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Neutral Reviews of Nuits de NoHo by Bond No. 9

I'm selecting neutral not because I'm ambivalent about this fragrance, but because it's squarely in the middle of my oscillating love and disdain for it. But I will say, like Thierry's Angel, I was at least willing to give this a chance and spray it. I coudn't get past un-capping the Angel line.

To the extent that a fragrance should make you buoyant and empowered to charge forward in your day, this one fails. It is a distraction. I keep getting whiffs and instead of that little voice that resonates "ah yes all is well with the world," I get a jarring "what the hell was that?"

On first spray into the first hour, it's very sharp. There's a soft base in there, but it keeps getting pinched at the top, like a tree bud or flower that wants to open, but it can't because there's a clip keeping it held together. Still I thought at this point "Ok, maybe to wear out to the theater - not sure it would offend my neighbor -- and somehow I'm afraid of being old lady in this" -- is it the patchouli that reminds me of Chanel?

The second hour is cacophony. Not even a swirling, fast movement like some that can pull you in a direction to and fro. This is just the water color remaining after you've rinsed your watercolor brush in the same jar of water repeatedly with different colors. It's not black, it's not blue, it's not brown, it's just -- muck. A sandpapery muck that abrades my nose at the top, and makes my head dizzy.

I have no idea on earth how anyone is getting any of these notes out of this. Pineapple? Are you kidding? Good pineapple is sweet and succulent. This is the acrid acid I spit out when realizing it's no longer good fruit and it's started to ferment. Maybe the pineapple leaf top when broken open? There's a hint of green now in hour three.

Into hour four, it's well settled. When I put my arm to face and breathe deeply, it's pleasant. A sweet powder I could dwell in comfortably. I'm reminded in middle age of the depressingly sexy, totally naked snuggle sessions with the lovers of my youth. Soft sheets, warm skin. Love what's on my skin. HATE the sillage "out here" I get in the cloud around my body. How can this projection smell so different from the contact point??

I've found that fragrance can affect my productivity at work...the right fragrance = the right mindset = focus = great productivity. Since spraying this earlier today, I'm a mess. I've flit from one thing to the next erratically and all I can think to do now is come on here and whine about the torture this is subjecting me to.

Even though I'm not sold on this yet, and have a bit of regret at the blind buy, I still think Bond is quality, and would prefer this over some crap version of cheap juice. Even if I'm not adoring the emerging noise, I can still appreciate the components that went into making it.

Ok, now hour 5 or 6, I'm getting leather. What the heck. I give up.

04th December, 2012
Vanilla, fruit, floral warm, a bit "hectic" in competition of notes, like many Bonds. Bond sent me a free sample of it, but this is too feminine and hectic for me...
01st October, 2012
It looks like most everyone else thinks this would make a good unisex scent. I don't. I smell feminine all the way.
As a whole, NOHO does nothing for me. I don't care for paying any attention to notes listed on a scent pyramid, either.
I wouldn't think "pineapple" if it weren't for the suggestion of it by other reviewers. What I DO get (and very exquisitely) is a dominant "grape" note. Not a corny synthetic (think bubble-gum) grape flavor; but real, fresh, Concorde Grapes growing on the vine. When I take a whiff, I can perfectly visualize looking up at gnarly shrubbery consisting of leafy, curly grapevines, choking the life out of old brick houses and the fences that surround them. When I take the next whiff, my mind's eye focuses, like a laser, on the young clusters of grapes, ranging in color from light green, to frosty black/purple (this is NOHO's saving grace).
08th February, 2010
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Nuits de Noho just seems very thin around the edges. Smells like a gray rose. Definitely Angel without the gourmand notes and turned down a bunch. A clean floral.
21st September, 2008
At first sniff I thought... Angel, but while developing on my skin it reminded me more of Angel's little sister: Innocent. Well, Innocent with a more natural base. It's also much longer lasting. Think of something like orange cookies (citrus/vanilla) in heaven (slight ozonic/musky note). Sexy yet clean.
03rd May, 2007