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Neutral Reviews of Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

Total Reviews: 42
Aqua pour Homme has a nice, salty, citrusy, aquatic opening. Later the drydown is all floral aquatic and kinda cloying due to its very strong projection. This may be just my skin but these "calone" or "blue" scents really take off with a little body heat and become very annoying. If I had a spray redo, I'd probably only do 2 sprays, and that's from a sample.

Very clean and casual, best for daytime.
16th April, 2018
Generic , and nothing special at all..
Good but not great .
10th October, 2017
It's cool water with a marginally better brand and bottle.
27th October, 2015
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A mandarin opening, mixed with petit grain, leads to a lavender-based drydown, when a aquatic sea-salt seaweed note is added, giving its name to this fragrance. Woody and sage impressions are emerging in the base. It is refreshing is a generic, unexciting manner, with soft sillage, adequate projection and three hours of longevity. Mediocre. 2.25/5.
13th January, 2015
Couldn't wait to add this to my wardrobe...seems most reviews were rants about how wonderfully the sea would be delivered to me in a mist from a bottle...and I needed an aquatic although not a big fan. What I was looking for was a clean crisp oceanic fragrance...and this ain't it! Opens with a salty, marine feeling that immediately becomes....floral? Wait..floral with pepper..maybe some melon in there for added confusion. Not what I was seeking i.e. too complex and too synthetic. I'll pass. Another reason to dislike aquatics.
27th December, 2014
I am from Greece and I grew up next to the sea...that is really good on this.
when aqva marine is the clear water green beach with the white fine sand,this is the
October darker rough sea with seaweeds on the beach and high waves.
I like it and it would be a thump up if top notes lasted longer,it IS long lasting but in a subtle spicy and woody drydown.
04th October, 2014
Review by ChandlerDeOare

This is one of the first designer frags that really stood out from the crowd for me. The citrus/seaweed combination that dominates it absolutely tickled my olfactory initially, spurring me to wear nothing but Aqua for several weeks, however the honeymoon was short lived. The opening is definitely the best for me, strong citrus, almost floral seaweed and a salty undertone that mixes beautifully... Unfortunately the top notes are gone almost instantly. I find it very linear beyond that, with no real definition between the middle and base. At first I detected what I can only describe as blooming Hyacinth in the dry down, but after one over zealous application the moderately salty/sweet flowery presence I had become accustomed to became something more akin to wet latex paint, which I can only assume is due to the calone content. I never have been able to shake that synthetic paint-like odor, and it has overshadowed the whole concoction for me no matter how lightly I apply. I still wear it from time to time when weather dictates though, mostly on gloomy, rainy summer days, as it seems that intense heat only amplifies the offending notes. Maybe it's just my chemistry, but I find wearing Aqua to be a fine line between bliss and blunder.

Pros: "Unique" "Powerhouse aquatic"
Cons: Synthetic" "Can be offensive if over-applied""

26th October, 2013
Meh. Unsure as to why everyone raves about this scent - this stuff is an utterly boring slightly spicy safe mainstream aquatic. There's the typical Bvlgari middle note in there that's also in Man and Pour Homme. Here it takes on a slightly urinal tinge. The aquatic calone top morphs into a light spicy/amber type scent that does have longevity but it's just so crashingly safe and dull. Disappointing.
03rd May, 2013 (last edited: 28th March, 2014)
was nice until I decided I can't take aquatics
05th July, 2012
As far as aquatics go this is pretty nice. Excellent fresh, saline opening gliding gracefully into a warm, sweetening heart. It's the base that upsets the momentum for me. I can see the done-to-death light powder sweetness base coming for a good hour and when it's reached its final evolution Aqua is so trite and faceless I feel like the cool opening has been cheapened for it. Pleasant, yet insubstantial as a summer breeze.
24th June, 2012
Vellyr Show all reviews
United States
Smells ok, but there's this weird salad dressing accord that puts me off.
18th March, 2012
At first I thought I'm smelling pathouli. Then this seaweed comes out. Better than Aqva Marine, for sure. Totally not for me, smells like something taken out of the lake and layered over a very common masculine perfume smell.
15th February, 2012
Disclaimer: Unless its an intimate occasion and I need to smell good for someone else' sake I wear scents solely for my own enjoyment. With that said, I have to admit that this gets compliments. But for some reason it just smells like tap water to me and I am not a fan. I've had compliments 5-6 hours after spraying this so I assume that it has fairly good longevity. But as I said I just can't smell it. The only time I enjoy this is when I spray it in my hair (I know I know...but it just happened one morning when I had absolutely no time to shower!). It seems to mix well with my scalp oils! Definitely one to try before you buy unless you are buying it specifically to put on your head in which case this is a real winner! I bought it blind based on recommendations and would really like to give it a thumbs down but the numerous compliments that I've gotten have to count for something, right?
12th December, 2011
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djaqib Show all reviews
United States
bought a blind buy but didn't like the salty notes in it so gave it to a friend
08th August, 2011 (last edited: 25th August, 2011)
yawn another aquatic. not as fresh as acqua di gio.
17th March, 2010
If this is one of the best mainstream aquatics out there then I am truly disappointed. It does indeed give me the feeling of being at a seaside dock, however it's seriously lacking in the sillage and longevity department. I guess I'm not as much of an aquatic lover as I thought I would be.
04th September, 2009 (last edited: 28th March, 2010)
I tried this one out numerous times and decided not to buy it the several times I was out purchasing fragrances. It tends to be subtle and hard to describe which is why I skipped it a few times over. I eventually bought it and I love the dark marine seaweed and calone note in it as it's very unique and distinguished from other "aquatic fragrances". At first I wasn't so sure I made a great purchase but the more I wore it the more I liked it. This is one of those fragrances that really grows on you and you tend to really appreciate as time passes. The drydown is absolutely fantastic and by far the best part of the fragrance.

The longevity for an aquatic is incredible and lasts 8-10 hours on my skin. The sillage is close to the skin to slightly moderate and the strength of the fragrance doesn't fade or die like many others.

Excellent aqua fragrance.

Although, the sillage is minimal and it's too subtle for me. Sometimes it becomes sour on my skin.
01st September, 2009 (last edited: 06th March, 2010)
hcr Show all reviews
United States
Reading through the reviews, first day of wearing this. I notice maybe only 2 women commented on this, and I don't believe I saw the term "sexy" applied by anyone to this. It just isn't. I was expecting more citrus and freshness, but its just kinda like people have been saying. Salty, "mossy", earthy, kinda dry. Will not offend anyone, could spray alot and be fine, but its missing something. Its just not fresh, I like the scent, but again not sure if its something I want on my body. I can't see this getting any compliments from anyone, nor could I imagine any women wanting to get closer for a whiff of this. But it won't turn anyone off either. This would be a good "car" scent, to just leave in the car when you just need a shot of something light. But all this doesn't surprise me that it is quite popular here as an aquatic, because it isn't as fresh or citrus"y as like AdG or Issey or something very common. Doesn't have a "hook" for me, but might also be a good outdoor cologne too, you can picture sea water, rocks. Would not wear this on a date though...
08th August, 2009
Salty-sweet sea breezes. Elegance and sweat. A weird ocean voyage!
20th June, 2009
This is the aquatic that I used to regard as the best in the category. I was about to make a purchase but I decided to get a sample made just to make sure. The top and middle notes were familiar, top being clean ozone and middle as a deep sea aquatic. However, I got struck by the base notes - they smelled so raw and nauseating, very similar to Kenzo pour Homme. It also reminds me of a generic lotion smell and this puts me off. This has so much going for it, cool jeweler designer, great unique bottle (not that these really matter), gorgeous top notes, but that drydown to me is pretty bad. Its a unique scent, few aquatics smell like this, but I really urge you to test the fragrance from top to bottom before you buy. On the other hand, I'm liking Aqva Marine very much despite the heat it gets here on BN.
20th May, 2009 (last edited: 15th July, 2009)
I don't see any of the "seaside" or "beachsand" references at all. It starts off sweetish and does become more marine and woody. Wearable, but doesn't stick around very long.
07th May, 2009
i'm not into aquatics but this one made me change my mind. at first bulgari aqua pour homme smells like a bunch of parsley leaves, but quickly developes into nice refreshing scent. thumbs up for decent longevity.
07th May, 2009
Smells like a good aquatic scent at first, but nothing special.
Sadly, trying the finish the bottle as my gym scent.
24th March, 2009
Pocket o'Seaweed

To be honest, I cannot believe people are comparing this to all the other aquatics on the market. Acqua di Gio is totally different. Cool Water is totally different. L'Eau d'Issey is... well you get the point.

Bulgari Aqua, I tried to love you, but wearing you is like walking around with a lot of fresh seaweeds stuffed in my pocket. You get a 10 for originality and efforts, but you make me slightly nauseous.
13th March, 2009
I can't make my mind up on this fragrance. When I first sprayed it I was convinced I didn't like it. There was a weird 'rubberish' note that really turned me off. However as I gave it some time I noticed that I couldn't stop sniffing it. It certainly does do a great job of capturing a deep sea presence and I don't see this one as synthetic at all. Smells natural and has very good longevity. I just don't know if I'm feelin the saltiness/seawead thing on my skin. It also very much reminded me of Tommy Bahama set sail St. Barts. I wouldn't spend the money on it but I would wear it if I had it.
20th February, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
having many bvlgari scents in my lineup i added this a few years ago. a very nice scent is all i can say.a bit spicy and aquatic and decent longevity. i just don't use it because of the other scents i have that are similiar such as adg, 360 red, bermuda tonic and so on. it's in the middle of aquatics but if you find it at a dicounted price indeed pick it up.
21st December, 2008
I really tried to like this, but it is just a little too coy for my taste. The top note promised much, but faded almost instantly into the kind of fragrance I can get from a deodorant. There may be a place for this after an evening shower and a late night assignation somewhere in the summer, but it lacks the cajones to make this worthy of regular use.
17th December, 2008
i wont repeat the notes or re-describe how good/bad it is thing to mention: headache!!!!! i feel headache whenever i apply this fragrance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04th November, 2008 (last edited: 30th December, 2008)
A dark, peppery, salty aquatic in the same family of fragrances as Acqua di Gio. Reminds me of dark ocean water. It's very well done, and the bottle is apt in color (a dark green-blue).

While many "aquatics" are soapy or resemble a feeling of shower fresh, Aqua is none of the above. It doesn't smell "blue." Aqua actually smells like briny ocean water (in a good way). I can't really say how natural this smells, but I can say that it isn't overly synthetic.

I made the mistake of either applying too much of this fragrance or wearing it too often, and now I cannot stand to smell it any longer. I revisited it a year later and immediately had the same reaction. Because of this, I must give it a Neutral rating. It's a great fragrance that just doesn't work for me.
05th September, 2008 (last edited: 27th January, 2011)
Decent fresh aquatic. Nothing special other than the fact that it's the aquatic that aquatic haters love to love.
04th August, 2008 (last edited: 16th June, 2009)