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Positive Reviews of Eau Torride by Givenchy

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Eau Torride is not the most masculine fragrance on the face of this earth, but it’s a great unisex summer fragrance. It’s a wonderful fruity fragrance that is really much different than most other fruity fragrances on the market. This one smells a lot like peach to me, but don’t see peach listed on the pyramid. It’s relaxing and refreshing. What a combo.
20th September, 2005
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United Kingdom
This is a great fragrance! Its very fresh and fruity. It does remind me of Polo Sport (Woman) which I actually used to wear cause I preferred it to the men's version. It does lend to the feminine side a little but it really is very easy and pleasant to wear. It lasts well too. Probably not one for the more "Macho" types cause it does have some floral notes. But in saying this it is certainly more masculine than the vile A*men or the even worse toilet cleaner Joop! Homme. Great for spring/summer. Give it a try, you may be surprised!!
24th March, 2003