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Neutral Reviews of Versace Man by Versace

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Starts out like a synthetic candy or bubble gum. Then it seems to smell slightly floral (Not too floral). The longer this stays on the skin, the better it smells. This one is OK, but not as good as Versace Man Eau Fraiche.
09th October, 2012
Gentle and spicy aroma of tobacco with a lemon-orange bit pungent persistent undertone and an almost tasty, balmy soul. Man is not bad but I find it too inoffensive and banally enjoiable for my taste. Any trace of boldness and too much mild lightness. Neroli, angelica, spices, citrus and tobacco arouse the blend diverse nuances while resins and woods constitute the real olfactory soul. I use to appreciate the tobacco-orange accord in general and it is not badly carried out in this case. The angelica provides a bitter-sweet, slightly mentholated undertone which is by me perceived till the dry down. The fragrance is sweet and synthetic but well balanced. The aroma doesn't slide for real towards the gourmand territories despite the amber, balsams and in particular hints of vanilla flanked by labdanum, upholding indeed the necessary level of dryness and earthiness due to stable citrus, tobacco and spices (a peppery initial blast in particular). While the longevity of the fragrance is quite good, this scent stands out basically close to the skin.
15th February, 2011 (last edited: 10th January, 2014)
Spicy with some citrus undertones and more pepper...
Just something different but not for my taste.
The only versage I like a lot is Pour Homme.
and the one I hate is Dreamer this one is just another offering....pass.
18th March, 2010 (last edited: 28th March, 2010)
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First, I am hit with those zingy spices. I don't get "tobacco" so much as cigar box. There are sophisticated woody smells that remind me of an old chess set my father used to own. The spices fade quickly though, leaving behind the soapiness, then finally a bubble bath. There's just too much going on, it's trying too hard and once the spices disappear it's a bit disappointing.
16th February, 2010
Top notes are spicy, somewhat sexy, but definitely synthetic. Kind of generic, also. Hints of citrus (specifically lemon), also. Pretty linear from here on out.
17th November, 2009
Very nice but way too familiar. There are so many other frags like it out there. Chrome by Azzaro will give you a similar effect with a cleaner finish.
25th February, 2009
This shares the tobacco note that makes up Versace The Dreamer, but is a bit more complex. I like this one a whole lot more than The Dreamer (Versace Man doesn't open smelling like acetone) but for the most part I didn't care for it. It's just too dark and tobacco-leaf smelling, and I prefer fragrances with a bit of sweetness. It's definitely manly however, and quite unique. Give it a try if you're into that type of fragrance.

It should be noted that Versace Man Eau Fraîche smells NOTHING like Versace Man. They are two totally different fragrances.
25th August, 2008 (last edited: 25th October, 2009)
All the notes in the pyramid to me all to become one mass. And that is berry/fruit/liquor, that's all I seem to get. Not horrible, but a bit synthetic and just not really for me. Not bad sillage and lasts, even after washing you may still catch a whiff of it.
01st December, 2007
Very strange. Some days I think its great others I wonder why I havent traded it off. The scent is unlike any I have ever had or tried before. So in the least, it is different. The scent starts off strong but loses power and fades away on my skin in less than two hours and then out of nowhere it occasionaly shows up throughout the day. Not one that projects itself far but is also not a skin-hugging fragrance. Worth a try because it is different but may not sit well with you. Who knows, this could be another frag that needs a certain skin chemistry to pull it off.
09th August, 2005
Menthol/camphor ouverture. A Hugo Boss Dark Blue with better developing power. Drydown is tobacco, in the Dreamer's mold. Very masculine and in your face. Lasts for AGES.
20th November, 2004
It's okay. Gave it a try and while nice enough just not as nice as Dreamer. Dreamer is just the cream of the crop.
03rd March, 2004