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Endymion is a lavender, pepper, vetiver, leather, vanilla fragrance. Its not as sweet as Caron pour un Homme, and not as green as Villoresi Uomo but similar to both. It is also similar to MFK Pluriel but has a little more barbershop influences with the pepper and sweetness. Endymion is a very special fragrance whose aroma is comforting but is also complicated enough to offer some hint of fine breeding. I like the smell of it but the sweetness is a bit much for me.
23rd July, 2015
I've tested this fragrance several times to get something out of it, but to be honest with you it's nothing!
A very generic fresh spicy scent with some floral notes and touch of leather is all things that I get from it.
At the opening I can smell a semi fresh spicy scent with hint of floral notes. something that I've smelt in tons of fragrances!
Projection is crap! no projection at all!
In the dry down things get a little better!
The fresh scent settle down and now some leather kick in plus some sweetness.
When I say leather do not expect a dark or smoky leather! a very weak and smooth leather, completely in the background!
It didn't survive to the base because it last only one hour on my skin and then it was gone!
It's $120 for a bottle!!
Dude, go kid yourself!
01st February, 2014
Strange cool oriental that ends smooth, musky and incensey but with a cool, dry and cottony leather-coffee-vanilla background. The first part is slightly herbal, aromatic, citrusy and  floral with a dry, fresh and airy touch from sage and lavender. A cloudy and still sharp dust of incense, black pepper, nutmeg and dark coffee begins in the meanwhile to rise up from the background. This cloud is rich and masculine. In a second stage the smell starts to soften towards a spicy (sort of orangy nutmeg) and creamy (milk-coffee) smoothness that is musky, fruity (mandarine-orange) and leathery but with hints of woodsy-incensey air. The note of tonka is a good smokey and nutty supplement to the tasty virility of the juice.  Delicate and clean but substantial and manly.
19th February, 2012 (last edited: 29th August, 2012)
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United States
Nothing wrong with this one, but it just is so mild and safe that it bores me to death. Powder mixed with a bit of fruit on an amber base... Kind of a mild powdery cloud. Inoffensive, but unimpressive. 2.5 stars out of 5.
17th September, 2011 (last edited: 27th December, 2012)
Somewhat fruity and powdery opening to this one that progresses over to a bit of a woody scent with still a powdery overtone throughout. A bit too feminine for me and as with other Penhaligon scents, I can't get past the overwhelming powdery feeling to it.
27th March, 2011
This is a sweet but reassuringly mild powdery wood scent, with captivating florals and fruit in the top: a sepia-colored satin ribbon with a stripe of magenta up the middle, that blends together over time into purple. Its cinnamon and trace of mocha remind me of a cross between Armani Code, L'Instant de Guerlain, and Van Cleef and Arpels minus the fetid moldiness, but it's still a bit feminine for me. I almost wish that it were light enough for me to handle a full day of it, because it's actually an intriguing scent, but I worry about how it would come across even if it were lighter. If I smelled this on a sophisticated woman, though, it would be drop-dead sexy!
21st August, 2010
Smooth, sweet, spicy vanilla sums this one up for me. Lightly used, makes for a nice day scent.
14th July, 2010
The blueprint for a modern cologne appears to be to ensure that the dry down must have that distinctive vanilla edge to it. This is no exception, and I was disappointed to end up smelling as if I had applied Dunhill London or some other cheap confection. Having said that, it does do the confection with a degree of class, and it is kept out of the middle range of fragrances merely by the fact that there is some richness in there, with several layers to this struggling to subdue the vanilla, but with little success. A gallant try by Penhaligon's to appeal to the younger market, but I feel they better served developing their range of conservative fragrances.
29th December, 2008
The advertisements for Endymion present it as a study in contrasts, and led me to expect a fascinating yin-yang of alternating notes of briskness and richness, light and dark; what has been called a “moiré” effect. I think that would be a great idea, but it is not here. Endymion is a lovely scent of spice and somewhat rich amber. It is very smooth and luxurious and has a powdery dry-down. There is a kind of warm-night glow here, like a stroll in a moon-lit oriental garden at midnight. How appropriate for a scent named after a mythological character who fell in love with the moon goddess. This type of fragrance isn’t my style, so I give it a neutral rating but recommend it to those who like that sort of thing.
30th April, 2007