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This is another of those scents where all sorts of flowers and spices come together to smell like artificial grape. It's that really common grape smell you get in a LOT of mainstream aquatic or "woody amber" men's scents. Thankfully, Anvers avoids the grape's usual accompaniments and instead pairs it with a retro-80's lavender and spice mix, heavy on the green herbs and pie spices. The base is unfortunately thin - I was really hoping for a full-on chypre or maybe some leather, but it's mostly just a pale version of the cinnamon/herb middle paired with wispy woods.

Anvers's grape topnotes are a total cliche, and the masculine herbal middle notes are as well, albeit in a retro way. But somehow they take something that should have been awful and actually make it work. It's no materpiece, mind you, but it's a perfect example of that level of niche that's just a little above mainstream, broadly appealing but lacking in deeper artistry. Not bad, but not amazing. Wear it to work...
10th December, 2015
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United Kingdom
A refreshing lemon-mandarin-bergamot opening last combines with a herb-garden note; the basil and sage are very convincing and merge seamlessly with the citrus freshness; a beautiful beginning.

The drydown includes a sweetish note of new nappa leather, combined with a basket of florals, mainly geranium, jasmine, and hints of violet, with the herbs still spilling over from the top note; still very impressive.

The base adds a slightly sweetish light amber and hints of a moss impression; towards the end wood notes are noted. This base is not loud but quite restrainedly elegant.

The performance is excellent, with strong sillage, great projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a great spring scent, which maintains its high standard throughout and never stops developing in an interesting fashion one way or another, with only the base being a bit more linear than the rest. The quality of the ingredients is excellent; is extremely well blended, very well structured and well balanced. A winner. 3.75/5
05th December, 2015 (last edited: 15th December, 2015)
Sorry, I just don't get them, I'm talking about the honey, bergamot, lime and floral notes. All I get is moss and leather notes that come together to give a smokey/incense aroma.

I do see the resemblance to Sung Homme, except this definitely does not have the ashtray note.

Not exactly unique or a head turner, to me.

Not dark enough to hold back for
summer or spring application.
03rd April, 2015
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Anvers opens with a fresh herbaceous accord immediately joined by honey and violet. The whole fragrance is made of a pleasant and gentle sweetness as the honey note is cleverly freshened by herbs and surrounded by a tropical fruits feeling that make this fragrance quite distinctive. On the other hand I get a few "ordinary aspects" that made me think about others generic mass market fragrances especially in the drydown where IMO Anvers lacks in personality. Overall this is a nice scent and quite an easywear. Nothing really necessary but if you're lucky you can find it for 20$ at a discount store (as happened to me).
08th April, 2011
This smells like an updated version of Sung Homme with better notes , but you can purchase Sung Homme for less than 20 bucks!
09th August, 2010 (last edited: 26th July, 2011)
This is very modern and complex scent. I detect green notes, violet like Narciso Rodriguez for him and smokey notes. Very unique. Thumbs up
06th June, 2010
Very unusual indeed, sweet, flowery, smoky, leafy, musty and fresh all at the same time. I don't get a second hand smoke (in the air) smell but I do get the smell of a smoker that has finished their cigarette and is now chewing sage and mint gum.

At the moment I feel it's just not for me, but it is interesting enough that I'll definitely give it a try again in 6 months. I'll say neutral for now.
26th September, 2009
I bought this. It's smells really good and the women love it. Very classy and the scent just keeps changing. Never had anything like this before. Like Mentallo said, it's not for everyone. The second Anvers, Anvers 2 smells alot like Jean Paul G's Fleur de Mal I feel. I tried both before deciding and although Anvers 2 was my first choice I went with Anvers 1. It grew on me and it a very warm scent for the fall/winter. I would not buy this again just because it is very pricey.
30th December, 2008
Very rich and complex juice. Roger Szmulewicz and Ulrich Lang itself are perfumers behind this superb fragrance.

To me this is clearly an aromatic fougere scent. The main theme is that samekind of vegetal charachter like in Rive Gauche PH, although the scents are very different in the end.

Crispy citrus opening followed by great smelling honeyed herbs and flowers. Ambery base with hint of guava smells very exotic. It almost has a tropical feel to it.

Long lasting unique scent with very nuanced projection.

16th November, 2008
Oddly sweet and herbal that reminds me of a not as potent Hanae Mori at first. I smell leather and moss and well as violet leaf like in Narciso Rodriguez for Him. I think it's unique despite similarities of other fragrances.
08th June, 2008
Love it. Classy yet playful. I guess it's not for everybody but thats also why I like it.
05th April, 2007
What a bizarre array of notes. It's hard to believe someone thought this was great enough to bottle and sell, but then there's not accounting for taste. I absolutely hated this right out of the bottle. For the first half hour the herbal notes are very strong and they don't go well at all with the guava and lime. Anvers does eventually evolve into something more palatable, but it smells very dated because of the herbs and moss.
05th November, 2006
While this is a decent scent, it just doesn't do anything for me. It's fresh, citrussy, slightly sweet, and smokey...blah. I also consider it very linear with minimal evolution, although the sweetness does give way to a bit of spice. If I wanted to wear this type of scent, I'd stick with Terre d'Hermes, which I find much more complex and interesting. Anvers doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't stand out IMO. But to its credit, it has excellent longevity.
09th October, 2006
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Austere, minimal, a bit of shimmer, and a bit of smoke. A very clever fragrance for "today" that's for sure. You take in a little of this through the nose, and you ask; "WHAT IS THAT?" At first you are intrigue, and you like it and wonder why. Then you smell the fruit, and you recognize it as soft ripe guava, and you think, do I want to smell like guava? I never think of myself as a guy would would be complimented in my appearance by the presence of some guava around my neck. So, no thanks, I'll pass. Maybe if I were 25, I would like this. But I'm not and I don't.
06th October, 2006
Very strong herbal opening—it has mint and sage predominating with a sweet fruity flavor. The violet is in there right from the start and adds both a sharpness and smoothness. How the violet is used here creates a very unusual accord: It’s strong and sweet and edgy—not the usual fare. The top notes last long and various aspects of them are traceable well into the heart notes where I get a little more floral, and the honey for sweetness. The dry down is a subtle accord of leather / amber, and finishes off with a perfect second-hand smoke note.
Anvers gets high grades for originality and longevity. I’m not sure that I like the primary note in the fragrance—it doesn’t seem that endearing to me. Since this note is so dominant, liking it becomes very important in accepting the fragrance. It will take a while...
20th May, 2006
Anvers immediately reminded me of two fragrances: Havana by Aramis & Rochas Man. It smells a lot like a cross between the two. Since I am great fan of Havana (fragrances with tobacco notes for that matter) and Rochas Man, I love this one. This is a must try if you're into tobacco fragrances.
13th May, 2006
Top: bergamot, lime, tangerine, sage, mint and basil
Heart: violet, jasmine, geranium, sesame and honey
Base: leather, moss, amber, precious woods and guava
26th November, 2005 (last edited: 30th August, 2006)
baron Show all reviews
United States
The reviews are so tantalizing that I was sure I'd love this. Unfortunately, I don't. The guava note is unpleasant and clumsily married to the heart and base notes. The whole composition smells cheap to me. It smells like a bottle of PdN New York gone bad.

With that said, I'll probably revisit this in a few months and love it.
13th November, 2005
This stuff is GREAT....I do get a second-hand smoke sensation but...It is VERY pleasent ( I despise cigarrette smoke) Anyway, My wife REALLY digs this one.
22nd October, 2005
moon_fish Show all reviews
Russian Federation
I`d say it`s sweet fruity citrus in the beginning, then vibrant aromatic herbal-mossy beast (geranium, moss and sage) as you can see in a lot mens frags like Messer Jacopo, Succes Fou etc. The only differences I smell is more sweet (guava at the top) and more rounded (leather, amber) compared with its predecessors...
I`d rather like this contemporary chypre fleury scent.
10th August, 2005
Really wanted to like this scent, but just couldn't. Anvers just doesn't work for me at all. Original, yes, it really doesn't smell like anything else out there, but that's where it stops for me. Words that come to mind: offensive, vulgar and inelegant.
29th August, 2004
Begged for and was presented with this masterful creation Xmas morn. I was hooked from the first sample run months ago. The combination of aromatic woods, leather, guava and other niceties breaks down to an incredibly savory smoky finish. By use of the phrase smoky, one would normally envision an acrid, cloying beast, not so, just the suggestion of smokiness brought about by the aformentioned ingredients. CAUTION: or slovenly snot nosed skatebording wankers gents. This be grown up and scrathing at the door for clubbing or the executive jet setter. HERE HERE!!!
side note: Hope your having a pleasant holiday season Grant, chalk another year up for the mighty Basenotes!!!!!
27th December, 2003
Truly original - the best new scent I've smelled in a while. It seethes urbanity. Reminiscent of a Fall evening out on the town, the kind where you can see your breath and the air is slightly moist, crisp and invigorating. It has a curiously pleasing note that, seriously, reminds me of second-hand cigarette smoke on a wool suit jacket (from back in the day when smoking was still allowed in the good bars). Class, sophistication and cool. Highly recommended.
04th November, 2003