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A woody cedar, sweet, slightly aqua, lavender-citrus-smoky-tonka masculine stereotype. Azzaro pour Homme might be their grandfather and miles ahead. Jacomo Anthracite pour l'Homme did it perfectly new-way. Gainsboro Exception might be the unseen masterpiece of this upcoming genre. Yves Rocher's Hoggar is a budget one. Now, there are dozens of it, even hitting Gourmand territory - finally Dior's Sauvage, Boss' The Scent and many, many, manymany others, stating they're "leathers". Body Shop's Arber is nothing new, nothing stunning. But it's a sympathic one. A dry cedar barbershop vibe and a calm overall feeling add to a nice wearing with a day long performance for a nice Price. Good stuff.
26th March, 2016
I like this for casual daytime wear. It reminds me of a scent that I wore in high school, almost identical, that was discontinued. Don't remember the name of it. But this reminds me of that fragrance more than anything else, and that one got me a lot of complements. I don't wear this one often, but now and then it's nice and reminds me of my youth.
24th March, 2010
Whilst walking through the body shop with the lady, I stopped at the men's section. I was looking at a few products and noticed their EDTs. I began to test them, see what they were like. A quick verdict test from the lady resulted in us both agreeing that Arber was a very nice masculine scent indeed. I liken it to a much softer and warmer Memoire d'Homme. The good thing is that its cheap and the Shower Gel is fantastic.
06th December, 2003
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