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Endymion is a lavender, pepper, vetiver, leather, vanilla fragrance. Its not as sweet as Caron pour un Homme, and not as green as Villoresi Uomo but similar to both. It is also similar to MFK Pluriel but has a little more barbershop influences with the pepper and sweetness. Endymion is a very special fragrance whose aroma is comforting but is also complicated enough to offer some hint of fine breeding. I like the smell of it but the sweetness is a bit much for me.
23rd July, 2015
Endymion is my first cologne from Penhaligon. It is a beautiful lavender based cologne. At first spray it gives off a blast of lavender with citrus and spices. The dry down is very comforting, that is when the true lavender shines. I can get a wiff now and then and it makes me and my nose very happy. For a cologne it has good silage and last 5-6 hours on me. Beautiful!
06th March, 2015
I love this fragrance. It's ambiguous, very fine and it makes me feel like and old roue.
03rd March, 2015
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Was excited to get this in! Unfortunately it does not last on my skin, doesn't project, and doesn't smell unless I put my know right up to it.

It's a pleasant smell, good for office and neutral settings, even a date, but this just does not work on my skin.
20th January, 2015
Of the different Penhaligon's I've tried, Endymion is certainly my favorite. I really like the way that the coffee note is integrated with the lavender in this. Some fragrances overdo coffee, and others tend to underplay it, where it becomes almost impossible to detect. Endymion hits a nice balance in the middle, and while the coffee note is immediately apparent, it doesn't enter gourmand territory or become foody in any particular way. I think some of this is due to its pairing with lavender, which helps balance it and keep it on a bit of a powdery, aromatic path. This hasn't been doused with sugar and features a lightly spicy, very slight sweetness, Endymion and its well-done coffee note remain elegant and classy throughout, with a bit of a formal feel. I'm very particular when it comes to formal fragrances though, and prefer my every day frags a bit on the "loose" side. That's why I sold off my bottle of Endymion--I just couldn't find the occasions to wear it. It doesn't fit my "formal" preferences, and it's not something I could casually throw on whenever I felt like it. For my casual, non-gourmand coffee choice, I prefer Givenchy Play Intense or Taste of Fragrance. They're a little more fun, in my opinion. However, to be fair, Endymion's really in an entirely different league--the semi-formal gentleman's league. Here, it works well, and shouldn't disappoint if you're looking for an aromatic fragrance that skillfully incorporates coffee while keeping in sync with its mature, polite, and civil tone. Projection and longevity are very good.
11th October, 2014
First I must say that Lucy's review was simply one of the best I've ever read…..had to read it three times.
Now to Endymion. Received a sample from Penhaligons. Of the 4 samples sent this one stood out. The masculine take on powder is attractive. Liked it until I smelled LP No9 for men by the same House. The top notes of Endymion are clearly superior, but once they die down, LP blows it away. Similar vibe but just more spice, more interesting and longer lasting to boot.
19th February, 2014
I've tested this fragrance several times to get something out of it, but to be honest with you it's nothing!
A very generic fresh spicy scent with some floral notes and touch of leather is all things that I get from it.
At the opening I can smell a semi fresh spicy scent with hint of floral notes. something that I've smelt in tons of fragrances!
Projection is crap! no projection at all!
In the dry down things get a little better!
The fresh scent settle down and now some leather kick in plus some sweetness.
When I say leather do not expect a dark or smoky leather! a very weak and smooth leather, completely in the background!
It didn't survive to the base because it last only one hour on my skin and then it was gone!
It's $120 for a bottle!!
Dude, go kid yourself!
01st February, 2014
Review by ChandlerDeOare

I really admire this scent. It needs to be noted though that admiration and enjoyment are two different animals. I had high hopes for this offering from such a distinguished house, I just can't bring myself to enjoy it though because it's fundamentally flawed. There is something endearing about a skin scent that can be enjoyed by the wearer only, simply for personal satisfaction... Endymion would be the perfect peg for that hole if only it were detectable to anyone aside from bloodhounds and hyperosmiacs past the first hour. It is a wonderful combination of soap (Lever 2000 I believe is the closest profile) and powder, in that order. I detect barely any of the stated notes, save for the slightest hint of bergamot in the top, more prominent lavender and a tinge of amber in the middle. There is just a kiss of musk on a vast talc base, and in all it's really a quite distinguished juice, just with painfully little sillage after dry down, and dismal longevity. Disappointing really... If it weren't a matter of price I'd bathe in the stuff several times daily.

Pros: "Clean" "Neither loud or offensive"
Cons: poor sillage and longevity""

26th October, 2013

A very smooth lavender with a mild leather base. It has a lot of spicy notes, without being too sharp. Has a "cool blue" feel to it, which pairs well with the navy colored box. A nice powdery scent that's great for cool fall nights.

02nd July, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A light, likeable gourmand/oriental of diminutive proportions. Some warm spice notes and a single coffee granule on a background of lavender & vanilla. Endymion shares some similarities with Kristiansand New York in scent, but its density is more ethereal. It also reminds me of New Haarlem by Bond No 9: nowhere near as potent - but closer to that than La Nuit de L'Homme. Sillage is low; longevity is quite good, even if it is more or less a skin scent for most of the 8 hours I get from 6 sprays. This does render it a reasonable choice for warmer weather where other scents of the same genre might prove cloying. Unisex.
01st May, 2013
The distinguished gentleman sat at table in his room at 3 Tenpenny Lane, Chelsea, London, enjoying a full English breakfast with extra fresh, black pepper, artfully prepared by the gentleman's kind old landlady, Mrs. Higginbotham. The fresh citrus of his morning Earl Grey was ever so lightly spiced with a sprig of mint. Finishing breakfast, he donned his coat and descended to the lane for his morning stroll. Passing Mr. Mahdian's Persian shop, where the smell of strong coffee laced with nutmeg wafted out to the crisp London air, he approached Ms. Cotswain's flower stand, stopping to smell a fresh geranium, a bouquet of which the young lady had just displayed; its scent mingled with the light emanations of the other flowers and, underlying all, the soft fog rolling off of the nearby Thames. Tipping his hat to Ms. Cotswain and her cart, the distinguished gentleman turned onto the high street and proceeded to St. Mary's, where he was wont to spend an hour in silent meditation. Entering the solemnly lighted church, he knelt at an old wooden pew, surrounded by the smell of centuries old Frankincense, Bibles, and well-groomed and powdered faithful all topped out in their Sunday best. Finally, having paid his respects, the distinguished gentleman set out on business, the peace of a leisurely morning promising another fine day in God's country.
14th November, 2012
Only twice in my life have I been frozen where I stood by a scent. To cut a long and embarrassing story short, I followed a guy off the London underground when I had no idea where I was, to find out from him what his scent was. And I'm usually pretty shy. The scent was Endymion, and I couldn't help but inhale it the way you inhale a lover's scent with your mouth part open to catch every facet and reflection. Warm, earthy, dreamy yet authoritative and potent. The effect on me may have been exaggerated because the man wearing it was probably the most beautiful man I'd ever seen - either that or his scent made him seem that way. It just made me want to pull his shirt off. I didn't tell him that bit... but I did go and buy his perfume.
09th November, 2012
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Beautifully blended spices and incense stitched together with vetiver and lavender. I detect a subtle coffee note although it is not listed. I also smell tonka. This is a subtle scent, lighter than an evening scent usually is but very beautiful none the less. To me it smells sweeter and more unisex out of the bottle but on the skin it is very masculine with the sage, leather and musk coming to the fore. Surprisingly sexy in the drydown. The mythological reference is a little fanciful for Penhaligon's but is carried through beautifully in the classical urn-shaped label with its funerary draperies and crescent moon in hommage to Selene/Cynthia. The midnight blue and silvery moonlight colors are perfect. Being English, this clearly has everything to do with Keat's Endymion as opposed to the Endymion myth of antiquity, so maybe it isn't too fanciful after all.

A thing of beauty IS a joy forever but sadly, as with most of this house's scents, they fade away all too soon ....
22nd August, 2012 (last edited: 10th September, 2012)
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For a somewhat gauzy fragrance, ENDYMION seems to have a lot going on underneath. From aromatic, though not particularly herbal, to floral-woodsy with a light kiss of spice, over a dry, resinous and slightly powdery musky base. The blending is immaculate, with no discordant notes overwhelming another. Projection may be modest yet it retains a quiet dignified presence befitting a true Penhaligon classic.

Boring? Not to me it isn't. Some people say it smells like La Nuit. Bah! Endymion is probably what the YSL desperately wants to be. What I find truly amazing about Endymion is its structure. Such is the ethereality of its construct that the fragrance seems to exist on another plane of existence. You don't smell Endymion, you feel it. A pure textural entity. Smooth, fuzzy yet oddly comforting. It is far from sweet but there is a sensuous afterglow about it that recalls the warmth of a lover's touch.

Perhaps it is for the above reasons many wearers are inclined to view it as a nocturnal or romantic scent. For Endymion is the ageless youth who sleeps eternally under the longing gaze of a moon goddess. It sings of dreams long forgotten, gardens of magic and kisses stolen under starlit skies. Well I don't know about that. On me it simply spells S-E-X-Y.
25th March, 2012
Strange cool oriental that ends smooth, musky and incensey but with a cool, dry and cottony leather-coffee-vanilla background. The first part is slightly herbal, aromatic, citrusy and  floral with a dry, fresh and airy touch from sage and lavender. A cloudy and still sharp dust of incense, black pepper, nutmeg and dark coffee begins in the meanwhile to rise up from the background. This cloud is rich and masculine. In a second stage the smell starts to soften towards a spicy (sort of orangy nutmeg) and creamy (milk-coffee) smoothness that is musky, fruity (mandarine-orange) and leathery but with hints of woodsy-incensey air. The note of tonka is a good smokey and nutty supplement to the tasty virility of the juice.  Delicate and clean but substantial and manly.
19th February, 2012 (last edited: 29th August, 2012)
It sits on the skin like a powdery chocolate coffee, that has a fresh spicy light gourmand feel to it. I like it but it feels like a fragrance that has been watered down and you just wish the ingredients were more thicker and lush. It leaves you wanting more.
09th February, 2012
I've owned a few Penhaligon fragrances, and pretty much sampled all of them. To me, Endymion is one of the most versatile fragrances in their line up, and because of its versatility, it can be somewhat "boring". It seems that all the other Penhaligon fragrances are so complex that you can't wear them all the time (LP No 9, Opus 1870). Endymion is as complex as it can while still appealing to the general masses.

Endymion starts off with a sweet floral note, and becomes very powdery and dry, with subtle hints of amber and musk. It really is a beautiful, and clean smelling, but it is not very complex (the notes don't change drastically). Because of this, people complain that this Endymion not sophisticated enough to be in Penhaligon's lineup, or it smells like another "designer fragrance", and I have to kind of agree with them.

However, Endymion is extremely versatile. You can wear it year around and in any setting. Its also a great fragrance to introduce people to the Penhaligon's lineup, because while it is not a complex frag, it is a very beautiful scent that anyone can pull this fragrance off.

I find once people try Endymion, they are more open to trying other fragrances from Penhaligons.

02nd October, 2011
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Nothing wrong with this one, but it just is so mild and safe that it bores me to death. Powder mixed with a bit of fruit on an amber base... Kind of a mild powdery cloud. Inoffensive, but unimpressive. 2.5 stars out of 5.
17th September, 2011 (last edited: 27th December, 2012)
A magical scent from the House of Penhaligon. A mysterious castle in an enchanted forest. The old nurse muttering incantations. The ancient chamber of the heir. A whisper of cloves amid the flowered, ethereal gardens? That fairy tunnel through the trees. And, strangely enough, not only highly poetic but also extremely wearable.
01st August, 2011
Somewhat fruity and powdery opening to this one that progresses over to a bit of a woody scent with still a powdery overtone throughout. A bit too feminine for me and as with other Penhaligon scents, I can't get past the overwhelming powdery feeling to it.
27th March, 2011
This is a sweet but reassuringly mild powdery wood scent, with captivating florals and fruit in the top: a sepia-colored satin ribbon with a stripe of magenta up the middle, that blends together over time into purple. Its cinnamon and trace of mocha remind me of a cross between Armani Code, L'Instant de Guerlain, and Van Cleef and Arpels minus the fetid moldiness, but it's still a bit feminine for me. I almost wish that it were light enough for me to handle a full day of it, because it's actually an intriguing scent, but I worry about how it would come across even if it were lighter. If I smelled this on a sophisticated woman, though, it would be drop-dead sexy!
21st August, 2010
Smooth, sweet, spicy vanilla sums this one up for me. Lightly used, makes for a nice day scent.
14th July, 2010
While the classic Penhaligon's fragrance is always going to be associated with a step back in time to smell all things victorian the newer, more modern fragrances clearly have to fit into a more contemporary mould. Yet it doesn't necessarily mean they lose their originality or that they do actually smell rather good.

Like their CK One clone Quercus, Endymion is reminiscent of Lynx, but its still smells irresistible; a gorgeous fusion of sweet spices, vanilla and deep woody notes. It isn't trying to be individual, nor is it trying to be original, yet one spritz and it is difficult for your senses not to feel indulged. Because the houses' scents are never heavy(and therefore don't last so long), this actually works in Endymion's favour as it is light enough to wear during the day and grab some compliments (as I always do), or let its dark, deep warmth take you out for the night.

Certainly one of the houses' more favourable offerings for the modern cologne wearer.
18th November, 2009 (last edited: 22nd January, 2010)
PCB01 Show all reviews
United States
This was my introduction to Penhaligon, and I was immediately seduced. Friends, family, and coworkers are united in their praise of this scent. A frequent reaction is, "I've never smelled anything like that," clearly meant in a positive way.

Endymion is warm , approachable, welcoming, soft, and comforting in a way that no other fragrance, in my experience has ever been. Nothing about it says, "I'm a mountain meadow," or, "What's up, good lookin?'" or, "I'm a really important guy, so start scraping." It seems less focused on the wearer, and more of an invitation to anyone around him to come and join the share the warmth.

The house style at Penhaligon seems to be either austere and distant (e.g., Blenheim) or, like this one, accepting and personable. There is a place for both, I suspect.

I'll leave the composition analysis to others. Parsing individual elements of a scent is not something I'm good at or much interested in, any more than I'd care to concentrate on what the woodwinds are doing and miss the symphony as a whole.
19th March, 2009
I think this is a great 'stepping stone' fragrance, a good example to give to someone who normally wears CK or YSL and is interested in more classic fragrances but isn't yet ready for anything too exotic or unusual.
With the lavender, amber and vanilla, it is almost too soft but the beautifully balanced heart and base notes have a much tighter hold on things than the mass market frags that this resembles. If you think this smells generic, you owe it to yourself to try it again and keep smelling throughout the development to see how really well this is made.
12th March, 2009
I’ve worn Endymion about 20 times thus far, but somehow I have never gotten around to reviewing it. Unlike most scents in my collection, I think of Endymion as primarily a nocturnal scent – I prefer to wear it at bed time. To me, it integrates sensual and introspective aspects, an unusual mix that comes together here. I suppose the thing that continues to strike me is the coffee note. Reviewer foetidus aptly describes it as a “deep brooding Mandeling-like note. A bit potent for an EdC, the opening can be a bit too sweet if overapplied. I also enjoy tempered presentation of the spice notes (e.g., nutmeg, pepper and sage) and the creamy character of the scent as whole.
31st January, 2009
The blueprint for a modern cologne appears to be to ensure that the dry down must have that distinctive vanilla edge to it. This is no exception, and I was disappointed to end up smelling as if I had applied Dunhill London or some other cheap confection. Having said that, it does do the confection with a degree of class, and it is kept out of the middle range of fragrances merely by the fact that there is some richness in there, with several layers to this struggling to subdue the vanilla, but with little success. A gallant try by Penhaligon's to appeal to the younger market, but I feel they better served developing their range of conservative fragrances.
29th December, 2008
After exeriencing Duoro, Endymion proved to be an over-hyped blind buy. Apart from the latte note, Endymion doesn't have much going for it.
24th December, 2008
Another hip, mod, up-to-date, "with it", cutting-edge fragrance that IMHO smells like a little old lady's cedar chest filled with cherished memories, such as doilies, ribbon-wrapped letters, pressed flowers and such. I smell the sweetness and the cedar and all I can think of is knitting and the victrola. Maybe I am too retro to be truly modern, but I would run as fast as I could away from this. As John Wayne might have said, "What'a ya kiddin' me?" Considering everything, this could be the signature fragrance of Quentin Crisp, or his ma-,a'

01st October, 2008
oops, I meant Escada not Hererra . . . doh!
12th August, 2008