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Negative Reviews of Endymion by Penhaligon's

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Was excited to get this in! Unfortunately it does not last on my skin, doesn't project, and doesn't smell unless I put my know right up to it.

It's a pleasant smell, good for office and neutral settings, even a date, but this just does not work on my skin.
20th January, 2015
After exeriencing Duoro, Endymion proved to be an over-hyped blind buy. Apart from the latte note, Endymion doesn't have much going for it.
24th December, 2008
Another hip, mod, up-to-date, "with it", cutting-edge fragrance that IMHO smells like a little old lady's cedar chest filled with cherished memories, such as doilies, ribbon-wrapped letters, pressed flowers and such. I smell the sweetness and the cedar and all I can think of is knitting and the victrola. Maybe I am too retro to be truly modern, but I would run as fast as I could away from this. As John Wayne might have said, "What'a ya kiddin' me?" Considering everything, this could be the signature fragrance of Quentin Crisp, or his ma-,a'

01st October, 2008
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United Kingdom
Rather over-hyped fragrance imo. It gives off a rather bland so-so spicy, sage-heavy opening, then am unable to identify any different middle notes, especially any aroma resembling coffee (uh?). However, the base has a pretty good leathery finish. If a fragrance could be described as 'snooty' this is it. If you can find cheaper, but not as fashionable, versions that you like, I would go for them. There are much better alternatives in Penhaligon's range -- Castile and Opus for a start.

18th June, 2008