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Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme is an aquatic scent with moderate sillage and longevity. Maximum of 8 hours on the Skin.
The opening is spicy/peppery with aquatic notes.. It is fresh indeed but I don't smell the Mandarine. It's a fresh and bitter scent, not sweet at all.

Cool Water symbolizes the fresh and calm sea during summer,and beaches.

Whereas Aqua Pour Homme stands for the depth of the seas,the darkness of the sea during the night.

11th March, 2018
Starts off with a very dark aroma of realistic ocean, but in a beautiful way, with heavy notes of mandarin orange, petitgrain, realistic saltwater from the ocean (very salty), and a hint of seaweed. It leans extremely masculine. On drydown the seaweed becomes prominent but in a beautiful way (unlike the disgusting seaweed in Bond No. 9's "Wall Street"), and darker/less sharp than Deconstructing Eden's "Poseidon" EDP (another favourite of mine for realistic oceanic/marine colognes). It's also filled with the aroma of ocean water as well as sage and minerals. The aquatic note here is a wonderfully salty ocean water (similar to my nose to Acqua di Gio, and not like the clean aquatic notes in colognes like Cool Water). This resembles the actual scent of the ocean deep in a very pleasant and beautiful way, and I thoroughly enjoy it - especially as my father used to wear this when I was a child (and I have a lot of scent memory in this regard). For basenotes, I detect minerals and driftwood as well as a soapy amber. The basenotes actually smell sort of similar to Acqua di Gio, oddly. Sillage is moderate but leaning towards strong (less is more with this fragrance), while longevity is also firmly moderate at 4-5 hours. In fact after 5 hours, it's barely a skin scent. Overall this is a wonderful dark fragrance in general and great for evening or day wear in summer or winter in my opinion, while it is also maybe the greatest realistic ocean/marine fragrance in the market in my opinion (especially when you factor in cost). It's one of my favourites out of all the colognes I've smelled.
04th March, 2018
Generic , and nothing special at all..
Good but not great .
10th October, 2017
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Who's to say an ocean can't
Smell like a perfume?
27th September, 2017
Nice bottle, inoffensive but rather bland and boring. I don't really do Aqua so not sure why I bought it?? Maybe I thought I could learn to like it? Just does nothing for me.
02nd May, 2017
When Aqua pour Homme first came out in 2005, I was instantly drawn to its watery, fresh marine quality and still enjoy it to this day. (I love the flankers, which spotlight existing elements of the original in impressive, distinct ways.)

Props to Jacques Cavallier for crafting such a wonderful "blue" scent that is still legitimate after over a decade.
15th January, 2017
I tried this at the suggestion of fellow BNers. It's probably the most interesting aquatic I've tried. The citrus top notes are not fruity- they are rounded with an ever present marine quality that lasts through the whole thing. Petitgrain is green and bitter, coupled well with clary sage and stemmy herbal notes. There's a clear, salty, mineral vibe that is missing from any other aquatic I've tried.
Lasts longer than I expected, decent sillage makes it good for work/close quarters. And well worth the affordable price.
10th January, 2017
Sod all the details ..this is the best aquatic I've tried and own's like squid man's handsome brother surfaced an stole all our women but left a trail of his scent arrr..
26th June, 2016 (last edited: 28th June, 2016)
I find this to be an amazing scent and for myself a year round scent as well. Amazing from start to finish. A stunner from Jacques Cavalier IMO. Great citrus opening, one of the best I have encountered in a designer scent for sure. This finishes with a great amber dry down. This is a scent that will be in my collection for sure... Still available for a great price online. Enjoy!
02nd June, 2016
Nice reference aquatic. Not overly citrus (as most aquatics are these summers). Nothing bad about it. Worth $30/100ml.
06th November, 2015
It's cool water with a marginally better brand and bottle.
27th October, 2015
there are fragrances that immediately take you to places and situations. this one in particulary takes me to a summer night, swiming naked with my girl in the ocean. it is fresh, mysterious and very sexy.

i don´t know how Bvlgari did it, but the smell of this scent is what deep undewater sea must smell like (in a good, very good way).

Imagine walking at night by the beach, and the smell of the sea breeze coming towards you, or having dinner in a romantic restaurant by the sea. if this is what this frgarances is trying to evoque, it succeeded.

the only problem for this one is his weak power and longevity. i wish it lasted longer on my skin!

13th September, 2015

New definition of Casual Elegance By Jacques Cavallier.However AQUA PH MARINE is My Favorite but This one is Simply Beautiful Too. A Real Refreshing.It has a Nice Subtle Scent.A staple in any Good collection of fragrances.

Pleasurable,Clean,Aromatic,Energetic, Popular,Crisp and Full of Life. Aquatic fragrance that is a transparent blend of Mandarin and Orange as is so Appealing to the nose.This Smells an Invigorating blast of fresh Air for the Man who lives life to the fullest.

This Masculine Scent is A perfect touch that goes well on that day when you have a heightened Sense of clarity.It is Ideal for an Active man. Great for Casual and Carefree Summer days.Not the kind that gives you a headache and Everyone can wear it.The price is very reasonable Too.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

13th May, 2015
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This was purchased for me as a gift.

From the initial spray, I held my fake smile in place while in my head saying, "please let that smell go away as it dries down".

It doesn't go away. This smells like most other aquatics, but with a rotten undertone that I can't ignore. Use a hand towel to mop up sweat at the gym, come home and spray it with Cool Water.

Someone in a prior review made the comparison of "briny water". I would say "stagnant water, with bio-matter slowly decomposing" would be a better description for me.

23rd March, 2015
Bulgari Aqva -

My go to summer fragrance.

I wore this baby as a signature scent for many years, wore it all seasons. It's a compliment generator, albeit one that is confused for other fragrances. So it is a very pleasant and cooling fragrance yet one that is apparently common.

Bulgari Aqva smells of melon and salt and a little lime in the opening. It very quickly turns to a bitter, almost pungent yet fresh scent. There is a miniscule whiff of green woodiness there as well. It's true that Aqva also emits an interesting petroleum note, although it doesn't detract from the positive effect. The scent as a whole DOES create mental images of the ocean, the ocean during a thunderstorm, dark skies and all. And it is also true that it is not very lasting on the skin. On clothes the persistence is much much better.

A great advantage of this fragrance is the bottle, which allowed me to carry it at all times and was able to spray throughout the day. So the persistence wasn't a problem at all.

Again, Bulgari Aqva is a compliment generating machine. This is the one scent that gets me multiple compliments when walking into a room, one after another, machine gun style! That being said, the fragrance doesn't inspire me, never has. It lacks strength, assertiveness, etc in the middle. I wore it ONLY for the compliments and the wonderful facial expressions by women when they smelled Bulgari Aqva. But on a hot and muggy day or evening its very pleasant and refreshing, hence I reach for it still during the summer.
26th February, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A mandarin opening, mixed with petit grain, leads to a lavender-based drydown, when a aquatic sea-salt seaweed note is added, giving its name to this fragrance. Woody and sage impressions are emerging in the base. It is refreshing is a generic, unexciting manner, with soft sillage, adequate projection and three hours of longevity. Mediocre. 2.25/5.
13th January, 2015
It was aquatics that first got me interested in frags. I liked Cool Water, thought ADG and Issey were heaven, and then graduated onto more interesting frags outside of this genre. After a while, I decided I didn't like aquatics at all, too simple, too little sillage, and too popular. My wife, however, vastly prefers aquatics to others, and bugged me to return to them. Bowing to these wishes, I set out to find something we both could love. I believe I found it in Bulgari Aqua. It's an aquatic all right, but in the purer sense of the word--it's the salt, and green, and earth of the ocean rather than the chlorinated blue of a swimming pool.

After an initial blast of orange, but in the form of Cointreau rather than Florida orange juice, the signature seaweed note emerges, first flying above lavender and cotton, then drifting amid an amber/patchouli/cedar accord. The Cointreau and cotton are nice unusual touches, but without the seaweed, this would be very pedestrian, and not very aquatic. The seaweed note, however, changes everything, casting it's salty green tentacles through traditional accords and breathing new life and refreshment into them. It's daring, creative, and effective. Oh, and they somehow manage to work a tea scent into this during the latter half of the floral section through some sort of pact with the devil, I suspect.

It's a true aquatic, changing the meaning of the term for me. Like Bulgari Black, with its remarkable rubber note, it's also a masterpiece with its signature seaweed scent, which lasts even into the dry down. Happily, it also lasts and, for an aquatic, really projects. Simply the best aquatic made in my opinion.
11th January, 2015
Couldn't wait to add this to my wardrobe...seems most reviews were rants about how wonderfully the sea would be delivered to me in a mist from a bottle...and I needed an aquatic although not a big fan. What I was looking for was a clean crisp oceanic fragrance...and this ain't it! Opens with a salty, marine feeling that immediately becomes....floral? Wait..floral with pepper..maybe some melon in there for added confusion. Not what I was seeking i.e. too complex and too synthetic. I'll pass. Another reason to dislike aquatics.
27th December, 2014
I am from Greece and I grew up next to the sea...that is really good on this.
when aqva marine is the clear water green beach with the white fine sand,this is the
October darker rough sea with seaweeds on the beach and high waves.
I like it and it would be a thump up if top notes lasted longer,it IS long lasting but in a subtle spicy and woody drydown.
04th October, 2014
A weak bland citrus marine fragrance that lasts no more than a hour on my skin. Not impressed!
12th June, 2014
Genre: Aquatic

Let me admit up front that I’m no great fan of aquatic fragrances. Most of them wind up smelling like chemical spills on my skin, and I can count the ones that work for me on the fingers of one hand. Or at least I could.

This Bvlgari certainly didn’t look promising: blue bottle, aqua (or should I say “aqva?”) on the label? Nope. The opening didn’t do much to help – it was the standard issue artificial “melon” flavor/calone concoction that’s launched a thousand fragrances since L’Eau d’Issey. But then, ten minutes later, what’s that? Good grief! It’s the “skankiest” indolic white flower accord I’ve smelled in a “masculine” fragrance in ages! Wheeeeee!

Next to join the fray is a nose-ticklingly crisp black pepper note that launches the whole composition into another, higher orbit. The precarious balance, the tension, between crisp, clean pepper and aquatic notes and the decadent white flowers makes Bvlgari Aqva ten times as interesting as your run-of-the-mill aquatic scent. Bravo to the nose that made this scent, because the two competing accords remain in balance until both begin to fade. What remains is a clean and somewhat sharp woody base, which if not inherently exciting at least avoid the suffocating woody amber that seems to be the base du jour.

Altogether a pleasant surprise!
09th June, 2014
A beautiful but at the same time scary trip to the deep ocean. a place that you may attacked by a giant octopus!
This is a really strange and mysterious fragrance.
The opening is sharp, salty, green and aquatic scent that has a dark and deep smell!
Actually more mysterious than dark but it's something different.
In the mid that salty and green scents started to decay and some sweetness and some woodsy notes kicked in.
The smell still is mysterious but it's not as unique as the opening. you may also smell some fresh and fruity smell like watermelon. but it's in the background.
The projection is really great at the start, but dies down really quick and become skin scent.
Longevity is average on my skin.
A different smell that definitely you have to test it before buying it.
It's not a safe blind buy!
01st June, 2014
I really wanted to like Aqua PH.

I've been looking for a nice Seaweed fragrance after enjoying the note in Polo Sport. I was directed to the Bvlgari line and was impressed by the note pyramids of Aqua/Marine and the Toniq flankers.

I blind-bought Marine and my hopes crashed- it was a floral nightmare, not at all what I was assuming it would be.

More cautious the next time around, I found Aqua PH in store and sampled it, and again my hopes were dashed.

Aqua isn't a good aquatic. For all the talk of it being a natural ocean smell, it just came across as repugnant. There is a very synthetic briny note that turned me off right away, alongside the fake water smell found in cleaning products.

I should have taken the fact that members were talking about how Aqua as "challenging to wear" as meaning "not good".

My girlfriend found it to be more masculine than Marine, but said she didn't want me to wear either.

Someone recommended Erofla by Creed to me, I guess that's my next stop.
28th December, 2013
This is my favorite day-to-day cologne and I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it, certainly more than when I wear Chrome, Nautica or Cool Water. It lasts a fairly long time and the 'fresh' scent doesn't fade. Women especially notice it and always ask what it is that I'm wearing more often than when I wear more expensive or bold nighttime colognes.

If you like fresh scents for daytime or work wear I would give it a try. The only downside I can think of is that it is not very organic smelling.
19th December, 2013
Review by ChandlerDeOare

This is one of the first designer frags that really stood out from the crowd for me. The citrus/seaweed combination that dominates it absolutely tickled my olfactory initially, spurring me to wear nothing but Aqua for several weeks, however the honeymoon was short lived. The opening is definitely the best for me, strong citrus, almost floral seaweed and a salty undertone that mixes beautifully... Unfortunately the top notes are gone almost instantly. I find it very linear beyond that, with no real definition between the middle and base. At first I detected what I can only describe as blooming Hyacinth in the dry down, but after one over zealous application the moderately salty/sweet flowery presence I had become accustomed to became something more akin to wet latex paint, which I can only assume is due to the calone content. I never have been able to shake that synthetic paint-like odor, and it has overshadowed the whole concoction for me no matter how lightly I apply. I still wear it from time to time when weather dictates though, mostly on gloomy, rainy summer days, as it seems that intense heat only amplifies the offending notes. Maybe it's just my chemistry, but I find wearing Aqua to be a fine line between bliss and blunder.

Pros: "Unique" "Powerhouse aquatic"
Cons: Synthetic" "Can be offensive if over-applied""

26th October, 2013
Meh. Unsure as to why everyone raves about this scent - this stuff is an utterly boring slightly spicy safe mainstream aquatic. There's the typical Bvlgari middle note in there that's also in Man and Pour Homme. Here it takes on a slightly urinal tinge. The aquatic calone top morphs into a light spicy/amber type scent that does have longevity but it's just so crashingly safe and dull. Disappointing.
03rd May, 2013 (last edited: 28th March, 2014)
Aqva has an extremely synthetic feel to it, but surprisingly, I like it anyway.

It opens with grapefruit, which very quickly changes into a grapefruit/watermelon blend. As this fades, the nose-tingly chemical kicks in with hints of salty sea below it. By the end of the first couple of hours, all that remains is the salty-clean-sea scent (synthetic, but still nice). The drydown reminds me of the smell of salt on my skin after swimming in the ocean - except without all of the stuff that makes you feel like you need a shower. It's just a clean, ocean salt smell.

Projection is almost non-existent, but it does have 6-7 hours of longevity for me - close to the skin. It's a great everyday Summer scent.
20th April, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Bulgari Aqua opens with a blast of artificial smelling orange with tons and tons of calone immediately peeping through early. The aquatic calone chemical remains into the heart of the scent now the star, with the initial orange remaining in support joined by woody cedar rising from the base that grows as time passes and the calone recedes during the dry-down with the scent staying relatively linear from there on out. Projection is excellent and longevity is average, lasting 6-8 hours on skin.

I can't say I am a big fan of calone-laced aquatics, and Aqua pour Homme is no exception. It is highly synthetic smelling, and in this case that is in a very bad way. Unfortunately Aqua is just another "me too" generic aquatic offering from Bulgari that is bested by many others in the genre that are much more pleasant smelling (and many for less money to boot). I recommend seeking others in the genre if you want this kind of scent, with excellent options being vintage Cool Water, Bellagio for Men or New West for Him among many others. The relatively poor smelling Aqua pour Homme gets 2 stars out of 5 and an avoid recommendation.
17th January, 2013
This reminds of the movie Hellboy character; Abraham "Abe" Sapien AKA Blue. This is the fragrance for him, while eating oranges. Spray it on and becomes the fishman, mythical, mysterious, sexy in a bizarre amphibian way.
27th November, 2012
it's not even nice. i simply dont understand this. something wrong here.
i decided to give it to a friend of mine
27th November, 2012