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Negative Reviews of Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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From a 2ml vintage tin can sample:

Star Anise can unfortunately completely torpedo a fragrance for me. As is the case here with the massively beloved Rive Gauche Pour Homme. The anise note is very prominent throughout as is a metallic scent that lingers in the middle after an hour or two which doesn't compliment the creamy dry down for me.

There are many comparisons to Azzaro, which I agree with, although the anise note in Azarro is just mild enough and well blended not to offend my palate.

Rive Gauche, adieu...
14th September, 2014
I know, I know, another negative review, but I just can't take Rive Gauche. It's cloying and sticks like a thin coat of varnish to the insides of my sinuses. The anise note is harsh and synthetic, and for some reason I get the overall feeling that a dirty ashtray has been rubbed on my skin. Engine exhaust is another association, believe it or not. I must be going mad.
24th January, 2013
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
Unfortunately to my nose, this just smells like Old Spice. Can't really give a fragrance any points for that...
10th October, 2012
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offensive to my nose. may suit well to anyone who is bold enough. used to have it but sold it already. not my taste to be honest
30th March, 2012
I love barbershop type of fragrances, and RG is one of the most successful of the style. It's a cold fougere as I classify them myself, whereas say Azzaro is a warm one.

I should like this a lot, and I respect it for what it is but the raw egg note, which only diamondflame mentions here makes it impossible for me to like it, or inspect it a bit more.

Even if I was wearing fragrances just to project an image or to smell "good" to other people, I still couldn't bear smelling it. It has to be a thumbs down from me. I would never use this.
31st March, 2011
I've tried Rive Gauche Homme as it seems to be a crowdpleaser and I totally got disappointed. The opening is nice with a pleasant liquorice/anice effect and bergamot, but as it starts to dry it immediately bring me back in the 80's. The ugly ones. The ones where girls used to wear fluorescent yellow polyamide t-shirts, backcombed hairs, fishnet tights and plastic earings and guys used to wear tennis-player-like hairband and horrible shoulder padded jackets. The ones Perfumes Houses used to mix weird loud accord to a cheap barbershop like base to create a male fragrance. Sorry guys but I've to pass on this one.

When It comes to bold aromatic fougeres there's nothing like Or Black.

The atomizer is absolutely marvellous, but it's not enough.
23rd March, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)
Mr_B Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Having read the reviews on BN I really, really wanted to like this and bought it based on what I read here. It really does smell like a quality barber shop and is something I'd like sprayed on me after a haircut but wearing out? No thanks. After having worn it for an hour I was left with a very powdery, slightly nauseating scent which I had to wash off.

This was a lesson learned for me - try a fragrance first because, despite all the thumbs up, it might not be to your taste.
26th September, 2010
Star anise makes me gag.
overrated here.
12th June, 2010
It's bound to happen sometimes - here's a crowd pleaser that just doesn't agree with me. Sure, I got the clean old school barbershop vibes but I also smelled something else underneath - a nauseatingly raw egg-ish feel that made me retch, literally. I tried a few more times with other tester bottles at different times only to get the same side effects. Sorry folks, RIVE GAUCHE POUR HOMME's charms just don't work on me.
15th April, 2010
A lot of people have raved about it, but unfortunately I get a headache when I smell it. It could be that it is just too strong - even now, as the strip is sitting on my desk about one arm lengths away, I can smell it. Plus, in terms of originality, it is sorely lacking. As many have pointed out, it smells like a lot of the old fragrances which men would wear, like Brut.
19th February, 2009
smells like barbasol at first then kinda musty and old... def not recommended for younger dudes, smells like my grandpa
06th December, 2008
I swear this smells like Sundown.

Wearing it feels like the smell left by Sundown after a day at the beach.

There's also a very annoying bitter note.

No, thanks.
15th May, 2007
Just tried this in a sample vile form on my left wrist. Call me crazy but I dont get the big "craze" on this one?

This is an identical Barber Shop smell! I smell this on the back of my neck and sides AFTER the barber is done cutting my hair. Rive Gauche IS that smell! It's very "Old Man cologne meets Barber Shop scent". You guys nailed it on the head on this one and what it smells like!

Don't like it at all IMHO, if women like this pleeease let them put their reviews here cause I just dont buy it! lol Thumbs down on this old man meets Barbasol meets "dads cologne" scent.
11th May, 2007
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Not really impressive in the least. Starts off as a really, really dry woodsy aroma. Then as it dries down I start to get some very green notes. One thing that it made me think of, which for me fits perfectly, is the smell of green pea pods. In the summer whne you can get the peas in the pod, that's what Rive Gauche smells like as it dries down.
It isn't piss mixed with urinal cakes like Kouros which triggers my gag reflex, but to my nose it isn't the least bit pleasent.
Anything YSL puts out seems to get labeled as simply amazing on here - I have no idea why.
01st December, 2006
A Big thumbs down! Rive Gauche is not stronge enought to win some smells that make this scent feel like old cheap after shave.
16th February, 2006
I have no idea what they were thinking of with this one, a bit like Brut gone wrong. It is harsh, metallic and synthetic.
15th July, 2005
Simply: the scent reminds me the smell of a usual shaving cream or a bar of soap. Rive Gauche it`s very strange, I think it maybe would like in older people. Not to me!!
22nd December, 2004