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Neutral Reviews of Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

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A light scent to enhance your clean morning routine, orange and tonka with a touch of neroli. It's a very simple creation, slightly creamy and done nicely with all the reassuring chanel packaging and pazazz. A simular fragrance by Taylor's of old bond street called Eton college goes heavier with neroli but is in the same family. I can't say much more really , it's not exactly brimming with creativity but it is made well and has garnered me compliments, a fragrance for someone who doesn't have time to evaluate things.
11th May, 2018
Citrusy and ozonic, but with surprising tenacity.

A hint of a metallic tinge.

A (somewhat) rehash of numerous other fresh and sporty designers. But comes with the Chanel quality, gloss and sheen.

Good? Yes.

Redundant? Yes.
22nd June, 2015
Citrus aquatic explosion. Seems kind of generic to me but not bad at all. The drydown gives me a light cedar note with amber and musk. 6.5/10
22nd February, 2015
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Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Chanel's MO these days for their men's scents seems to be all about pleasing the masses. Instead of setting trends, they have become followers--premium, quality, luxury followers, to be sure, but they are no longer leading the pack. Bleu is a perfect example of this. Going back to 2004, though, Allure Homme Sport already shows signs of a brand in decline. This strikes me as generic, pleasant, a little synthetic and definitely one for the masses. "Fresh" and sporty, with a metallic citrus opening that sets my teeth on edge, this is for the man who needs the justification of a mainstream, established luxury brand, but is otherwise uninterested in scent. I can't give it a thumbs down because--opening notes not withstanding--this does not actually smell bad. It just smells anonymous. Allure Homme has more personality than this. After their first, monumental men's fragrance and the amazing Antaeus, this hardly seems to warrant the Chanel name. Sales figures prove my point--this is one for the masses, but not for me!
09th February, 2015
Genre: Aquatic

Allure Homme Sport has some of the nastiest top notes I’ve experienced in some time: a Calone-drenched fruity aquatic accord alongside a fiendishly sour chemical note of piercing intensity. Mercifully the former mellows and the latter retreats very quickly, so that after just a few minutes what remains is a mildly aquatic sweet citrus, cedar and spice arrangement which while both insipid and chemical, offers the comparative advantage of not being utterly repugnant. Were those top notes a ploy to make the rest of the scent seem better than it really is?

The bland heart accords play out in linear fashion at moderate intensity before the citrus and spices disperse, leaving an undistinguished drydown of pale amber, cedar and bath product musk. I feel generous rating Allure Homme Sport as “neutral” but dull as it is it’s less bad in the end than a lot of its competitors.
08th June, 2014
Not the worst 'sport' scent (which is akin to a compliment where things like this are concerned) but a bit predictably banal. I enjoy the (barely) aldehydic opening blast but for a fragrance marketed for metrosexual semi-athletes working up a sweat I think having a synthetic, ambery base is too much. Starts off nice enough but quickly outstays its welcome, much like a boisterous party guest that pre-games on the alcohol. I think the 'Homme' should be replaced with 'Bro.'
28th May, 2014
I won a bunch of Allure Homme Sport samples. I will say that this doesnt seem so much 'sport'. More powdery than fresh - which I dont mind. Overall Im not the biggest fan of this scent and probably wont buy a bottle BUT I must say that I get complimented when I wear this cologne. Though this scent is not for me, I like that people around me like it.
07th January, 2013
When I tried this at store, it was really nice.
I bought a full bottle. However after a few times of usage, I tend to dislike this. Not that sort of meh but...hmmm I dont know really.
Dont take my words though. somewhat generic
25th November, 2012
They took the original Allure, added too much lemon and lots of alcohol and ended up with something dry, acrid and uninteresting. No allure left at all.
29th August, 2012
Has a similar feel to Ck Shock for me. Smells kind of fruity with a touch of spice, not my thing. If you liked Ck Shock you'll like this. The note might be this grape or orange accord with maybe some vanilla, but I reallly think they are similar.It's a really sweet scent for me, but you may like this sort of thing.

Scent 5
Longevity 7
Sillage 4
22nd August, 2012
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A sport fragrance that has an aquatic-orange top note that even for Chanel is very aldehydic. A bit of wood and a faint bit of pepper and neroli cannot avoid the impression of being a bit watery. It is fresh all right, with medium projection and about two hours of longevity. Luca Turin was maybe a bit harsh on this one, but this does not have the genius and creativity that characterises the great Chanels; this is just good after gym for an hour or two, to put on a proper fragrance afterwards for later.
04th August, 2012
this is a total sporty scent. i mean does what it says on the bottle sport!! if ur going to play a game of footie or tennis? or hitting the gym at peak times knowing the girl u fancy will be there then yes! is the perfect choice. is amazingly fresh and pleasant. but not for when ur properly dressed and going out.

please everybody. when it says sport. it means sport. stop wearing sport scents when u go out to meet friends and socialize. they say sport for a reason. if it says summer version then it means its for summer and is for all occasions

. if you jump in the car in shorts and sneakers going to the park to shoot some hoops then this is what you shud smell like.
21st May, 2012
I was initially shocked by how familiar this fragrance was to my nose, I could have sworn I'd smelt it before. Either I reviewed a scent very much like Allure Homme Sport, or there has been many a man that has walked past me wearing this.

Allure Homme Sport is what I'd describe as a lemony, green scent with a touch of powder and pepper. In some ways this fragrance does evoke a sense of 'sporty-ness', however it is also a clean, Summery, casual and fresh scent.

Although interesting, and certainly pleasing to a female nose, Allure Homme Sport seems a little generic to me. Although not exactly the same, this fragrance is along the lines of Davidoff's Cool Water, Beckham's Instinct and Armani's Acqua di Gio.

The peppery citrus notes can become irritating over time, so due to the rather strong sillage, I can only recommend going light with this one. I like this fragrance's crispness however, I think it's a nice Summery alternative to the original rich and spicy Allure Pour Homme.

Although the blend itself works well, I also found this fragrance quite linear. I wonder whether this fragrance was composed to appeal to those men that aren't too fussed with perfumery as an art. As much as I hate to say it, I think Chanel is taking a step backwards with this release. Allure Homme Sport just doesn't seem to match the class, quality and distinction of other Chanel scents.
04th April, 2012
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The first blast is a painful fist of chemical seaweeds, peppery-frozen cedar and " Blade runner" synthetic orange. It takes a while you start to revive inhaling a sporty vetiver-amber aquatic dry down linear, a bit irony, orangy and boring. I just appreciate a bit the masculine cool feel produced by the link of amber, tobacco, vetiver and dusty cedar. Nothing new (some exceptions apart) in the general ozonic-marine boredom.
06th December, 2011
Overrated, yet high quality. Smell is common; and if ya know Channel, ya know, you're not gonna find their fragrances discounted much, if at all. Chanel fragrances are cloned and impersonated quite often, so if ya do decide ya want a Chanel, be sure to buy it from a reputable store.. e.g.: dept store.

Onto Allure Homme Sport. It opens with a sharp citrus accord with some spice there. Dries down to a creamy lemon. Plain and simple, inoffensive, pleasing, but again.. nothing special.

Comparisons: Want a creamy vanilla? This reminds me of Ed Hardy's Love & Luck.. which can be found on sale for lower prices. Arpege pH, which imo is the best creamy citrus fragrance on the market, plus the price is right. The opening is quite similar to H2 by Hummer. With that sharp, spicy, citrus accord, and that aquatic feel.

Allure Sport has excellent projection and longevity, which makes it a winner for many. Along with Chanel's quality that never ceases to amaze me. However, again.. too common for me, I own too many similar fragrances.
30th September, 2011
Nice and frsh summer fragrance. Day wear only and could last longer. I dont get any Vetiver. Cedar and Orange I get but I do like it. More into Vertiver now so unsure if I would buy it again but if it were kicking about I would spray it on. Good that it comes in the availability of travel spray bottles that fit hand luggage and wash bag easily!!
26th June, 2011
Yawn. The end notes are quite nice, but not worth waiting for. The Allure line, sans Edition Blanche, really suffers from ennui. What is up with Chanel? I went into Macy's and here was what was available from Chanel: Allure, Allure Sport, Platinum Egoiste, Bleu (natch), Pour Monsieur Concentree (blech!), No. 5, No. 5 Premiere, Chance, and Coco Jr.
Okay, No. 5...sure. But the rest? The lamest of the lame. Is this what the French have in mind for their target American audience? Jeesh, maybe they really do hate us!
30th March, 2011
Well constructed, good quality but overall synthetic scent its a safe bet..easy to wear safe scent..perfect all rounder. Nothing offensive here but nothing really out there either. Good for summer and spring but something seems to be missing for lacks real bite to be exciting to wear...give me Green Irish Tweed any day.
25th February, 2011 (last edited: 07th March, 2011)
Citrus - synthetic woody with a slight sweet vanillic aftertaste in the white musk bottom. Smells pleasant, like a mid-level manager.
01st August, 2010
This is rather a uninspired fragrance. It smells good, it's composed well and has great sillage and longevity but doesn't really do anything for me. It's similar to Versace Pour Homme which imo is more unique and elegant. Edition Blanche is a more interesting flanker although, I think this smells better oddly enough. Still, not worthy to warrant a purchase from me.

My advice is if you like it, you'll also like Versace Pour Homme which is better imo and less expensive.
15th March, 2010
I am really undecided about this.. There seems to be big hype about this but I don't see where it's coming from... It's fresh no doubt, but then I don't smell anything else... its like blah for me. Maybe others can smell it? But no one said anything.. So on that note im going to retry this come the spring/summer seasons as this is winter and im sure this scent is directed more towards those hotter months.
09th December, 2009
Allure Homme Sport opens like a (slightly) refined version of the loathsome Acqua di Gio and dries down to a tonka/amber/musk accord that, while pleasing, is reminiscent of the far (and I mean FAR) superior Geir. I'll stick with the latter.
20th November, 2009 (last edited: 16th January, 2010)
This is not a bad fragrance. Actually it is extremely pleasant sweet fruit amber juice with delightful freshness to it.
Totally full-bodied, smooth and luminous mixture. An opposite sex pleaser if anything! *Eh*

Now day’s masculine sweet and fresh scent with magnetic attraction.

Tonka and musk is completely flawlessly engaged with amber.

There is so single woman on this planet who will take this nothing but very captivating. It is (sad and) true.

Annoyingly flawless contemporary synthetic juice that will gather a lot of women around you if you play your cards right.

03rd March, 2009
Tried the original a few days ago and wearing the Sport at the moment. To me they are pretty much identical, except the Sport is tamer.

Very big citrus blast at the opening which puts me off - it's not bad, I just don't do that much Citrus..... right now there's a very nice spice coming through adding some warmth that reminds me a little of Opium, which I love.

Certainly very well crafted and oozes quality, but don't know about that top end - if it was more linear and stuck with the middle accord I'm smelling right now I'd certainly consider a bottle.
22nd December, 2008
What a shame for Chanel....(sigh...double sigh). I did not expect Chanel to come up with such an average frag. Don't get me wrong, this frag is for those who wants a frag that does not stand out and also does not offend anyone. Average Average Average, sorry Chanel...but because it is Chanel, i'll go easy...Neutral
24th June, 2008
Chanel does a "sports" fragrance? That's like having Baldwin making shoes. I love Allure Homme but this sporty fragrance isn't sporty at all and comes off as average.
26th May, 2008
Not anything special IMO, great longevity . topnotes of water and aldehydes. It is followed by woodsy and spicy character of the fragrance, light and translucent. The base is white musk, tonka beans and amber. .
03rd May, 2008
Anything "sport" is usually not a good sign and this time it proved correct also.

Your run-of-the-mill sport fragrance, only it's made by Chanel. Actually for its genre it's pretty good, but that means little. It lacks depth, and feels somewhat synthetic. From someone like Polge I would expect better, but obviously the only intent evident here is Chanel trying to cash in on the 18-24 market using its brand name. Oh well, I guess I'd rather have people wear this than other "sport colognes" if they must have one.
29th April, 2008
I owned Allure Sport months ago and I ended up very quickly due to the great equilibrium that offers. Polo Black (RL) has something in common with this fragrance, maybe citrics very well mixed up with that point of edgy spicy sensation that Chanel does so well. I have to be some criticist with packaging design, it has some of the worst ideas put together: a cheap silvered plastic wrap all around, a bad cap.. etc. In the end, I really think this an all around scent, you can pour it on every day of the year.
19th December, 2006
This is no fresh scent, it's way too sweet and milky,taught me exactly what is a headache perfume. Too much of good things in it may be, but I can't wear this, merely thinking of it makes me dizzy. Quality-wise its a Chanel and no complaints necessary. Not for work or sport activity but might work in a night club. p.s the ozonic not in it is the worst I've ever smelled.
20th August, 2006