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Negative Reviews of Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

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Nice bottle, inoffensive but rather bland and boring. I don't really do Aqua so not sure why I bought it?? Maybe I thought I could learn to like it? Just does nothing for me.
02nd May, 2017
This was purchased for me as a gift.

From the initial spray, I held my fake smile in place while in my head saying, "please let that smell go away as it dries down".

It doesn't go away. This smells like most other aquatics, but with a rotten undertone that I can't ignore. Use a hand towel to mop up sweat at the gym, come home and spray it with Cool Water.

Someone in a prior review made the comparison of "briny water". I would say "stagnant water, with bio-matter slowly decomposing" would be a better description for me.

23rd March, 2015
A weak bland citrus marine fragrance that lasts no more than a hour on my skin. Not impressed!
12th June, 2014
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I really wanted to like Aqua PH.

I've been looking for a nice Seaweed fragrance after enjoying the note in Polo Sport. I was directed to the Bvlgari line and was impressed by the note pyramids of Aqua/Marine and the Toniq flankers.

I blind-bought Marine and my hopes crashed- it was a floral nightmare, not at all what I was assuming it would be.

More cautious the next time around, I found Aqua PH in store and sampled it, and again my hopes were dashed.

Aqua isn't a good aquatic. For all the talk of it being a natural ocean smell, it just came across as repugnant. There is a very synthetic briny note that turned me off right away, alongside the fake water smell found in cleaning products.

I should have taken the fact that members were talking about how Aqua as "challenging to wear" as meaning "not good".

My girlfriend found it to be more masculine than Marine, but said she didn't want me to wear either.

Someone recommended Erofla by Creed to me, I guess that's my next stop.
28th December, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Bulgari Aqua opens with a blast of artificial smelling orange with tons and tons of calone immediately peeping through early. The aquatic calone chemical remains into the heart of the scent now the star, with the initial orange remaining in support joined by woody cedar rising from the base that grows as time passes and the calone recedes during the dry-down with the scent staying relatively linear from there on out. Projection is excellent and longevity is average, lasting 6-8 hours on skin.

I can't say I am a big fan of calone-laced aquatics, and Aqua pour Homme is no exception. It is highly synthetic smelling, and in this case that is in a very bad way. Unfortunately Aqua is just another "me too" generic aquatic offering from Bulgari that is bested by many others in the genre that are much more pleasant smelling (and many for less money to boot). I recommend seeking others in the genre if you want this kind of scent, with excellent options being vintage Cool Water, Bellagio for Men or New West for Him among many others. The relatively poor smelling Aqua pour Homme gets 2 stars out of 5 and an avoid recommendation.
17th January, 2013
it's not even nice. i simply dont understand this. something wrong here.
i decided to give it to a friend of mine
27th November, 2012
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A cheap-smelling, plasticky, briny pong. I presume it smells better at a distance but I couldn't tolerate it long enough to test this supposition. Try before you buy.
19th June, 2012
Lush Show all reviews
United States
I live on the ocean. This does not smell just like the ocean. This smells like every other boring, "aquatic," men's fragrance on the market: sweet, strong, linear, synthetic, and cheap. I'll pass.
17th April, 2012
quizas Show all reviews
United States
I'm sure this works with someone's chemistry out there, but this smells like brackish water on my skin - I ended up scrubbing it off with a mixture of vinegar and laundry detergent to kill the stench (even vinegar was preferable).
10th April, 2012
I only sprayed on spray on from the counter at Macys. Very strong sea water smell. I liked it at first but then it became overwhelming. My wife was pissed at me because the whole ride home the car was engulfed with not only this smell but aqua marine as well. Too bad the projection wasn't tuned down a little.
01st April, 2012
All I get get is the smell of peeling a mandarin for 30 minutes. Then....nothing. I don't get any of the oceanic feeling inducing deepwater plants. Maybe because I don't smell them that often. Pass.
30th January, 2011
fresh,aromatic aquatic-marine scent.
simple,ordinary and clean scent that has a harsh note.synthetic and artificial.

bulgari is a wellknown great jeweller who has discovered the perfume market as a huge place to make money.following the mainstream , instead of creating a own perfume identity this company launches simple ,vulgar and ordinary scents. bulgari black was ok , bulgari pour homme average- nothing special....but aqua pour homme is such a disappointment- okay, van cleef and arpels launched perfumes too but first for women and van cleef and arpels pour homme are outstanding, complex and great scents.
bulgari perfumes definitely do not meet my expectation and i would ask them either to stick to jewelry or start to compose a perfume. i am very sorry, but aqua reminds me of a cheap shower gel or a toilet cleaner of a drugstore.what is going on?take a sniff of cristalle, vent vert (original),diorella , Y, -yes , these are clean and fresh perfumes too but you never won´t forget them.....
12th January, 2011
Salty, VERY salty and dry, smells artificial, fortunately does not have any fixation power, I got this one as a present, and I have gave it away, NO REGRETS, btw! it's just a wrong scent that does not work!
11th January, 2011
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Reminds me of being by the sea but not on some clean, tropical sunny beach (which is what I had hoped for).
Instead I am reminded of standing on a dirty beach full of large boulders covered in slimy algae on a cold, damp day in the shadow of a large sewage plant pumping out waste into the water.

Can't believe it gets so many positive reviews - it is completely unwearable for me.
19th August, 2010 (last edited: 24th December, 2010)
I don't understand all the positive reviews.

This stuff just smells of perspiration and with a cheap woodsy note. Nothing more to see here, move along.

Thumbs down.
12th June, 2010
A tenuous opening of aquatic and citrus notes, is unequivocally supplanted by a drab woodsy, perspiration aroma, that casts a squalid shadow upon its wearer.
18th April, 2010
Although there are aquatics that I like (CSP Aqua Motu) or even love (Heeley Sel Marin), I can't say that I'm much of a fan of the genre. Most seem to be designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator and ultimately come off as pleasant yet uninspiring, essentially eliminating as customers those wanting more from such scents. I suspect many enterprising perfumers within the aquatic realm take this under consideration when composing their take on the theme; a common approach seems to be the inclusion or amplification of normally unpleasant elements, marine or otherwise.

The normally unpleasant element that Jacques Cavallier has apparently chosen to exploit is trash, specifically wet, sun-baked, half-degraded polyethylene trash bags. Sure, there's citric and grassy notes present here as well, but in the end this fragrance is all about trash to me. This reaction has proven consistent over the course of multiple wearings.

Obviously, I cannot recommend this to anyone. As many positive reviewers have noted, this is an original, atypical scent; this alone, however, does not make it "good." While I respect the risk-taking involved in releasing a fragrance that should come with a drawstring and directions to the nearest dumpster, I feel that I can rest easy in the knowledge that there is one fewer fragrance I have to constantly assess and re-assess in order to ascertain my true opinion.
30th November, 2009 (last edited: 02nd February, 2010)
It's weird. On me I almost can´t smell it after five minutes, very weak. Try it on your skin before you buy it. Dont get it blind.
14th November, 2009
Smeghead Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The couple of times I tried this, it seems pleasant enough at first, but by the time it dries down it just reminds me of a sweaty hobo covered in urine, and it's the urine-like smell which really stays. Not for me.
17th October, 2009
I had high hopes for this one, but alas. I get a strong note of what seems like jasmine. Very flowery. This would smell romantic on a woman.
22nd August, 2009 (last edited: 15th December, 2009)
Starts of very nice, but the sweetness of the drydown sucks and destroys the fragrance. Why did they make it that sweet in the end?
15th August, 2009
I hate this scent. The name is a joke being played on the masses - Aqua there is nothing water like about this fragrance, it is very woody and spicy even some lovers of this scent here are relating it to Quorum!

It has no lasting appeal on the skin and zero sillage - I can see how Bulargi released the Aqva Marine flanker to make up on sales.

At least the Marine version has a deep light water / salty edge to it and actually last longer then this stinker here.

Stick with TEA Bulgari !
14th February, 2009
Very, very disappointed.. I could barely make out the top note, as I was engrossed with the overpowering smell of alcohol. It then faded down into an awful aquatic scent, which reminded me of the scent when you spray Glade air freshener on a wet dog in an attempt to mask the odor.
05th February, 2009
This is my altime favourite...

It's the smell of beach sand between your toes, salty water in your mouth, hot sun beams warming your skin, children playing in the water, waves slowly, quietly scrolling into the shore, round chalk stones and dryed sea washed timber.

But it's also the smell of hard wind in your face, cold rain stitching your skin, fishermen preparing their boats with tar, seagulls screaming and waves thunderlike crushing against the habour.

It's definitely the most complicated of the "aqua" fragrances. While other "aquas" are wery sporty and fresh, with citrus notes up your face but after that, nothing, absolutely nothing, this one starts with citrus and orange, but quickly the citrus notes are pushed away by a constant changing mix of salty, woody and herbal notes ending in a musklike masculine note.

A masterpiece!
19th December, 2008
Hmmm, not exactly a favorite of mine...Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme starts off as a crystalline, green, marine fragrance. It smells as if on a pier, with the odors of wet wood and salty air, but simultaneously of the effervescence of green grasses; then entering into the dry-down a sweet facet of the fragrance takes hold and doesn't let go...ick!

It is this sweetness that ruins the fragrance. The opening act is what I like about the scent, but then the sickening sweetness...ARRRGGHH! pun intended being a marine fragrance...Ha, Ha. This sweetness reminds me of Ferrari Black, which I like, the sweet facet fits Ferrari's composition, but not here!

Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme is a nice fragrance, very wearable as a casual scent to work, or on the weekend. A laid back scent. The longevity is moderate and the sillage is moderate as well.

This scent is just not for me.
29th November, 2008
Very disappointing, a boring and common marine scent. It's not unwearable, but there's just nothing special about this fragrance at all.
11th January, 2008
Aqua de Bulgari = Aquatic male fresh fragrance. Light.

Less character than the Acua de Gio and Polo's Black.

Better stay than Polo Black, much less A de G on me.

Not a bad try for the aquatic fan. Personally, don't like aquatics. Tried it wanting to see if it had another dimension to it, and it failed: it was very predictable, aquatic.
09th March, 2007
I agree with some of those who compared this to Acqua Di Gio. The dry down is very similar, but, it is a bad knockoff of Acqua Di Gio. It also has this "weird" note that is similar to SWM. Either way, not the best in the acquatic category.
26th January, 2007
I guess aquatics are just not my thing, I've compared the Bulgari Aqua with the original Bulgari PH (and the extreme version) I like the PH and extreme, but probably wouldn't buy them because they seem far too subtle on me. Same goes for the Aqua de Bulgari. All aquatics eventually lead me back to L'eau D'Issey, which I own, but am no longer very fond of. I will give Bulgari Aqua points for capturing the "seaside" salty note to a T, but if I want to smell like the ocean, I'll go to the beach and swim in it.
05th December, 2006
I dont find it marine or even aquatic at all. It´s nice yet heavy and very herbal and slightly flowery, and there´s a powdery note on the drydown that will put some men around off, i think is more unisex.
Still nice buy not my stuff:(
02nd November, 2006