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Sporty, creamy, clean and classy! This is the sport fragrance to own period! Allure Homme Sport is perfect for a young, athletic man. I picture Daniel Craig wearing this in Casino Royale. This is a fantastic fragrance gentleman. A modern masterpiece that most people will appreciate. I can not image someone saying this smells bad & the word cheap should never be mentioned in a review of this fragrance. It was my signature scent in my late 20s - so many compliments from women young and older. Every time I smell it, the scent takes me back and reminds me of some lovely women I've dated. Made me feel energetic and invincible whenever I got up from my desk and caught a whiff. Just wear it and you will see what I'm talking about. My advice to young men - save your money & purchase Allure Homme Sport by Chanel. Scent and performance are worth the price you pay at department stores (be aware there are lots of fakes/knockoffs out there). All you will need is two sprays to the neck & you will smell alluring almost the entire day! Perfect 10/10.
19th March, 2016

The classic 'fresh aquatic and tonka' fragrance. I love the way Allure Homme Sport smells as it manages to bring together the upbeat watery citrus quality of a good aquatic with the sweet creaminess of a well-done tonka accord. The only other scent that approximates AHS is Versace Pour Homme, which I also like a lot. However, VPH is sharper and lacks the creamy development of AHS. I believe the base is what gives Allure Homme Sport the edge in this classic blue aromatic rivalry. Modern, sporty, clean and appealing to a broad audience, this one should work for any young guy whether at work, on a date, or in a casual situation. Avoid this if you don't like blue aromatic fougeres, modern fresh synthetic aquatics, anything with tonka, and things of that nature. Otherwise, go for it. Thumbs up.

11th February, 2016
Nothing extraordinary and yet, it's how you want to smell and how others want you to smell. Definitely sporty/active and for daytime/office, but it smells so good that anytime would be a great time to wear this super fresh scent. An easy, dumb/dumb fragrance that you can put on anytime you don't know what to wear or don't have time to decide. You will smell great.
23rd November, 2015
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The only positive thing about this fragrance is that the name is perfectly self-explanatory and truly true to faith, so if you’re aware that most brands use “sport” as a synonim for “pathetically cheap and metallic”, you can guess what to expect here and can start to roll your eyes. A deeply nondescript fresh mishmash –Adidas-esque kind of metallic-woody freshness – stuffed with cheap ozonic-minty notes, the only tolerable nuances being a really subtle sort of smooth sandalwood-musk base accord, something sort of powdery-leafy floating around, and some ordinary (but at least, not screechy) lemon. A few hints of decency (basically, the only connections to classic Allure) buried into an almost futuristic mess of pungent artificial stuff which shall be supposed to connect with the concept of “fitness”. I never understood why most of “sport” fragrances smell like this – I wonder what kind of “sport” brands think to specifically, since I think more of a gold medal perspirator washing a car while wearing a Calvin Klein dupe. But well, to each his own. Horrid for me.

28th September, 2015
Citrusy and ozonic, but with surprising tenacity.

A hint of a metallic tinge.

A (somewhat) rehash of numerous other fresh and sporty designers. But comes with the Chanel quality, gloss and sheen.

Good? Yes.

Redundant? Yes.
22nd June, 2015
Chanel showing off in the 2000s sport fragrance market. This is one of my favorite scents every time I wear it; a medium-strength scent for summer and celebrations. Powdery and tangy.
21st June, 2015
One of my favorite scents.This thing is a compliment getter, just about every time I wear it, I get a compliment. At the top I get a blast of the orange and the aldehydes which last for most of the wearing..In the mid I get a little bit of the neroli and for the base, its all Tonka bean... Great scent for all seasons in my opinion
19th June, 2015

Awesome is the first word that comes to my mind when I think to AHS.It is Extreme Popular in my Country Although I don't like the price of it because it is Too expensive. Stimulating,Modern, Freshness,Sparkling,Masculine,Citrusy and Sporty are the best words to describe it.

The bright top Citrus notes this one is
prominent and Strong by Orange and Blood Mandarin while a Warm heart of Pepper and Cedar is balanced by a Enticing base of Vanilla,Amber and Vetiver That result is a Wonderful Fragrance for SPRING/SUMMER when you don't want something too heavy.

This CHANEL EDT Grants Young.Great Everyday scent and Everybody can wear it.Seemly for a Active Character. I would recommend it to Everybody who wants a Beautiful Fragrance for Impress the Ladies.Suitable for Present too.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
Although I value natural elements in fragrances, the synthetic note in this one is what gives it "pop" and, in my opinion, makes it stand out over the original. As popular as Allure is, all it does for me is to confirm how much I dislike heavy orange topnotes in fragrances--even in Chanel scents. It's almost like the mandarin heaviness is used simply to mask the banality underneath. Not much there there.

With Allure Homme Sport, however, I think the inside joke is that the flanker tops the original, that Darth Vader defeats Luke (at least temporarily), and that the great unwashed remain so, and remain sexy. Isn't that what a good cologne is supposed to do for us? This one made me feel something over and above the original--sporty, virile, edgy. Not necessarily the greatest ever, but so cool. What a good men's fragrance should be.
12th June, 2015
This is a decent release from Chanel. For me, this fragrance works best during the warmer months but can be utilized as an all year scent. It is able to hold its composition during colder weather. Upon initial application, I can really smell the aldehydes. It's sort of this sharp lemon synthetic that stings my nostrils. However, after a few minutes the unpleasant aroma dissipates & what I'm left with is a fresh orange citrus with a creamy tonka backing it up. It is actually very enjoyable & the women in my social circles enjoy it quite a bit. This fragrance projects fairly well for the first 1.5 to 2 hours then settles down quite a bit. On my skin, it lingers for at least 6 hours. A wonderful scent to have in my arsenal, but for some reason I don't reach for it as much as my other fresh fragrances. Definitely worth a try in my opinion.
04th May, 2015 (last edited: 02nd August, 2015)
The elegant masterpiece that is Chanel Allure Homme Sport, is my most complimented fragrance and it smells magnificent!

Thank you, Chanel!
03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
After sampling Allure Homme Sport several times in hot, humid weather, I am flat convinced that this is one of the truest "sport" fragrances on the market today. It has a light, creamy citrus that retains just enough sharpness in the spice to be refreshing. Great balance between simplicity, appeal and longevity without going over the top or failing weakly after an hour. The only other "sport" fragrance I would rate as high is Dior Homme Sport, which is altogether a different fragrance. AHS is a definite Thumbs Up in this class.
23rd March, 2015 (last edited: 11th August, 2015)
Citrus aquatic explosion. Seems kind of generic to me but not bad at all. The drydown gives me a light cedar note with amber and musk. 6.5/10
22nd February, 2015
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United States
Chanel's MO these days for their men's scents seems to be all about pleasing the masses. Instead of setting trends, they have become followers--premium, quality, luxury followers, to be sure, but they are no longer leading the pack. Bleu is a perfect example of this. Going back to 2004, though, Allure Homme Sport already shows signs of a brand in decline. This strikes me as generic, pleasant, a little synthetic and definitely one for the masses. "Fresh" and sporty, with a metallic citrus opening that sets my teeth on edge, this is for the man who needs the justification of a mainstream, established luxury brand, but is otherwise uninterested in scent. I can't give it a thumbs down because--opening notes not withstanding--this does not actually smell bad. It just smells anonymous. Allure Homme has more personality than this. After their first, monumental men's fragrance and the amazing Antaeus, this hardly seems to warrant the Chanel name. Sales figures prove my point--this is one for the masses, but not for me!
09th February, 2015
With rich notes of mandarin and bugspray, this cologne is the perfect way to spend far too much and reek of pretension. It seriously smells like the citrus section of a back alley green grocers, and as for the "sport" side of things: The only thing athletic about this cologne is evoked sense of running through an orange field trying not to choke as it is chemically dusted.
24th August, 2014 (last edited: 26th August, 2014)
I realize this is a masculine release, and it's not a particularly feminine-smelling fragrance. On most people, that is. I've smelled this on men and found it perfectly pleasant, citrusy and fresh and clean. Good. I'd recommend it to any man looking for a fresh all-round fragrance that's not going to offend anyone.
But on my skin, this somehow turns into a pretty white musk/citrus floral. On me, it smells very feminine. And very good, so I like it. So, I'd also recommend it to any woman looking for a good fresh scent that doesn't smell like a fruit salad, if this does on your skin what it does on mine.
10th July, 2014 (last edited: 09th July, 2014)
I have to say I was pretty disappointed after reading all the hype about this and then going out and dropping my hard earned dollars on a bottle. Yes it looks good in my collection but to me it just smell girly and unimpressive. Too floral.
25th June, 2014
Genre: Aquatic

Allure Homme Sport has some of the nastiest top notes I’ve experienced in some time: a Calone-drenched fruity aquatic accord alongside a fiendishly sour chemical note of piercing intensity. Mercifully the former mellows and the latter retreats very quickly, so that after just a few minutes what remains is a mildly aquatic sweet citrus, cedar and spice arrangement which while both insipid and chemical, offers the comparative advantage of not being utterly repugnant. Were those top notes a ploy to make the rest of the scent seem better than it really is?

The bland heart accords play out in linear fashion at moderate intensity before the citrus and spices disperse, leaving an undistinguished drydown of pale amber, cedar and bath product musk. I feel generous rating Allure Homme Sport as “neutral” but dull as it is it’s less bad in the end than a lot of its competitors.
08th June, 2014
Not the worst 'sport' scent (which is akin to a compliment where things like this are concerned) but a bit predictably banal. I enjoy the (barely) aldehydic opening blast but for a fragrance marketed for metrosexual semi-athletes working up a sweat I think having a synthetic, ambery base is too much. Starts off nice enough but quickly outstays its welcome, much like a boisterous party guest that pre-games on the alcohol. I think the 'Homme' should be replaced with 'Bro.'
28th May, 2014
The two main things I love about this fragrance are 1. It's Chanel 2. It's a sport scent. The actual scent itself is ok but can you name a sport scent that has set the world on fire? A nice addition to the collection.
06th May, 2014
As a dedicated Creed wearer (Baie de Geneivre and Original Vetiver) my standards are high. Recently on a sampling spree I bought samplers of the highest recommended frags in the industry and found them all but several to be unacceptable. As for all those dime-a-dozen fresh frags, I ditched them all after chastising myself for being so gullible to believe the reviewers who themselves must have been victims to sheer marketing hype. I'm sorry, but those fresh frags ALL smell the same (loud and cheap) to my nose which is, incidentally, a Creed-born hardcore nose. And then, middle-spree, there arrived a small discreet package in the mail, the inside of which contained a small sampler of Chanel Allure Homme Sport.

I promptly sprayed more than I intended to (2 sprays) on my arm and thought "shower time 'cause this is surely headache en route".. but something crazy happened. Instead of a blast of loudness that wouldn't go away, that cologne fell in love with my skin, sank deep beneath the surface and quickly became the me I was seeking. Minimal alcohol content, maximum soul - discreet, controlled but oozing inner beauty and ultimate craftsmanship. THIS was the long-elusive scent I had been subliminally searching that point, I knew, the search was over. Notwithstanding, I still wear my Creeds but this is the scent that I truly love. It smells like the gates of heaven when all the rushing is over.
25th January, 2014
i was in the market for a signature scent i wanted a fresh aqueduct scent because they are very versatile. i went to my local cologne/perfume store and gave almost everything they had a shot allure homme sport stuck out the most out of many very great fragrances. but this isnt just another fresh aqueduct it has a smooth creaminess about it almost like lemon margarine pie but still has that signature fresh aqueduct lemon scent.....very nicely done.
23rd January, 2014
Well about 2 years back I tried the original Allure and loved it but honestly (maybe this is just how it comes off on my skin or doesnt match my personality) it smelled good but was a little too spicy and mature for me. So soon after I saw youtube reviews on the sport version and everyone said it was like a more youthful, fresh version of Allure so I decided to try it and to my surprise the reviews were dead on.

This scent is just a beautiful blend of fresh,sexy,oranges up top and then when it dries down its more of a creamy, sexy scent with the orange smell still lingering in the background. My GF loves this stuff and is by far 1 of her favorite scents. Although this scent alone isnt my favorite id have to say this is overall my best fragrance based on how good it smells,compliments,longevity and sillage!!!
29th December, 2013
Good all year round scent

When I first bought it, I needed a good summer scent. But as summer ended, I realized that it was one of the few scents that I could wear all year round because the top is great for warmer weather, but the middle and base notes work well too for the cooler months :)

Also, it is a great compliment getter and won't offend the majority of people.

Pros: Sillage, longevity, versatile, compliment getter

11th September, 2013

Don't have a problem with this one. I can see why the general pop would enjoy it, it's got a nice citrus + sweet + this nutty kind of smell that is not offensive at all. It slightly reminds me of Bleu de Chanel w/o the woody and spicy and more sweet + nutty. Cool fragrance to have in your collection~

Pros: Versatile
Cons: Nada

24th June, 2013

I've been a long-time fan of the original Allure and wish I'd tried Allure Sport earlier.  Allure seems like an unlikely scent to try to make into a sporty energetic flanker but Mr. Polge pulled it off.  On application there is a strong fresh citrus presence.  A lot of sporty aquatic-types come off as harsh and unpleasant on my skin but this one does not.  The citrus top slowly fades away but never completely disappears and the base is true to the original Allure.  Medium projection, good longevity.  Very nice.

17th May, 2013
A sour scent

Got this as a present and kept it as it initially was a pleasant scent - big mistake! Whilst the top notes are create a relatively balanced and pleasant citrusy scent, something goes horrible wrong in the drydown, at least on my skin. Not quite sure why, but it turns sour and nauseates me. Adding to that, the longevity is quite good, and it is near impossible to get off again. I have given it many chances, but this same thing always happens. It is especially bad in humid conditions, which makes little sense as it supposedly is a sports scent.

Pros: Good opening
Cons: Generic, poor base notes, turns 'sour'

16th May, 2013
Allure Homme Sport is my favorite Chanel fragrance and one of my all-time top picks in any category! It provides a glorious blend of delicious citrus, wood & pepper that keeps its presence throughout while drying down with some tonka-vanilla-musk creaminess to boot.

Do not be fooled by the "Sport" in the name, this is a classy, high-quality EDT!
With 3 sprays: Longevity is SUPERB at 8-10 hours. Projection is better than great for the first 3-4 hours and even at 8 hours, I have received compliments long after I thought I was merely in "skins-sent" mode!

In my opinion, this is a year-round, any time of day or night fragrance that is a perfect "signature-scent" for nearly any age and you can always trust that it will perform well for any occasion. I am extremely confident that I will always own a bottle (or two) of Allure Homme Sport and highly recommend it to anyone even remotely considering it!
It is a must-buy and an absolute legend! (10 out of 10)
21st February, 2013
I won a bunch of Allure Homme Sport samples. I will say that this doesnt seem so much 'sport'. More powdery than fresh - which I dont mind. Overall Im not the biggest fan of this scent and probably wont buy a bottle BUT I must say that I get complimented when I wear this cologne. Though this scent is not for me, I like that people around me like it.
07th January, 2013
I quite like this orange avainillada creamy with a hint of wood! Currently not think the buy back, but when it was released enjoyed it. In my skin had a good performance. Despite having the word sport engraved on the bottle, does not make her cologne for after a workout, is much more versatile. Who likes to smell you, especially the girls.
22nd December, 2012