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Neutral Reviews of The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

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This fragrance is really hard to place. It definitely does not smell synthetic, but it's not that complex. I does not smell masculine, but I would not call it uni-sex. Basically, it smells like orange peel and spices, yet there is something indescribable going on in the background. It's simultaneously cerebral and elegant, but simple. Frankly, I enjoy the smell of it, but I can't possibly think of any occasion I might actually wear it. Sadly, sillage is a bit of a joke, and projection degrades rapidly after an hour. If you like this fragrance, buy a large bottle because you will be hitting the trigger a lot.

07th November, 2015
This one indeed smells nice, but it is too stong and long lasting for my taste and on my skin. Be careful not to overapply this!
05th February, 2015 (last edited: 06th February, 2015)
Genre: Woody Oriental

The One starts out life with a conventional but nicely rendered sweet citrus top note, rounded off by some discreet aromatics and a touch of cardamom. It quickly thickens and sweetens as a clean, but oddly “artificial” smelling white flower accord comes into play. The entire composition then assumes an olfactory texture akin to marshmallow candy, as a cloud of dusty cedar and powdery vanillic notes wells up in the foundation. The result is something like tropical fruit over coconut – not far removed, in fact, from a piña colada. I smell neither tobacco nor ambergris.

The poolside cocktail accord chugs right along, little paper parasol and all, until it arrives at its pleasant-but-insipid sweet woody/vanillic drydown. Sillage and projection are both adequate: neither is skimpy, but neither will offend your neighbors. In fact, there’s nothing here at all to hate. Nor, sadly, is there much to celebrate. Were you to take an edgier masculine gourmand – A*Men, say, or Lolita Lempicka au Masculin – and pare away anything that might cause even the slightest wrinkle of the nose, The One is very likely what you’d get. Unnecessary.
05th July, 2014
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nyguy Show all reviews
United States
Wish it could be potent

I loved the way this smells, I had to have the bottle. Sprayed in 6-7 times all the time and 2 hours later ....GONE. Others had the same problem. Smell wise it opens with a nice Fall seasoned-Muffin baking smell with a hint of woodsyness. This sells quite a bit too, I just don't get how anyone wants a fragrance that has no longevity or projection. But the smell is quite amazing, they need to make a perfume/potent version of this juice ASAP. Would rate it a solid 5 if it had longevity. Doesn't even stay on the skin for that long

Pros: Smells Amazing

23rd July, 2013
The One by Dolce & Gabanna

Typical gourmandish fresh spicy vanilla fragrance which has some good elements to it, but otherwise a very generic and typical cologne. It's pleasant, but it's not something I would personally wear. Performance, both projection and longevity, is terrible

24th May, 2013
Smells incredible, but suffers from bad longevity and projection. On my skin this is a bad fragrance because of how bad its potency is. However, on clothes it's more noticeable and the smell is the same. I figure I'll get good use of it for the summer and spray on clothes to get desired performance.

If this was an EDP and lasted 8 hours or more on skin, this'd be a direct competitor to the likes of La Nuit de L'Homme and Dior Homme Intense
08th December, 2012 (last edited: 12th May, 2013)
A boy runs into the living room and takes his grandfather's favorite chair as soon as he gets up to leave the room. The boy dives head first into the chair, still feeling his grandfather's warmth he left behind by his body. The old man comes back and picks up the boy and puts him in his lap. They sit together, comfortably watching television.

I also feel there is whiskey in a glass nearby, but it doesn't fit with my presented story. Ah well.
16th October, 2012
The scent itself is superb! I almost find no other scent even close to it!
But a BIG BUT!
There's NO sillage or longevity with this stuff! A great pitty.
No matter how many sprays you do (as once I did 24!), in the next hour hardly anyone can even tell that you're wearing a fragrance!
I give it a VERY WEAK neutral rating just for the scent itself, but I never buy it again...
05th October, 2012
Spicy with cinnamon that blends together quite nicely. This smells like something I smelled before.Like most D&G colognes, this is has a synthetic smell. Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty good fragrance though.
16th September, 2012

Without a doubt, this fragrance is a classic. I must say though, anyone who complains about the LONGEVITY and PROJECTION of this fragrance, DEFINITELY has a more recent bottle...

I originally purchased two bottles from Macy's when it was released back in '08 - 1 bottle which I still own (about 2/3 full). The top notes from the original batch are VERY BOLD - extremely spicy, sparkling grapefruit, and a stronger ginger, but yet still very warm. So bold, your nostrils may have a slight stinging sensation once sprayed. The strength of the top notes are in your face for at least 1-2 hours before it transitions to the softer, smoother, and calmer notes. Having said that, the spice remains throughout. I get anywhere from 10-14 hours with it. No lie!!!


After hearing numerous comparisons to 1 Million, I was so perplexed and adamant about how very different they are, that I decided to purchase another bottle of this stuff yesterday from Sephora. What the heck... this would give me a much needed backup bottle, plus I can test it side by side with the older juice. I sprayed the '08 version on my left wrist and the '12 juice on my other... WOW!!! What a difference indeed!!! Now I understand the comparisons...

The newer bottles have been drastically toned down. The opening is very flat and far less spicy. Comparing it to the '08 bottle, the scent completely skips the intense vivacious opening. Yes, the notes are there, but where's the personality??? The '12 juice starts out how my '08 juice is toward the end of the drydown. No wonder people are getting the 1 Million vibe and longevity of just 2-4 hours like I've been hearing. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good scent, but clearly not the same juice! I have the evidence to prove it. In fact, 4 hours in... the '08 juice is motoring and full of personality & projection. The '12 juice is barely there and just a dull & sweet skin scent - BLAH.

So, for those out there who may have said they "USED TO" like the fragrance and remember it very differently, you're NOT going crazy. It is indeed very different and boring when compared. If you don't remember what it smelled like when it first was introduced to the market, well then, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy this as you have been. Unfortunately, I am not pleased with this finding. Will I treasure my older bottle more?... ABSOLUTELY. Will I wear the '12 bottle when I run out?... We'll have to see about that one.

I hope this helps someone. Thanks for reading and keep sniffing fragrance community!
09th September, 2012
GREAT smelling cologne. HORRIBLE longevity, maybe an hour at most. if only an intense version could come out or reformulate it to have a few more hours on the longevity and projection....
27th August, 2012
The scent was nice, crisp floral and citrus. The big problem I have is that I sprayed 5 squirts on at a fragrance counter, and 15 min later my wife said she couldn't even smell it. The longevity isn't there, and the intensity doesn't survive dry-down. I won't give thumbs down just because the scent for a fleeting moment was nice.
21st July, 2012 (last edited: 05th May, 2013)
The One is actually an interesting release from the designer hemisphere: it is unique, complex, and smells good.

The One, however, is not a perfect fragrance.

It opens with a sweet, syrupy pina colada mixed with a touch of metal shavings, develops into
a mediocre tobacco note, and ends with a boring soapy amber.

Altogether, The One has the backbone of a solid oriental, but fails to weave its components into a cohesive composition.
22nd May, 2012
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I have friends that keep howling that this is a good cologne...but I can't offer much of an I don't seem to notice much of anything from it! On me, the sprays from the store literally faded momentarily. I wanna like it...but this would have to be next to free for me to consider wasting $ on a mild scent.
28th April, 2012
I was really thrilled by this one the first time I smelled it on paper. Ordered it the same day. However, once I began using it I was really dissapointed with its longetivity and projection. I use it if I only need it for an hour or so but not for other occasions. Such a great and classy smell, just wish it would last longer.
15th January, 2012
First off this fragrance smells amazing! To me it smells like a sweet and creamy mixture of pineapple with a hint of coconut. I would say that this is one of the best fragrances that I have ever smelt.

However, the projection is absolutley pathetic and the longevity isnt much better. I wouldnt even bother wearing this outside as no-one would smell it. I would recommend that this fragrance be worn only on a romantic night in. If the projection and longevity were better on this fragrance I would have scored it 10/10.

My score: Projection 1/10
Longevity 3/10
fragrance 10/10
08th January, 2012
del Show all reviews
United States
I really want to give this a thumbs up because I love its scent: it is modern, unique and masculine that has thick and rich middle notes. But the sillage and longevity are both terrible. It stays very close to skin after half an hour, and can't detect it after 2 to 2.5 hours of first application.

I've read reviews that The One performs better in warm places. Unfortunately, that's not the case in the East Coast, USA. It is a shame that I can only maximize its performance for 3 months.
03rd January, 2012
Honestly my favorite smelling fragrance. It's what I'd have imagined cologne to smell if I had never smelt it before. Warm, classy, on a tropical island.

It's a pity that the longevity and silage suck!

Definite try
23rd November, 2011
VERY feminine scent. smells like a girl's makeup bag.
21st July, 2011
The aroma conjures me a vaguely Roma Uomo (grapefruit, citrus, amber, cedarwood, orange) that is a lighter kind of fragrance and Dior Homme plus a tobacco twist and minus the note of cacao, namely is not a sort of olfactory stroke of originality even if i like it cause the fragrances with a detectable trait of honeyed tobacco rarely fail to enchant me. In this case it would be anyway too much talking about a creamy tobacco cause the ambergris retains its right dosage of warm-spicy dryness and cause I don't properly catch insertions of vanilla or balsams. The One for Men is subtle, "seasoned" and tasty but doesn't reach high levels of elegance and distinction. I smell it more as an edible-tasty captivating tobacco veined aroma that conjures me more a sort of honeyed cocktail than a well structured and complex piece of texture. The scent is good for sure but a bit too flat and synthetic. The One is the fragrance of a clean and well trimmed man that exudes a delicious wake of orangy musky tobacco with nuances of cinnamon and cardamom. Is important to underline anyway that the juice is not dense, retaining indeed a touch of fluidity that is vaguely prickly-spicy-aromatic because of a note of pungent ginger with green nuances. The final cedarwood is well linked with several green traits which, on the side of ambergris, preserve the right level of density and texture. Finally warm, spicy and sensual. Longevity and projection are faint. Not bad anyway.
28th June, 2011 (last edited: 20th January, 2015)
Dolce & Gabbana the One is a very unique scent. It has a very nice, classy, and possible sensual scent that everyone will love. This one was a HUGE let down. I bought this in Macy's after smelling it on my skin and I instantly fell in love with the scent. After using it for about a month or so I've noticed that the longevity lasts for about 3-4 hours max. The silage is present for about 35-45 minutes then sticks so close to the skin you have to put your nose to it to smell anything. Don't be afraid to over spray a little since this one will disappear before you even realize you had it on. I truly did want to like this scent but was frustrated with the longevity. I tried putting lotion on my skin right after a shower and same thing over and over. I asked my girlfriend 40 minutes after I put it on "What do you think of it?" She said think of what I don't smell anything. Case and Point this scent is very well made and an extraordinary scent for the first hour or so, then you can hardly smell it. I was disappointed with this purchase as I gotten the gift set with a big and small bottle of it thinking it was that amazing. I was dead wrong, I traded the big bottle so fast and now I'm sparingly using the smaller one on nights out for about 2 hour long nights. Extremely over hyped, poor longevity and silage, and just a big waste.
27th May, 2011
For the smell, It keeps from being a thumbs down, but i was not that impressed by the smell as some others wer. It is a rather musky fragrance, and i can see what people mean by tropical vibe but it's not really tropical. I get a little grapefruit up top along with that 'tropical vibe' and stays relatively linear on my skin. the longevity and projection are poor, so i spray on my shirt (as i do with all fragrances with poor longevity and projection). I do not reach for this often as i only find it good for going out and sometimes it can be worn at school in the fall. I do not think this is that good for the summer because i feel the smell is a little heavy even though it does not project, the smell is just kinda heavy. I will finish my 50 ml and probably not buy another bottle because i have other fragrances for this kind of use that i enjoy more.
26th May, 2011 (last edited: 30th July, 2011)
Not only is sillage and longevity universally horrible, the smell itself is very very overrated. There's a Playboy fragrance that smells similar to this, I believe it's Playboy Hollywood, it has that sweet vanilla, and amber thing going on, and it ends up smelling sort of like root beer. I get the same vibe with The One. The only big difference is that The One is a little more complex. In the opening I get the creamy vanilla, some spice and orange blossom, the middle is pretty much the same as the opening, just more subtle, the base then adds some leather and woods. I don't really get the tobacco in this, I do get leather though.

My skin tends to hold fragrances really well, and to be honest, The One can last up to 8 or even 10 hours for me.. but I won't notice it the entire time, it sinks so deep into the skin that it becomes virtually useless, but throughout the day, if I go to smell my arm or hand or wherever I sprayed it, I will get some of the vanilla, amber, leather, and woods from the base, but very very very light. This fragrance has life for about 2-4 hours, give or take, and let me be one to go against the Youtube reviewers who seem to rave about this, and tell you that it's very generic, and hardly unique.
17th March, 2011
I find this quite boring.
The original Dolce and Gabbana, as well as "BY" and "Masculin" all had something to offer.
They were distinctive and made a statement. D & G's fragrances of late are too generic for my tastes.
I'll give it a neutral because it's not horrendous, but the thumbs are very close to being pulled down.
30th November, 2010
Very classy, smooth, warm. I really like this scent, but its projection and longevity are rather weak, so I'm rating it neutral. Too bad it is not more potent.

Edit: 23.02.2015.
Regardless, after so much time I actually bought it. I don't have longevity issue it seems, however the fragrance isn't projecting as much as I would like and expect. A rather good creation that is in fact a more contemporary approach to CK Obsession for men and/or Chanel Allure. Very masculine unlike many new fragrances. So, why am I keeping it "neutral"? Well, I still think they could have made it a bit stronger, and not even too much stronger, but just a bit. I turns out as if they were too lazy to do it after putting so much effort to how it'll actually smell.

Rating remains neutral, objectively, however personally I find it an excellent creation, thus subjectively it is a big both thumbs up.
06th April, 2010 (last edited: 23rd February, 2015)
JMang Show all reviews
United States

After a couple days of testing, I gave this one a thumbs down.

Given a couple weeks, I change it to a neutral, I might actually give it a thumbs up as well.

Compared to the other gourmands out there, its very wearable, and almost edible. Ladies love it, but like all gourmands, don't overdo it. I do appreciate the vanilla/amber, tobacco and cedar.
08th March, 2010 (last edited: 30th March, 2010)
This lasts for quite a while. It's a smooth spicy sweet tobacco fragrance with excellent longevity. The only problem is nothing seems to really excite. It's well made and is definitely an above average fragrance although for me it's something I wouldn't purchase. I just think there are more appealing fragrances done this way although it's still very good.
06th February, 2010
Creamy woods over ambery musk. Whichever way you choose to arrange the descriptives, it is going to be difficult to get past the cliched overall feel of THE ONE for Men. Particularly when it smells so synthetic. In fact, it wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration if I were to say the best part of this release is the bottle. While an accord of 'ginger snaps' did spark some interest, it was unfortunately too fleeting. For the most part, The One for Men stays banal even if it does improve somewhat towards the drydown when a faint hint of tobacco shows up.
22nd January, 2010
A rather indistinct fragrance that meanders to its conclusion a little too hastily. A nice squelchy, fresh opening leads into the obligatory fragrant dead end. The middle notes sound like they are having a great time in there, but they didn't take the trouble to invite me. I wanted this to really intoxicate me, but either D & G felt I wasn't ready for the real thing, or this really is just a wisp of smoke pretending to be something special. Either way, its not really worth the effort getting to know this.
10th July, 2009
splashit Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Disappointing. The fragrance starts off ok but the base is sickly sweet in a synthetic way. Shame that as the idea of this one is nice and the ingredients on paper are nice. Not a disaster this one but it fluffs it at the last hurdle. The bottle is way too heavy and unecessarily so . Not great for the baggage allowance is it? P&G seem to be making overly synthetic stuff these days. Im my humble opinion designers should be focusing on a back to basics marketing ploy of selling the product based on purer raw materials being used ( not so much synthetic ) and trying less hard to produce something so original. A nice smell is a nice smell but something that is less chemical and more natural appeals. Well it does at least to me.
18th June, 2009