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Reviews of The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

Smells alcoholic, and not nice at all. Not even worth a bottle at clearance prices.
01st November, 2015
Big Thumbs Up. This stuff smells incredible. Only downfall is that It doesn't really project that well.
31st October, 2015
I almost bought this one blindly but thankfully did not. I was really excited the try The One, so I gave myself a squirt at a department store and was not impressed. It doesn't smell bad, but it smelt like a cheap cocktail to me. It did not blow me away and I felt nauseous within the first 30 minutes of wearing it. I did not find the fragrance to be unique, but hey, to each is own. 3/10.
03rd September, 2015
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Woodsy, gingery and some tobacco in the background.
A bit more on the mature side.

I wore this today on a warm day without hesitation, it is not dark or heavy, on me at least.

In my mind I think of the drydown, after a few hours, as also rather woodsy/creamy. Definitely does not come off as cheap or synthetic.

29th June, 2015
Too spicy. Too old.
17th May, 2015

I am generally a fan of D&G fargarances.this fragrance is very famous in my country.when you wear this you smell expensive.

The one is an elegant warm quite hot.the style is notes is masculine but in my opinion the base is a little feminine!i wear when in the mood romantic.

Ideal for cold weather and definitely for the night for that special dinners with your lover!the bottle is stylish and longevity is around 8 hours on my skin.

Anyway if you are a smart man and looking for a luxurious and elegant fragrance buy this fragrance.

16th May, 2015
Probably my number one 'comfort' scent -- putting this on feels like wearing my favorite pair of jeans... it simply fits just right. Smooth and warm; somehow, the combo of tobacco and cardamom and ginger gives me the atmosphere of baked cookies without a heavy gourmand feel. Imagine eating a muffin on a warm autumn day in the woods -- that's what this scent evokes for me.

Longevity is average (barely), but don't let that scare you away. An all around great scent.
11th March, 2015
This stuff is really top notch,but just doesn't last that long.For that 4 stars and not 5..but the scent is amazing
27th February, 2015
This one indeed smells nice, but it is too stong and long lasting for my taste and on my skin. Be careful not to overapply this!
05th February, 2015 (last edited: 06th February, 2015)
I so wanted to fall in love with The One for Men by D&G, but, alas, it was not to be. Fragrance-wise, it’s wonderful, beautiful, I can’t say enough good about it! Actually probably one of my favorite scents, which is the reason for the Thumbs Up. I don’t have the refined nose of many here so I’m not great at always deciphering all the notes, but at first spray I just got a sweet, spicy vibe (never specifically smelled grapefruit). It did evolve frequently over the course of the drydown, and the end result on me is a soft, beautiful sweet amber and tobacco that I could sniff all day.

The problem for me is that it’s too soft for my personal taste. If you’re the type man who only wants some special girl or guy to smell you when their head is on your chest or snuggled into your neck, then this would work out exceptionally well. I, however, like fragrances with a little more projection. I don’t need to fill the room, but if you’re standing a few feet away in conversation I want you to at least pick up a good whiff, and that doesn’t happen for me with The One. I tend toward drier skin so always use lots of moisturizer, and hoped that would help with the staying power of this but it didn’t seem to. This scent would work very well as a professional office scent since I doubt it would offend anyone and it sits fairly close to the skin on me. I think this could be worn year-round, and might possibly even work as unisex for some women.

When I first put this on, I got a slight projection but after about 4 hours it has dwindled into just a nice skin scent, and I really have to shove my nose into my wrist or tuck my face into my shirt to smell it (I did 2 sprays on chest, 1 on each wrist, and 1 at base of neck). If this had more strength I’d buy a bottle and wear it regularly because I absolutely love how it smells. But, I think I’m going to take a pass on this “One” and hope to find something that may excite my nose as much as this does but with more oomph!

As always, your results may vary!
27th January, 2015
This fragrance is literally perfect for me.

I hate scents worn by teenagers or men that you can smell from miles away such as 1 Million.

I was looking for a classy fragrance that smells good and can be smelt by me and someone close to me...

This is it.

I've tried out Dior Homme (&intense) which I found classy but overpowering and too flowery. Chanel Allure Homme was way too synthetic for me and annoyingly strong.

D&G The One means I won't offend, but compliments my sharp suit, designer watch and winter coat ;)

People moan about longevity but I can smell the fragrance still 10 hours after applying up close.

Happy days :)
11th November, 2014
I've sampled The One several times now and I'm definitely getting the bottle. I for one think this is Dolce & Gabbana's best male frag. I tried pour homme and it just doesn't work as well as The One. The One has a beautiful arrangement of notes and the tobacco dry down is great! As far as projection and longevity of it...I haven't had any issues yet. I really don't know what people want in colognes but sounds like some people want to get smelled all the way across the room. A wise basenoter once told me " not everything is meant to be blasted" this is a nice everyday/ date night scent that is classy as well as relaxed. No harsh note in the beginning no horrible smelling dry down. It's just right! I definitely plan on making thisy fall signature scent.

P.s. If you're having issues with longevity then use lotion and apply it to the spot you want to spray and you should be smelling it for hours. I do this with bvgari black all the time!
09th October, 2014
Wear this one on your arms, then you can enjoy the skin scent all day. The top is beautiful (orange blossom maybe), but it's gone within an hour (maybe half an hour). The there's some powdery perfume smell that can last for a few hours, especially on clothing, and then there's the tobacco dry down that you can only enjoy if you can press your nose into it, which I recommend to get the most out of this fragrance.

Between the top notes dissipating and olfactory fatigue, this juice can be a trial for its wearer. Also, I have smelled this on someone else and I liked it less than I thought I would.

The top on this one is great, and the deodorant stick for this scent smells very good, but the performance of the juice makes it hard for me to give it a thumbs up, but I do, just barely.
08th October, 2014
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Coconut somehow nice opening but at least on me it doesnt last that long...
IMO doesnt worth to buy.
04th October, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

The One starts out life with a conventional but nicely rendered sweet citrus top note, rounded off by some discreet aromatics and a touch of cardamom. It quickly thickens and sweetens as a clean, but oddly “artificial” smelling white flower accord comes into play. The entire composition then assumes an olfactory texture akin to marshmallow candy, as a cloud of dusty cedar and powdery vanillic notes wells up in the foundation. The result is something like tropical fruit over coconut – not far removed, in fact, from a piña colada. I smell neither tobacco nor ambergris.

The poolside cocktail accord chugs right along, little paper parasol and all, until it arrives at its pleasant-but-insipid sweet woody/vanillic drydown. Sillage and projection are both adequate: neither is skimpy, but neither will offend your neighbors. In fact, there’s nothing here at all to hate. Nor, sadly, is there much to celebrate. Were you to take an edgier masculine gourmand – A*Men, say, or Lolita Lempicka au Masculin – and pare away anything that might cause even the slightest wrinkle of the nose, The One is very likely what you’d get. Unnecessary.
05th July, 2014
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United States
I do not have a longevity problem with this scent. However, I tend to just "let go" while applying it (roughly 6 sprays total). Usually lasts me all day. Sillage may not be the brightest, but its there. I think this scent is so good that it is just never enough of it and it quickly causes olfactory fatigue.

Wonderful blend of all things I appreciate in mens fragrances - tobacco, amber, coriander with a solid cedar finish. Drydown makes me think of GPH 1 for some reason. I think it has more woods in the base than people give it credit for. No, of course it does not literally smell like GPH at all, but the overall seductive ambience is not unlike the one in Gucci.
19th May, 2014
One thing I truly adore about this cologne is the mature man can pull it off as well as a younger male like myself. Almost powdery like scent it's projection isn't the best almost disappointing but the longevity is amazing. Besides one flaw in which I can personally point out it's an amazing scent. Really recommended for evening wear.
14th April, 2014
The One is an intimate fragrance but I would be anosmic to say "no projection or longevity". This is certainly not the case and I am still smelling a single spray at arm's length after 4 hours. If you are looking for a ghetto-blaster fragrance then look elsewhere, because The One to me is about the romancing of one special person. It is an olfactory love letter intended only for the one person whom you desire. I find myself wanting to be closer to the scent. It offers a game of chase to its recipient who must come closer for the mystery to be revealed. The notes are warm, soft and seamlessly blended. The fragrance makes a strong statement without being obtrusive. The One is perfectly suited for romantic wear, special occasions, and those who prefer discrete everyday wear.
26th March, 2014
Great smell. Good for work or dates where you're up close together. I'm not good at detecting specific top, middle, and base notes. To me this scent is spectacular from application through the drying process, and right up to when it disappears.

Longevity varies on the person and how it's applied I guess. It's best for me with a couple spritzes on my shirt and one to each of the inside of my forearms. I usually get 4 hrs or so. The One holds on cotton fabric much longer than on my skin.

I try not to do my wrists and the bottom of my forearms because I sit in a cube at a keyboard most of the time. Fragrance from those locations just end up on my desk.
20th March, 2014
Just like everyone says. Amazing scent, ok longevity, zero sillage/projection.
06th February, 2014
I love this scent. On me, it lasted like two days. Longevity is great, smell is great and I think it goes with my ethnicity (Jewish). Maybe it's the color, but my dad really liked it too.
05th January, 2014
This is an absolutely beautiful-smelling fragrance with no projection or longevity. I bought it in a two-bottle package and was disapponted especially because of the high price. I found there is a body-lotion that comes in a different package and might have kept this if I could have bought the lotion by itself to help with the longevity issues. Too bad.

Pros: The smell
Cons: The longevity and the price
01st January, 2014
Tried this at a shop the other day and loved the smell. Smooth, sexy and warm. Best for a wearing at night and in cold weather. The scent stayed on the leather strap of my wrist watch for a day or two. Couldn't stop myself from smelling my wrist again and again. People thought I was CRAZY! So went ahead and bought a bottle. To my utter surprise and disappointment, it has no longevity and silage at all!! And i mean none. Have to spray considerable amount just to get it noticed and my bottle is already half empty. I wish they could have made it last a bit longer as in my opinion it is well suited to be in the league of other giants such as Dior Homme Intense. A word of caution: Some men may not like it as it may seem a little feminine to them. Better try before buying especially considering the high price tag! But this is it for me, I wont be buying another bottle of this. What's the use of it if you can't smell it?
12th November, 2013
Theo Show all reviews
United States
Nice Scent

I was gifted a bottle of this by a friend and I really like it a lot. I'm not getting the citrus notes that some mention but it does have a nice freshness to it in the top notes that you don't find in a lot of warmer, spicy, woodsy scents. It's very warm in the dry down, and I would consider it as a fall, winter or nighttime scent. I used to wear Kenneth Cole RSVP because a female interest at the time loved it and I think the two are definitely similar. I think the one is warmer, more sophisticated and doesn't have the slightly synthetic quality that RSVP does. For some who like this scent but feel it lacks longevity and projection (which I don't, personally) you might be pleasantly surprised by RSVP, because it has great projection and longevity, but is a bit sweeter. The One has just the right balance of sweet, in my opinion. Over the past few years I've really started to dislike fragrances that are too sweet on my skin. If you're in the same boat, you might give The One a try. Overall, a very well composed fragrance, definitely a thumbs up!

Pros: Warm, woodsy, spicy, but not too strong or sweet
Cons: Longevity and projection aren't issues for me"

17th October, 2013
I just wish it would last

A wonderful, interesting frag, with great versatility.

It would be a perfect work scent if it lasted more than 2 hours (on my skin, air conditioned office). Definitely signature scent worthy, if only it lasted longer.

Pros: Beautiful, interesting aroma
Cons: Blink, and its gone"

22nd August, 2013
Deceptively clean

When I sampled this at the department store it immediately caught my attention because it smelled good on blotter. I didn't put any on myself because I was already wearing something I liked. On paper it has a warm, leathery, mildly sweet, slightly ozonish with a touch of resin smell - well rounded or so I thought at the time. I really like earthy, foresty, tobacco, resinous, leathery, smoky and edible smells so I was interested in this one. In retrospect I think that what I was wearing at the time greatly influenced my decision to buy this because I don't normally buy scents without trying them first but I did this time. I'm not fond of clean smells, if I want that overly processed ozone, candy and detergent freshness I'll buy mega-scented fresh deodorant products and be done with it. Unfortunately for me this dries down to just that and makes my sinuses feel as though they've been reamed with a wire brush. Lesson learned.

Pros: Smells good on paper
Cons: Smells like cleaning fluid or cheap deodorant on me"

19th August, 2013
Beautiful Scent! Sensual and seductive.

Gorgeous masculine scent! On me it's warm and slightly sweat. I pick up vanilla and fresh mandarin with a hint of spice throughout...with cedar and tobacco notes coming through during dry-down.

Much has been made about the projection. The One projects fine. I'm not sure what the expectations are for cologne projection these days. One popular YouTube reviewer talks about hitting himself with five spays. Wow! Five spays of most anything will send people running in the other direction. Personally, I do not want to leave a vapor trail behind me.

I've worn The One off and on the past couple weeks and have had no issue with it's projection or longevity. For me, 1 spray to the upper chest/neck and 1 to the wrist and I'm good. Lasts eight hours on me. Highly recommend.

Pros: Warm and inviting.
Cons: None."

18th August, 2013
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
Wish it could be potent

I loved the way this smells, I had to have the bottle. Sprayed in 6-7 times all the time and 2 hours later ....GONE. Others had the same problem. Smell wise it opens with a nice Fall seasoned-Muffin baking smell with a hint of woodsyness. This sells quite a bit too, I just don't get how anyone wants a fragrance that has no longevity or projection. But the smell is quite amazing, they need to make a perfume/potent version of this juice ASAP. Would rate it a solid 5 if it had longevity. Doesn't even stay on the skin for that long

Pros: Smells Amazing

23rd July, 2013
The One by Dolce & Gabanna

Typical gourmandish fresh spicy vanilla fragrance which has some good elements to it, but otherwise a very generic and typical cologne. It's pleasant, but it's not something I would personally wear. Performance, both projection and longevity, is terrible

24th May, 2013
I own the Platinum version of The One which is a reformulated version of the original. This newer version lasts a bit longer and has a brighter opening. The One has always been a fragrance that most people love, but don't like the lack of projection and longevity. The same can be said of fragrances like Gucci Pour Homme II and Burberry London which are highly regarded by most members. The One is in this same territory. It's one of the best skin scents you can own, but an intense version would be more than welcomed. In its current form The One is still an awesome fragrance that should be in everyone's collection.
24th April, 2013 (last edited: 10th November, 2014)