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My mother bought this as a gift and it blew my mind: fresh, yet sophisticate, light but complex, it was my signature fragrance... until the bottle ran out. Then I went out and bought a second one and it smelled nothing like the first: banal, easy monochromatic and vulgar. It wasn't a bad bottle either: I bought more bottles and the fragrance has changed even if the name hasn't. Now it's a bad perfume that makes me distrust Givenchy marketing strategies.
15th February, 2011
The bamboo is overbearing, that's all I can really say about it. It smells nice, but not something to wear alot.
19th December, 2008
Bright, crisp floral. Pleasant but not outstanding -- Givenchy's done far better work. A "sporty, unisex" kind of frag -- so perhaps I'm prejudiced here. (Not exactly my favorite family of frag. I'm an Eighties wood/spice/patchouli powerhouse kind of guy in most things.) This one's great for those who love florals, yes, but I'd recommend Insense over this for any guy who wants a Givenchy floral that's bright and clear and extremely wearable.
12th October, 2007
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Last week I tested a little sample I had, as my 3 years old daughter wanted to use some "mammy parfume" instead her baby cologne. With my wife we got a couple of samples when visiting Paris in 2002 with some friends. One of them bought a fragrance and got a lot of samples... she let us to choice some ones and we take the Eau Torride ones, recently launched.

On my wife the main notes I felt was citrics, but not in the style of some sporty fragrances, it was supported by a middle notes based on soft flowers and soft woods. When tried it on my daughter, the same notes appeared, but an extra note also appeared, something like a bitter flower, maybe bamboo according to the olfative pyramid.

The fragrance isn't complex... it's at a middle point between a sporty fragrance and a daytime fragrance (my wife used it when traveling, to avoid carrying a bigger bottle of her favorite fragrance). Due to their citric notes, it's recommended for warmer seasons use, it's not strong enough for an evening use.

In Chile the fragrance was launched about 6 months after we got the samples and seemed it wasn't locally accepted: about a year later it disappeared from almost all fragrance stores.
29th October, 2006
Eau Torride is not the most masculine fragrance on the face of this earth, but it’s a great unisex summer fragrance. It’s a wonderful fruity fragrance that is really much different than most other fruity fragrances on the market. This one smells a lot like peach to me, but don’t see peach listed on the pyramid. It’s relaxing and refreshing. What a combo.
20th September, 2005
Nothing manly about this one. Sharp citrus opening and doesnt develop into anything else really .
11th November, 2004
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United Kingdom
This is a great fragrance! Its very fresh and fruity. It does remind me of Polo Sport (Woman) which I actually used to wear cause I preferred it to the men's version. It does lend to the feminine side a little but it really is very easy and pleasant to wear. It lasts well too. Probably not one for the more "Macho" types cause it does have some floral notes. But in saying this it is certainly more masculine than the vile A*men or the even worse toilet cleaner Joop! Homme. Great for spring/summer. Give it a try, you may be surprised!!
24th March, 2003