor in that, but I think it would still hold its place though I'd be tempted at times to downgrade it out from there. Really my only issue with it is that it's simply too powdery to me. That's... part of its whole presentation, which is coherent, but I'd personally dial that aspect back a notch or three, makes me cough a bit and is a bit rough in that manner if I'm still smelling of it while trying to fall asleep at night (honestly, for that reason, I'm a bit strategic in when I wear it, based on schedule/plans with the mrs.). Now... I should add that for me personally, the descriptors "powdery" and "manly" can be at odds with each other. The Original Clubman aftershave manages to achieve a functional balance with this. Armani Code... pulls it off so that it's still a masculine fragrance, but at the same time the powdery aspect is excessive for me. None the less, a fragrance that's masculine in the sense that it has a reassuring confidence to it. It doesn't shout, yet it does have presence and... I would say it has a sense of quiet command. It's sort of inconspicuous yet gets your attention, unique without really sticking out.

In any case, this one is certainly accessible enough to get a whiff of it at many department store fragrance sections, so no need to blind buy.
19th October, 2014
Decent opening of citrus, bergamot, spices, aldehydes, on vanillin and soft woods. General – and generic – sharp cleanness, that kind of contemporary cheap "elegance" you smell in gyms, offices, downtown bars... not stinky, but terribly dull.

08th July, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

A perfectly decent and rather "clean" oriental, but far too tame for me to get worked up about. Yes, it's an oriental you can wear during the daytime and in business settings, but that may only be because it's just a little bland. Harmless, really, and harmless is not something I look for from this kind of scent.

Little sillage on me, and absolutely no development or staying power.
10th June, 2014
This is a fragrance that really grew on me.
At first the olive blossom note was off putting for me and disliked the scent, then little by little it earned a place in my rotation and now is one of my favorites.
Another reason not to judge a perfume on first impressions, or disregard a fragrance just after on sample or two, give the perfume a chance to gain your heart.
The dominant note is the mentioned olive blossom, but the tobacco and leather combination es fairly distinguishable, but it is nicely balanced by the tonka bean and star anise. A well constructed scent, balanced and well blended with a nice touch of woods
It has good sillage and longevity, the only objection is its price, while not stratospheric, it is not at the reach of many people.
26th January, 2014
this is a nice powdery scent that has a long lasting strength to it. I have noticed the more expensive colognes today are not nearly as masculine as the classic older colognes I have worn. this armani code brand seems to be a popular selling cologne.
06th January, 2014
Smells nice and safe, but burns out pretty quickly. Definitely Not worth the price tag.

I would rather look into Armani Code Ultimate before this.
05th November, 2013

You dont need to know the notes, or the "scent development". Just know that it smells amazing and should be a staple in everyones collection. Compliments: Yes People Pleaser: Yes Versatility: Spring/Fall/Winter Sillage: High end of average.

Pros: Scent
Cons: Market Saturation"

21st September, 2013
Nice bit not mind blowing

Armani Code is :
Elegant,soft,creamy,cozy and powdery and you can imagine a dark handsome man as a smooth operator in suit drinking his espresso in a lounge bar after a good lunch.
I like the blending of it but i lacks projection imo.
On the scale from 0 till 10 it projects 6 and for this kind of scent i would like them stronger.
All being said this is a very familiar and great scent to wear on evenings out or at a wedding in late summer - autumn settings.

Im curious to smell its cheaper version Salvador Dali Black Sun now. If its true that Black Sun has more projection i will more likely buy this instead of Armani Code which is very expensive here.

Pros: Generally liked by many
Cons: mainstream and too expensive"

24th August, 2013
Synthetic sweets

Citrus, powder, and...I swear I get cocoa as well. Am I hallucinating? Nobody else mentioned that.

Well, the bottom line is that I find Code completely synthetic and boring. Flat. Too sweet, in fact, a little cloying.

At first I was thinking that a gourmand is supposed too have an aspect of deliciousness about it. Then I realised Code is not supposed to be a gourmand fragrance, rather a more straight up oriental. What part of the Orient are we talking about then? Kuala Lumpur? Candy store?

17th July, 2013
Good but not great

This scent is classic. But not particular unique.

Pros: Classic Smell

11th June, 2013
Safe, inoffensive but average.

I tried spraying Armani Code in a breezy spring night for the first time (2013). The leather scent is prominent throughout its life but it is not that strong to make it too cloying due to its soft spicy and warm texture thanks to star anise and tobacco. Having a father that has been a chain-smoker in most of his life, I do not like the smell of cigars as if trying to overdose yourself with masculinity. Nevertheless, I commend Antoine Lie, Antoine Maisondieu and Clement Gavarry for this creation on how they make tobacco smells good despite my disgust to it. The initial notes of bergamot and lemon gives that refreshing and citrus vibe as it plays with the grassy feeling of olive blossom giving a tad sweetness and saltiness to it. I also like the powderiness of tonka bean that gives a comforting feeling to ladies and the mild tea-rose-like odour that gives sexiness to it.
In the end of night, I ask myself if I adore this scent. Sadly no. Longevity is good but its sillage and projection is poor which is only effective if you are looking for an intimate moments with your partner. It's sexiness won't shout out to the world or echoes like the song of LMFAO, I'm Sexy and I Know It. It is sexy but not intellectually romantic, suave but not elegant, juxtaposition of modern and classiness but lacks confidence. It is good but not great. Overall, I find it too safe, inoffensive and average.Neither hate it nor like it. It is not a perfume that I can see myself in an Armani suit.

Pros: Smells sexy
Cons: Poor projection and sillage

26th May, 2013

Armani Code é um perfume para estigar as mulheres,profundamente elegante,com fixação boa e projeção na medida correta,discreto mas é bem marcante. pena ter muitas cópias por ai,mas esse é o original,seu aroma conquista e arrebata a quem sente,as mulheres é claro.

Pros: Sexy,com boa fixação e aroma magnifico
Cons: caro

18th May, 2013