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Negative Reviews of Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

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Not for me!! Really disappointed after hearing so many positive reviews. I can smell metal. Horrible metal!! Boring, bland, uninspiring!!
18th September, 2017
The only positive thing about this fragrance is that the name is perfectly self-explanatory and truly true to faith, so if you’re aware that most brands use “sport” as a synonim for “pathetically cheap and metallic”, you can guess what to expect here and can start to roll your eyes. A deeply nondescript fresh mishmash –Adidas-esque kind of metallic-woody freshness – stuffed with cheap ozonic-minty notes, the only tolerable nuances being a really subtle sort of smooth sandalwood-musk base accord, something sort of powdery-leafy floating around, and some ordinary (but at least, not screechy) lemon. A few hints of decency (basically, the only connections to classic Allure) buried into an almost futuristic mess of pungent artificial stuff which shall be supposed to connect with the concept of “fitness”. I never understood why most of “sport” fragrances smell like this – I wonder what kind of “sport” brands think to specifically, since I think more of a gold medal perspirator washing a car while wearing a Calvin Klein dupe. But well, to each his own. Horrid for me.

28th September, 2015
With rich notes of mandarin and bugspray, this cologne is the perfect way to spend far too much and reek of pretension. It seriously smells like the citrus section of a back alley green grocers, and as for the "sport" side of things: The only thing athletic about this cologne is evoked sense of running through an orange field trying not to choke as it is chemically dusted.
24th August, 2014 (last edited: 26th August, 2014)
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I have to say I was pretty disappointed after reading all the hype about this and then going out and dropping my hard earned dollars on a bottle. Yes it looks good in my collection but to me it just smell girly and unimpressive. Too floral.
25th June, 2014
A sour scent

Got this as a present and kept it as it initially was a pleasant scent - big mistake! Whilst the top notes are create a relatively balanced and pleasant citrusy scent, something goes horrible wrong in the drydown, at least on my skin. Not quite sure why, but it turns sour and nauseates me. Adding to that, the longevity is quite good, and it is near impossible to get off again. I have given it many chances, but this same thing always happens. It is especially bad in humid conditions, which makes little sense as it supposedly is a sports scent.

Pros: Good opening
Cons: Generic, poor base notes, turns 'sour'

16th May, 2013
I don't like it at all. It's very artificial and gives me headaches because of that.
05th June, 2012
I can't stand this "safe" fragrance. If you want to smell like every boring guy in town, this is for you. Give me Anteus or Egoiste. Not this. Simple, inoffensive and nondescript.
28th October, 2011
Just a big cliche! The worst from Chanel... made for the mass! Ok, good raw materials but... it´s the same damn thing "fresh/detergent" from all others houses! Just keep with the original or the Blanche... but if you really want something good go for Dior Homme Sport a new interpretation of a summer/sport fragrance (not everyone can see this)!!!
11th October, 2011
Worst in the whole Allure line. I only smell burnt rubber, kind of like the new Gucci Guilty pour homme that I hate very much. Then again probably Gucci just copied Allure Sport.
27th April, 2011
I also found this synthetic and cheap smelling. I don't understand why anyone would go with this instead of AdG, Versace PH or Dior Homme Sport.
16th February, 2011
DJB Show all reviews
United States
I found this to be harsh and very synthetic smelling. The "citrus" notes smelled like a mess of chemicals. I was surprised at how much I was put off by this fragrance.
18th January, 2011
Benj Show all reviews
United States
High-pitched lemon with a coniferous note and a tiny dash of something sweetly tropical. Smells like a blend of household cleaning products in a sherbet. I will never understand the popularity of this scent.
16th January, 2011
fresh, spicy light water.

another very disappointing launch of the last years- mix whatever you find according to the needs of a market, throw it on the market with an excellent marketing campaign and make hopefully lots of money.

unfortunately has it happened with lots of perfumes.....allure homme sport has nothing of an allure-what a silly name for a badly composed eau de toilette.

this water smells as bad as the rest being thrown every year on the market and everything seems to be the same.....

where are the great unique, outstanding perfumes ????
okay they are gone........ernest beaux, daltroff, jean charles, henri almeras, henri robert, germaine cellier , bernard chant etc.- yes they were were the icons able to make perfumes you will never and ever forget ...........

18th December, 2010
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This smells exactly like that nauseating airplane smell that some people do like, but I can't stand. Not for me.
19th October, 2010
gmb Show all reviews
Finally having a sample of this, I have to agree with those who have a 'meh' reaction. AHS seems to be good quality, but unoriginal and terribly unexciting. Further, at least on my skin, it has a sour, "rotting citrus" note that I find actively unpleasant. (Maybe what FragranceFan255 describes above as "overripe melon".)
21st September, 2010
Wow! What a lemony opening! Briefly, this seems like it will be a brisk and refreshingly enjoyable scent. Little bits of vanilla from the tonka appear, and the scent becomes more like a lemon cookie than the fruit itself. Aquatic notes and white musk take over, and the whole thing becomes very one-dimensional. Synthetic lemon goes on and on with no relief. Boring, verging on irritating.
24th May, 2010
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
It reminded me of having your nose in front of a cheap orange-scented air freshener for hours. I have no idea why Chanel would want to be associated with this kind of fragrance, but I have never taken any marketing courses. Save your money and check out some Avon "men's" fragrances if you like this one !
10th February, 2010
angelica Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Hmm. I am a woman and do not find it enticing. In fact, I have never before found a fragrance so repellent. My husband tried this a few times and it bunged up my nose every time, and I wound up with a sinus infection after its last outing. I literally have tried thousands of fragrances and have never had this reaction before.
06th September, 2009
Longevity and sillage ok, but it smells like a cheap deodorant plus sweetness.
15th August, 2009
If you want to smell like thousands of pubescent teenagers, take this!
AHS does not have any character, not to mention a "wow" factor.
It's just boring - a mass product.
07th July, 2009
As a citrus fan, I found this disappointing. The top notes remind me of harsh industrial cleaning fluid, and it never really recovers from this inauspicious opening. I was left with a one dimensional citrus spike that left me regretting it's application. Eau Sauvage and Acqua Di Parma do this type of fragrance so much better.
04th January, 2009
Oh look, another fresh, aquatic, faceless men's fragrance. What a suprise..... It's from that IS a suprise!
19th October, 2008
07th October, 2008
I would like to say something concise and insightful about Allure Sport, but the headache it gave me is pulsing so painfully that my fingers shake as they strike the keyboard.
01st October, 2008
I have a hard time thinking of this one as a Chanel scent, but maybe this is just Chanel’s idea of “fresh”—probably as near to fresh as Chanel will ever get in a masculine fragrance. I don’t find much special about Allure Homme Sport. It’s quite like several generic fragrances I’ve come across, albeit it is better quality than most. It is an aldehydic, citrusy, cedary, vetivery conglomeration that doesn’t manage a lot of creativity, or excellent accords, or ingenious juxtapositions. It doesn’t even manage very much freshness—a major problem, I think, for a sports version of a fragrance. The pyramid said that it has aquatics and black pepper, but I can’t find those in the accords—the rest of the pyramid is pretty accurate as far as I’m concerned. I get very little differentiation between levels of the pyramids so I would call this a linear fragrance, and, with this fragrance, that is not an especially good thing because the accords are not extremely unique or beautiful or elegant. Allure Homme Sport does not rise to the usual company or creative standards of Chanel creations—thumbs down not because it is that bad of scent, but because Chanel should not have produced something this mediocre.
03rd February, 2007
I was introduced to fragrances as a kid with greats like Pour Monsieur, Antaeus, and afterwards Cuir de Russie and Bois des Iles. Therefore, wasn't I disappointed to take a whiff of this one. Whereas most Chanel scents have a certain subtlety that keeps them from being outlandish, while maintaining a sense of distinction, this one seems created and marketed not to be a great scent, but only to be a big seller. It's got that fresh, clean, indistinct sense that won't get strong reactions positively or negatively that about 1000 other scents have, but what it lacks most is that sense of confidence and rebellion inherent in the best of Chanel.
07th January, 2007
Come on now. There's nothing exemplerary whatsoever about this fragrance. Have you all been bumped in the head by the Chanel sledge?

I haven't smelled a fraction of all the fragrances available. Yet I can say with confidence that I've already sniffed this several times, in better iterations. Bellagio comes to mind, for one.

There's something about the 'aquatic note' in this that strikes me as overripe melon rinds. It unsettles me and I couldn't wait for the top to go away. Deep within the heart of the scent is a slight floral quality that almost makes it worthwhile. But it's so muted it's almost irrelevant. Bellagio does this much better and without the overripe melon as well. Now Polo Blue was the better iteration of melon/cucumber by a mile.

I yearn to smell Allure now just to see how it measures up.

13th August, 2006
Mediocre college scent, not comparable to Allure Homme :)
08th May, 2006
I would have called you a liar if you told me it’s possible to ruin allure. Well, I would have been wrong. Allure has been destroyed with Allure Homme Sport. Allure Homme Sport has taken away almost everything good from the normal Allure (The rich Oriental drydown), and added this watery aquatic accord. Awful. How could they do this?
22nd September, 2005
I agree with the previous review. It's light, sporty, but then so are hundreds of other scents. I was disappointed that Chanel didn't take a great scent like Allure and make the "SPORT" version, really unique and distinctive.They didn't. 6-13-04
13th June, 2004